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Glass Block Tinting Outperforms Shades or Screens

Phoenix Arizona is known as the “hottest big city in the U.S.” . It consistently ranks number one for the most days a year when temperatures rise above 89 °F or 99 °F.


The sizzling heat in Phoenix halted planes from taking off. Business owners and scores of homes with glass block construction were also adversely effected.

The higher the heat is outside, the hotter it becomes inside as glass block offers little defense against the sun’s heat, glare, UV rays…. and zilch for energy efficiency,

Classy looking? Yes. 

Energy efficient? Not at all.

At one time, there were two options for glass block owners.

First option ~ Replace the glass blocks with traditional single pane or double pane glass and have solar film installed. However, ripping out blocks and window replacement is an insanely expensive option and you’d lose the beauty and ambiance that the glass blocks provided.

Second option ~ Custom order drapes, shades, screens, or suction-held solar shade panels.  Any one of these alternative choices are high-dollar items that do little for adding energy-efficiency, while doing a lot to cover up your beautiful glass blocks! 

We offer the best option!

A difference you can see and feel with filmed blocks!

An exterior application of highly resistant solar film custom cut to fit any size block adds amazing anti-heat, UV ray rejection, and “get rid of the glare” performance. You can keep your glass blocks after all and enjoy them wherever you live or work… in Arizona’s intense heat or during harsh cold winters in Maine.  

Our Glass Block Tinting DIY kit is better than a solution. It’s a miracle!

  • 83% solar energy rejection
  • lowers energy costs
  • reduces UV rays
  • allows transmission of natural light without heat build-up
  • protects interior furnishings
  • dirt is washed away easily with water
  • eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or covers

Our DIY glass block tinting kits are ideal for improving the level of comfort inside commercial buildings with glass block areas .

Our DIY kits delight homeowners world-wide by allowing them to enjoy the beauty of their glass blocks WITHOUT discomfort from heat, glare and dangerous UV rays. 

Your customized DIY kit can be ordered directly from our Glass Block Tinting website where instructional videos can be viewed. 

For those living closer to our Florida facility, you can choose to have our specialists perform the installation or if preferred, make it your next DIY project! 

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Pittsburgh Corning Is No Longer Making Glass Blocks?

Pittsburgh Corning has been the leading global glass block manufacturer for the past 79 years.  Unable to recover from the housing market crash in 2008 and feeling pressure from a growing insurgence of foreign imports, Pittsburgh Corning will no longer be making glass blocks.

However, the demand for glass block from consumers and architectures is on the rise!

What attributes to this popular demand?

The WOW factor!

It’s obvious to see that glass block adds beauty and luster that plain, traditional glass can’t. Whether used in a residence or an office building, glass block can change the ordinary to looking quite extraordinary!

Then why do so many home owners, property managers, and business owners call Glass Block Tinting!

Glass block technology allows transmission of sun light to enter rooms but it does so without the ability to decrease the sun’s heat, glare, and ultraviolet penetration.  Areas can become so uncomfortably hot and the glare can become so disruptive that until now,  options for relief were limited and not at all “glass block friendly”!

  • Thermal screens
  • Solar shades
  • Custom window treatments

We’ve even seen “tin foil” taped to blocks!

Except for the tin foil option, the other mentioned alternatives are  quite expensive.  And honestly? Your rooms would be dark and the awesome glass blocks that you love so much would be hidden.

Glass Block Tinting offers the most affordable, most effective solution without minimizing the beauty of your glass blocks!


With this glass block window in multiple areas of their home, the discomfort became intense. They picked out film with the highest degree of heat  and glare resistance.



Same window from an exterior view illustrates how the film compliments the glass blocks. With our specialty tint applied on all of their blocked areas, our customers were  totally overjoyed with  the comfort inside without having to cover up their windows.


The Perfect Solution!

Our exterior window tinting  is customized to fit any size glass blocks, eliminates 99% of UV rays with up to 83% solar heat rejection.  Without hiding your glass block architecture, our tinting application enhances  the glass block allure and adds energy efficiency and UV protection. 

For those not living within reasonable travel distance from our Florida based company, we offer a DIY kit that can be purchased directly from our website.  Our DIY  kits are shipped worldwide as the film is remarkably resilient in any climate.

One of our long distance customers sent us pictures of herself applying tint using our DIY installation kit.


Her completed project! She is now able to fully enjoy the large entry foyer of her beautiful home!

If you have glass block in your home or office, or have plans to include glass block architecture in the future, we encourage you to visit Glass Block Tinting.  

Glass Block Letterhead

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Glass Block

Glass block is a popular option for adding pizzazz to plain glass windows.


Offering aesthetic appeal, glass block adds architectural enhancement and beauty to many homes and businesses.

Remember the “beauty and the beast”? 

Unfortunately, the beauty of glass block does NOT stop heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays from entering into your interior space. The discomfort was so intense that before our installation, many of our customers were forced to refrain from using rooms with glass block architecture.  

We leave the beauty and remove the beast!

Our exterior all-season film for glass block reduces the sun’s adverse effects streaming into your space and allows you to enjoy the beauty of your glass blocks in every season, in every climate.

Benefits surpass what you’ve been hoping for:

  • 83% solar energy rejection with film.
  • Film lowers energy costs.
  • Film reduces UV rays.
  • Enjoy natural light without heat build-up.
  • Film protects interior furnishings.
  • Film eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or              covers.


Our specialized tinting application adds comfort and energy efficiency to interior glass blocked areas….and a compelling high-end exterior look of elegance !

Live in Connecticut or outside the USA?  

We have you covered!

Order our customized DIY kit directly from our Glass Block Tinting website. Film pre-cut to the exact size of your blocks can be shipped world-wide. 

For those closer to our Florida facility, choose to have our specialists perform the installation….. or make it your next DIY project! 

Either way, near or afar, transform your glass block to energy-efficiency glass without compromising it’s beauty.

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Glass Block Continues to be a “Hot” Trend

The glass block phenomena which began in the early 1900’s is more popular than ever. This glass architectural triumph adds stylish appearance along with the benefit of privacy.

Tinting Glass Block on Exterior Stair Wall
It’s easy to see how glass block adds beauty and allows natural light to come in. All while providing just the right amount of blur for privacy.

So what could possibly be wrong with this picture?


A LOT…..

Along with the loveliness of light filling your residence, heat, glare, and UV rays have an open invitation as they too enter through glass block. Heat can be so severe that often glass blocked areas can not be occupied. Glass block in a family room or office results in the inability to see computers monitors and watch television. And UV rays are a major factor for causing skin damage and fading of interior furnishings.

Unfortunately,  the beauty of glass block can be tainted by such problems.

Glass Block Tinting has been treating these problems with long lasting solutions that work during the hot summer months and bitter cold winters. Our exterior all-season glass block tinting adds amazing functionality so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of your glass block anytime, anywhere: 

  • 83% solar energy rejection
  • lowers energy costs
  • reduces UV rays
  • allows transmission of natural light without heat build-up
  • protects interior furnishings
  • unique non-stick coating improves longevity
  • dirt washes away easily with water
  • eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or covers

Glass Block With and Without

No heat or glare with film application on the right hand glass blocks.

Another awesome glass block job

Tinting on the top three rows of this glass block window illustrates the stark comparison “with and without” film. When the project was completed the area had total energy efficiency without compromising the beauty of the blocks.

This customer was thrilled to remove the curtains that had covered up her beautiful window!

We install glass block tinting locally for home owners and business owners. No amount of glass blocks are too little or too large.

installing glass block tinting on one window finished

Whether one window……..or a wall of glass, call us and we’ll schedule a complimentary demonstration of how the tinting will look and perform.

Reside or have a business out of state? No problem. Our DIY glass block tinting kits can readily be ordered via a phone call or right on our Glass Block Tinting website.

Glass Block Letterhead

Whether professionally applied by us, or done as a DIY project by you, our specialized film will dramatically enhance the performance of your glass block.

Glass Block Tinting
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Sun and Heat Really Hate Glass Block Tinting

Glass Block is Beautiful. BUT….

Hot Bathroom before Glass Block is Tinted

Another day, another call, another frustrated homeowner. “We love our glass block but it makes areas of our home unbearably HOT!”

Certainly not an uncommon problem that we hear at Glass Block Tinting. We agree that the beauty of architectural glass is undeniable but unfortunately, it allows the transmission of heat, sun glare, and UV rays to filter through….causing so much discomfort that often times occupants refrain from entering rooms altogether.

This bathroom in a L.A. residence with 386 glass blocks was a bulls eye target for excessive heat and glare. Desperate for relief, the owner was looking for a solution without having to cover the blocks with drapes, shades, or blinds.

Our exterior Glass Block Tinting application transformed all 386 blocks into protective shields from harmful UV rays and blocked up to 83% of the solar heat that was blasting through. Without compromising the beauty of the glass blocks or impeding the ambiance of natural light,  we resolved the heat problem and delivered on our promise. The bathroom was remarkably cooler and safer….and our client couldn’t be more pleased!

LA install partially completed
Our exterior film application reflected the sun’s destructive rays off the glass. The blocks on the very right of the picture were not yet filmed and still vulnerable to the original problems. Block by block, as the installation moved forward, the temperature and glare in the bathroom was reduced.

After completion of the installation, the tinting crew left with a feeling of great accomplishment. And the family was finally able to fully enjoy their master bathroom. In fact, the tinting added a unique aesthetic distinction to this already spectacular home.

 LA iHome with finished glass block tinting installation

We are glass block tinting experts. Call us and fall in love with your glass block as never before!

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