Three Companies with One Goal


Three Companies with One Goal



My background and formal training as a window tinter laid the foundation for me to build the most highly recommended window film company in and beyond Florida. However, the success of High Impact Glass Solutions goes far beyond the scope of my knowledge of window film installations.

A reputation for being the best requires more than excellent job performance. At the end of the day, my tenacity and passion are the major characteristics that truly set High Impact Glass Solutions apart from the competition. These distinctions cannot be taught. They are God given and they depict who I am, what drives me to overcome the challenges of my trade… and how I approach each and every customer. With so much experience, diversity comes naturally. High Impact Glass Solutions is the “go to” specialists for residential, commercial, marine and automotive applications.


A Unique Opportunity for Expansion


In 2012 I responded to complaints that resonated from our customers having glass block in their homes and businesses. Though glass block adds privacy with an elegant touch, this type of glass architecture also allows the filtration of sun, heat, glare and Ultra Violet rays. These factors cause not only tremendous discomfort, but the potential for damaging interiors and even worse, the health of your skin.

I embarked on a totally innovative endeavor in the window film industry and pioneered Glass Block Tinting! We are the only company that has the expertise to make glass block glare resistant and energy efficient, thereby eliminating glass block problems without compromising its beauty.

For inquiries pouring in from distant states and even foreign countries, I devised a DIY Kit that is customized to each customer’s specific glass blocks. With precisely pre-cut tint along with tools and instructions, we now ship customized DIY Kits world-wide. This ingenious service has stood the test of time and proven itself to be the perfect solution for anyone, anywhere.

As pioneers for making glass block energy efficient, Glass Block Tinting has certainly shed “new light” on the window tinting industry. Projects range from tinting one small area in a home to thousands of blocks in a commercial building. No matter how many glass blocks you have, our customized tinting makes a profound difference!


Creativity Added to Tenacity and Passion


As both window tinting companies continued to gain popularity, it was essential that I find tools that would enable me to work quicker and more efficiently. They just didn’t exist. Thus I tapped into a resource I use when searching for window tinting solutions: creativity. Indeed when creativity was applied to my tenacity and passion, the evolution for Quick Draw Tools began.

I started with developing a tool belt that could expand comfortably to fit any size waist, be used by both left or right handed contractors, and accommodate to hold as many or as few tools as each person needs. But this was just the beginning. Quick Draw Tools now has the most unique, versatile, inspiring tools to be found anywhere. Period.

Besides earning a world-wide reputation for bringing the most inventive tools to the window tinting industry, we also cater to professional contractors in multiple industries…as well as the fitness arena. Today it’s not uncommon to see “Quick Draw Tools” being used in every country by people of all walks of life, including those who spend time in a gym or exercise class.


So how do I Define My Goal for the Future?

Excited to take on challenges, whether they are window tinting related or inventing the next mind-blowing tool!