Cott Beverage Chooses Decorative Film

Sometimes Glass Can Make You Feel Too Obvious!








Cott Beverage in Tampa had a dilemma. Their conference room needed privacy without making it dark or giving it a closed in feeling. Our vast experience with window tinting Tampa has made us the specialists in finding solutions. We were happy to take on the challenge!

LLumar’s Glass Enhanced Film portfolio had precisely the film that would transform their conference room with the look of etched glass, adding privacy but still allowing for an open, airy environment. Problem solved without the high cost of etched glass.

The staff at Cott Beverage selected a beautiful Frosted Sparkle film. As we applied the film, we hand-cut out a one inch border. The end results provided the privacy with just the right touch of elegance that Cott Beverage was hoping for.

Before Install Precision Cut

 Above view shows room without film             Hand-cutting a one inch border

DSC02647 DSC02642

   Improvement with partial film                             Functional and decorative

LLumar’s decorative films can be applied to virtually any glass, metal, or other flat or cylindrical surfaces.

Be inspired like Cott Beverage. We can also help YOU achieve the look of fine etched glass without the expense or permanence!

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Vista Film High Profile Building Window Tinting Tampa

Raymond James Financial Center Chooses Vista Window Film

Raymond James for Blog

Raymond James Financial Center wisely joined the number of large facilities that recognize the value of integrating solar control window films into their energy reduction plans. This one year project of installing Vista 28 on a major portion of the Center’s windows, resulted in lower air conditioning bills, a reduction in heat gain, and an overall improved working environment for occupants.

   The Benefits of VISTA Are Crystal Clear
Vista Logo 2
  • Vista reduces up to 75% of solar heat gain.
  • Vista blocks up to 99.9% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and is recommended as an effective sun block by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Vista window films qualify our customers for tax
    credits and utility rebates.
  • Vista helps to preserve the condition and appearance
    of furnishings, fabrics, carpets, woods, artwork, etc.
  • Vista commercial films come with a 10 year manufacturer’s
    warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, crackling,
    demetalization and delamination.

In today’s volatile energy market, Vista window film remains to be a top-performer by stepping up comfort and productivity in the commercial sector. Throughout window tinting Tampa buildings for over 15 years, Vista has always delivered!

Call today for your complimentary evaluation. That ‘s the first step we take in order to recommend and install window film that will help put an end to your soaring energy costs!

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Glass Block Tinting

 Why is Glass Block is So Popular?

It adds beauty to an otherwise plain glass panel while providing privacy.

For aesthetics, the introduction of glass block was an architectural victory. But glass block allows the transmission of light and UV penetration: two factors that cause heat discomfort and fading of interior furnishings.









Our Glass Block Tinting application transforms your blocks into squares that protect you from harmful UV rays with up to 83 percent solar heat rejection. Enhance energy efficiency without compromising the beauty of your glass block with our remarkable exterior films.



For those not living within reasonable travel distance, we offer a DIY kit that can be purchased directly from our website.

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