Florida Yachts Chill-Out With Window Tinting

It is COOL to go boating.

But its SENSATIONAL when the boat’s cabin is cool!


Window tinting Tampa
is always exciting but when boaters call, we feel our adrenaline rush! After all, our film installations take the thrill of boating to a whole new level. How cool is that!

No more pounding sun coming through this roof!
Air Blue only half way installed and the difference is already amazing!

Relief from scorching sun in the pilot house and protection from harmful UV rays for all aboard.

Plus no more worries about fading interiors.

LLumar Air Blue film is better than a red sky at night!

So many reasons for boat owners to fall in love with their vessel all over again and celebrate!

The captain of this vessel sure celebrated! Until we installed our film application, his wheel house felt like a steamy sauna.

Now he goes to the gym to work up a good sweat.

Film installations are scheduled wherever your boat is located and done without interruption to your boating plans.

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West Palm Beach & LLumar High Impact Window Film

Some Projects are More Challenging than Others.

The Palm Beach County Governmental Center was one of them.

For this window film installation to meet our standards of perfection, many windows had to be removed, filmed, and then reinstalled.








While installing the safety and security film, we encountered structural issues which dictated how the installation would be done. The interior walls were designed so that they actually butted up to the midway mark on the windows. With windows partially covered, we were not able to access entire panes.

Given this situation, many companies would cut corners by installing two separate pieces of film, omitting film on the covered glass areas. Such practices cause two unacceptable problems:

  1. the exterior of the building does not look right from an aesthetic perspective
  2. the lack of film continuity diminishes the impact protection considerably

Obstructed windows were removed from their frames, making sure that at all times we followed the manufacturer’s specifications. Once removed, we were able to film the entire panes of glass and then apply our “Dow Corning Wet Glaze Attachment System” to every pane. This resulted in fully filmed glass bonded by an attachment system that gave them extra strength and security.

So what does this say about our company?

Whether window tinting Tampa or conducting film installations throughout the state, we  promise perfection. We are accustomed to challenges and always customize installations to make sure that our promises are delivered!

Call us for your free consultation and complimentary demonstration of how our window tinting will perform on your glass!

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Tampa Window Tinting & Caulking Commercial Sarasota Synagogue

High Impact Glass Solutions Finishes Three Month Project

Since its inception in 1913, Temple Beth Sholom’s congregation in Sarasota has grown from 20 families to exceed 750 families. To meet the needs of increasing membership, expansion has been ongoing throughout the years. Today, the Temple is comprised of three buildings that house the Sanctuary, Religious School, Day School, Complete Judaica Shop, Judaica Museum and Library…plus multiple offices for very special people with very special jobs.

Pane by pane, the difference with film was felt AND seen!

The windows at Temple Beth Sholom needed storm protection and less sun penetration for energy efficiency. We set out to fulfill these needs with the same process we apply to evaluate  window tinting Tampa‘s churches and synagogues.

A thorough inspection uncovered unique areas with critical needs. As part of my final evaluation, I requested that an unbiased certified engineering consultant review my findings and recommendations. In doing so, Carotti Engineering, LLC of Bradenton made routine inspections and issued a detailed report supporting my recommendations.

Note: Along with the application of window films, High Impact Glass Solutions provided additional energy efficiency by sealing the perimeters of doors and windows where damage from air and water intrusion were detected. Collectively, our steps taken to perfect every application resulted in substantial discounted insurance rates for Beth Shalom.

This entrance is now safe, energy efficient, beautiful and structurally sound!


Personally and professionally, it was an honor to make such significant improvements for the Beth Sholom “family”!

For a free evaluation of your home or business, call us.

We can make  great changes for your family too!

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Letters to Santa Asking For Window Tinting Tampa

Why is Window Tinting Tampa the #1 Christmas Gift?

Santa wish list
Folks, while you’re out shopping, celebrating with family and friends, or away on a holiday vacation, who’s protecting your house?

No one! All while thieves are scoping out your twinkling Christmas tree surrounded by piles of  “come and get me” presents.

What an enticing sight… makes them salivate.

No wonder Christmas is the busiest time on a burglar’s calendar!

shadow of burglar breaking in

Christmas Tree

burglar breaking in

It takes a thug less than three minutes to break through glass that has not been treated with security window film.

baby wearing Christmas hat
Don’t be left with stolen presents, shattered glass and having to deal with timely insurance claims.

Don’t allow Christmas joy to become Christmas boo-hoo for your tiny loved ones!


What works for window tinting Tampa is simply preventing forced entry altogether! Window tinting Tampa with safety and security films on windows, glass doors, and sliders, delays, deters, and denies anyone…..other than Santa of course, from breaking through glass every day of the year. Not just during holidays.

Your weakest point of entry now provides protection against natural catastrophes, hurricanes, explosions, bomb blasts, vandalism, burglary, glass breakage and turbulent weather. Holidays or not!

All of our safety and security films have passed large missile impact tests and meet GSA and Dade County Blast standards proven to fortify glass against brute force. With our additional process known as the “wet seal anchoring system”, a structural bond attaches the film, the glass, and the frame together. When done properly, this application ensures that your windows and glass areas have achieved the highest degree of prevention from being popped out of their frames.

Jeremy installing attachment system

When the holiday season is approaching, the crews at High Impact Glass Solutions are busy window tinting Tampa with the most effective anti-burglary defense on the planet.

Be smart… be safe. Put window tinting on the top of your “wish list” and call us for a complimentary demonstration of just how merry your Christmas can safely be!

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Catwalk Vista Window Film Installation

Another Victory for Window Tinting Tampa

We just completed a 30 day installation, including nights and weekends, on a 100 yard catwalk that spans between two towers. These towers are two of four buildings that we had previously applied LLumar Vista High Impact 8 mil V38 film. The employees quickly adjusted to the increased comfort in their offices and apparently did not appreciate having to walk through this STEAMING HOT catwalk.

To resolve the problem, we applied Vista 28 Solar Control window film on the regular catwalk glass and LLumar white frost window film on the top angled glass. These applications made a significant drop in the temperatures that were caused by direct sun exposure throughout the day.

1/2 way completed

Catwalk long shot






Catwalk Install Shot

White Frost Done

Without the benefit of lights in sections of the catwalk, at night we attached lights to our head bands. We have since renamed this installation the “moonwalk”. Though challenging, the film installation is another testimony for window tinting Tampa at it’s best. I cannot emphasize enough the performance one can expect from LLumar Vista film. Lower energy consumption equates to lower monthly electric bills. Over time, the film will actually pay for itself.

Even the IRS is agreeable to helping commercial buildings by extending tax credits for window film installations.

So, how do YOU initiate more comfort and energy efficiency in YOUR building? Step one: my company performs a free evaluation of your building. Step two: we make you fully aware of how much heat gain is coming through your glass and how we can effectively reduce it. Step three:  we  execute the plan without any disruption to the daily flow of your business activity. Step four?

Another satisfied customer!

Call for our complimentary window film and energy evaluation to be our next satisfied customer.

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