Defeat Glare and Heat with Glass Block Tinting

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As the owner of a window tinting business, I have been personally involved with film installations for 18 years. Over this span of time, I’ve worked in thousands of homes and businesses, of which many had glass block in place of traditional windows and walls.

It is easy to conclude why one would choose this type of glass architecture. Indeed the transparency of glass block creates an atmosphere of light and beauty.

Impressive looking…but not without problems!

Major complaints included intense heat and glare, making glass blocked areas extremely uncomfortable. Also, with the onslaught of UV rays streaming through blocks, there’s the ongoing battle to keep furnishings from fading and valid concern about skin damage from the UV exposure. To overcome these disparities, people were left with no other choice but to use blinds, shades, screens….even covers as they sought to find relief in glass blocked areas.

As a professional whose reputation was built on resolving glass heat-related problems, I found this dilemma totally unacceptable!


Halleluyah for window film


Determined to make a positive difference, in 2012 the boundaries of my window film business were expanded and Glass Block Tinting was launched. With cutting-edge technology and a well designed process of pre-cutting film to precisely fit each customer’s blocks, we earned a proven, impressive track record for transforming glass blocks into energy-efficient glass.

Victory was won but I wasn’t done yet!

I devised a DIY kit and introduced it to those who wished to take on a do-it-yourself project. The kit includes tint cut to your blocks’ dimensions along with all the tools and instructions needed to have you feeling like a pro! The kit also enabled us to extend glass block tinting beyond Florida and without the expense of having to hire professional tinters. Talk about a blockbuster for overheated glass block owners!

We ship Glass Block Tinting Kits worldwide








Delivered locally and worldwide, our customized DIY Glass Block Tinting Kit has incurred monumental success. How exciting that we’ve streamlined the process so that anyone, living anywhere, can fall in love with their glass block all over again!

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