Commentary from the Owner of High Impact Glass Solutions


Maintaining Excellence is Paramount to the Longevity of any Successful Business

My key to key to successand continued growth as the owner of High Impact Glass Solutions is a result of the standard by which I strive for daily… Excellence.

Whether we’re window tinting Tampa or called for projects out of state, our formula never changes: offer the most sensible recommendations based on knowledge and experience… and follow through with excellent installations. In doing so, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of recognizing that we don’t work in a “one size fits all” industry. All homes and businesses are different and most budgets vary. Therefore, excellence will never be attained without knowing your products…..and respecting your customers.

I make sure that my array of elite films offer the best solutions for every situation. With the performance of my films and the precision of our installations, we unlock lasting beauty in homes and businesses, adding the benefits of comfort, safety and energy efficiency. No install is complete until the customer’s satisfaction is complete. 


A stunning residence with gorgeous custom windows
Commercial window tinting by High Impact Glass Solutions
One of many commercial projects to remember


The glass found in marine architecture introduces the greatest challenge… as well as my greatest joy. I have shook the hands of countless delighted yacht owners when their film installation was complete. But I assure you that their immense satisfaction could not compare to the fulfillment that I feel. The taste of victory with my marine film installations is ever so sweet!


Cool and sleek with marine tint
Looking cool and sleek with marine tint
One of my favorite marine installs
One of my favorite marine installs that inspired me to take on yachts no matter how small or how BIG


“At the end of the day”, my team of installers are second to none. Their training is an ongoing process of perfection that I personally oversee and I expect the same level of excellence from them as I do for myself:

  • Pride in their work is as important as the client’s satisfaction.
  • Respectful of the environment they’re working in mirrors the character of my company. This means “booties” over shoes with no excuses!
  • Window treatments and ANYTHING moved gets put back exactly how they were found originally.
  • Every installer must pass security clearance. Many of our installations include multimillion dollar homes, financial institutions, museums, government buildings and highly secured facilities.

Are ALL window film companies the same? No way! Are ALL teachers the same? I seriously doubt it. Are ALL doctors the same? Unfortunately not.

So how do you differentiate the best window film company from the competition? 


Contact one or two window film companies for estimates. Then schedule High Impact Glass Solutions to perform a complimentary evaluation of your glass. I am confident that you will notice our exceptionalism from the git-go and do exactly what thousands before you have done – make an excellent decision and hire High Impact Glass Solutions for your next window film project.