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Clearwater High Profile Office Building Chooses Us Again For Window Tinting

Our clients’ executive offices were targeted every afternoon with relentless sun, glare and UV rays. With security alert on high, there was also concern about vandals breaking into their 40,000 sq. ft. of glass.

This building we just completed is part of a total sum of 300,000 sq. ft. of glass that we’ve filmed for the same clients…. for the same reasons. As with their other buildings, we were contacted to install  impact safety and security window film to make their offices cooler, glare free, UV free, and safer. 

We train to deliver decisive results to meet the needs of our clients no matter what size or how difficult the project is!


Applying an 8mil layer of protection!

Thicker than solar film,  8 mil safety and security impact film is designed with special adhesives to strengthen its polyester layers, offering exceptional impact resistant capabilities along with solar reduction performance:

  • Deters unwanted intruders
  • Reduces the risk of injury from flying glass
  • Maximizes views to the outside
  • Improves indoor comfort with less heat and glare
  • Adds energy-efficiency to a building’s envelope
  • Protects people and property from damaging UV rays
  • Beautifies glass with a uniform appearance and adds aesthetic appeal

We give your protected windows extra muscle!
Our installers go through specialized training to give our clients  the highest degree of window safety. Following every window tinted, we anchor each glass and film to the window frame thereby maximizing the integrity of the film and its effectiveness. We traditionally use Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive. Often referred to as an “attachment system”, this application must be facilitated with expert precision for it to be successful.

We are “thee” attachment system specialists!

And that’s one of many reasons why our window film installations are trusted and lauded by large institutions comprised with hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. of glass.

Film “impacts” the energy footprint of buildings as well!

With advanced technology, our safety and security window films deliver more than glass safety. Windows also become barriers against solar heat to lower interior temperatures, reduce glare on monitor screens, and filter out nearly 100% of UV light that would otherwise cause fading to furnishings and damage to skin. With these added benefits, employees were able to work in a more comfortable atmosphere and HVAC systems were operating with far less strain.  All while enjoying the natural light and open views that enrich commercial spaces. Results?

Happier more productive employees and an impressive decrease to the bottom line of each building’s energy costs.

Our reputation for exemplary window film installations extends far beyond window tinting Tampa buildings. Nor are we limited to Florida only. Companies throughout the U.S. contact us for training and often to personally take over their high-profile installations.

Call for a free estimate and one of our experts will demonstrate why the benefits of window film are crystal clear.

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Coolest Tampa – Orlando Hotel Resorts Choose Window Tinting Solution

Checking in to a Five Star Resort should be an enjoyable experience. Due to discomforting hot spots, guests are often forced to avoid certain areas. 

Sun drenched rays are fine poolside, but not at all desirable while relaxing in the lounge.

Florida’s severe heat can ruin that special vacation!

High Impact Glass Solutions is relied on for window tinting Tampa hotels and Orlando’s world class resorts with our world class window film solutions!

By applying the proper film, up to 85 % of a building’s heat and glare is rejected.

We have crews specifically trained to strategically evaluate and handle the challenges of large buildings. We determine the best protocol to immediately knock out the sun and implement window film installations seamlessly without interfering with hotel activities.

Just as large buildings are never the same, when comparing expertise in the window film industry, neither are we. Marketing and puffed egos are about equal in every window tinting company. That’s fine….. we get it. But we are not contacted by hotels because WE think we’re the best. We’re contacted to take on monumental tasks because our reputation is the best.

If you want to keep guests feeling great and see energy costs that have never looked so good, call us!

Free estimates includes unlimited time with facility engineers and management.

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Window Film Reduces Heat and Glare Tampa Humane Society

Serious problems were effecting the Animal Health Center at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Doctors were having difficulty controlling the interior temperature and of all things, sun glare was causing them disrupting challenges while conducting  surgeries!

Totally unacceptable!

As window tinting Tampa‘s most reputable company for having premier selections of window films with a team of preeminent installers, our company was contracted to improve conditions at the health center.

With a sense of urgency and total confidence, we began installing Solar Gard Stainless Steel 15 to the exterior of the center’s windows and glass doors.

Our window film installation was a winner on all counts. It provided maximum heat rejection with up to 82% Total Solar Energy Rejected and eliminated the glare that plagued the surgeons. Solar Gard’s Stainless Steel 15 also lent a neutral grey tone that complimented the health clinic’s appearance without giving it a mirrored effect.

Surgeons certainly appreciated feeling comfortable and sure didn’t miss the glare in their eyes. We even got a round of “woof-woofs” from some of their patients. 

Whether it’s heat, sun-glare, high electric bills, or damaging UV rays that are effecting how you feel and how you work, window film is the antidote.

Call for a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our films will perform on your glass.

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Window Tinting ~ The Heat & Safety Solution for Florida Homes

Most people who move to Florida do so because they find the summer-like weather and light-filled rooms in their home extremely attractive. Boaters love the unlimited waterways out to open water but not everyone has a boat. Mostly everyone however, lives in some sort of dwelling that has windows. The windows allow natural lighting and views to the Floridian scenery. 


Beautiful sight to behold….until heat builds up, eyes are squinting from excessive glare, interior furnishings are fading, visits to the dermatologist are scheduled, and electric bills are mini-mortgage payments every month.

That’s the bad news. The good news is you can have your cake and eat it too!

Our selection of solar window films allows you to have your windows free of blinds or coverings, and keeps the heat and UV damage outside ~ where they belong.

Instead of basking in the sun, bask in the benefits of filmed windows!

Filmed glass sure knocks heat and glare out of the ball park. Bye-bye heat and squinting eyes!

Window Film Reduces Heat and Glare
Keep your window coverings open and let the sunlight shine through. In addition to blocking heat, our solar window films cut glare by up to 87%. Imagine, less glare interference while watching TV in a much cooler environment without giving up those treasured views.

Lower Cooling Costs Up to 30% – 50%
Approximately half of a home’s utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows. With distortion free technology, our solar window films add a tinted or invisible barrier on your glassed areas to reject the sun’s heat and significantly improve energy efficiency. 

The family in this home was AMAZED when we installed film on their first window. Pretty obvious why!

Protection from Harmful UV Rays
Most fabrics, furnishings, and artwork can fade simply by allowing sunlight to pass through an untreated window. Our solar window films will  block up to 99% of all UVA and UVB rays, protecting your family from skin damage and preserving the color of your interior furnishings.

Safeguard Your Home and Family
When flying debris or other forms of brute force cause windows to break, window film performs as a powerful barrier to help hold glass in place.

tint holding glass together 2 
Should an unexpected impact occur, rely on filmed windows to help protect your property against damage and your family from serious injury caused by dangerous shards of broken glass.


Window films have been used for decades. Over time, window film technology has advanced with innovations needed to meet the ever-changing demands that nature and  architecture create. In doing so, home window tinting provides an affordable alternative to glass replacement when your goal is to improve energy efficiency, comfort, and safety. 

Call for a complimentary evaluation and a free demonstration of how the performance and look of our window films will add all these benefits to your windows! 

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Solar Control Film Adds Energy Efficiency and Exterior Appeal Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Sarasota

One of  our recent window film installations served as a perfect example of what happens to a building with old, outdated window film that lacks luster and performance.

High Impact Glass Solutions removes old film and replaces with solar control film on St. Petersburg building

Besides presenting a horrid impression with such an unsightly appearance, the window film failed to give the interior of the building any heat relief and rather than being energy efficient it became a money pit for insanely high electric bills.

We were contacted to deliver a cost-saving strategy to restrain the high energy costs, create an  improved working environment, and embellish the exterior curb appeal.

We  removed the nasty film and prepped all windows for the application of Solar Gard Architectural Truevue 05. 

High Impact Glass Solutions removal and replacing window film on building

Glass ready for film application that will change how this building looks, how it feels, and how more energy efficient it will be!

In our experience window tinting Tampa buildings with similar needs, we’ve found Solar Gard Truevue 05 window film to be a grand slam for optimal results:

  • Window film provides energy saving by reducing air-conditioner usage.
  • Window film improves interior with year-round comfort.
  • Window film protects against ultraviolet damage and fading.
  • Window film diminishes bothersome glare.
  • Window film adds enhancement to exterior appearance.

Truevue 05 provided everything this building needed!

The untreated glass on the right had immense heat and glare blasting through. Filmed windows on the left stopped the sun and glare without obstructing any views.

Solar Gard window films are made of complex layers of various coated materials that control how the sun’s radiation passes through glass. The films are protected with a scratch-resistant coating, inspected and put through stringent endurance tests to provide the industry with a selection of high quality window films. 

Aging may improve certain wines and various cuts of beef. But as you saw from this project, the aging process can proffer a harsh effect on window film that hinders the sustainability of buildings. 

We can’t turn back the hands of time, but our window film installations can definitely make your building look and feel like it was built yesterday.

No matter what the age, call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our window films will perform on your glass!

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