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No More Squaking With Expert Film and Caulking

Windows were meant to allow light in and keep exterior nuisances out. In the real world, windows often fall short of their intended use.

Sure, they let light in and outside views are great, but as all of our customers complain, they also allow heat, glare, and ultraviolet rays to enter. One of our most recent customers added noise and dirt to the list. Yes, dirt!

Our initial evaluation did indeed find that his windows not only needed window tinting for comfort and safety, but there were visibly noticeable problems attributing to his additional complaints.

Tinting his windows reduced heat, uv rays and annoying glare, and with no more need for window coverings, he had unobstructed clear views to the outside world. Huge improvement for sure!

But irregardless of the benefits from filmed windows, the air gaps around his windows frames were allowing inside cool air to escape and warm air to sneak in. Erosion over time took its toll and as you can clearly see, debris and even insect growth was festering around and through.

After scraping away and cleaning the affected areas, we applied Dow Corning Silicone Structural Sealant, and installed new gaskets where needed. 

This is not an isolated case. We find window systems with debilitated conditions like this and worse in many homes and businesses while window tinting Tampa.

Another happy customer makes our day. All  looked great, all felt great, and even the noise from outside was a bit improved.

Windows  often need more than film to attain the best outside appeal and offer the most energy efficient environment inside. We are more than window tinting experts….our expertise includes glass maintenance as well.

If problems are related to glass, there’s no situation that we can’t improve with excellent results!   

Call for your complimentary energy evaluation and free demonstration of how our window tinting will perform on your glass!

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Marine Window Tinting Amazes Boat Owners

Superior Marine Window Tinting For Yachts

Floridian 1
Meet the “Floridian”

Heat and glare from the hot sun causes excessive discomfort for boaters when traditionally this problem is more prevalent during summer months. With record high temps, it’s no wonder our phones are ringing off the hook! We’re glad that at least the prices at the pumps are down as our crews are on the move, traveling to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Sarasota, Naples, and over to the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Our most recent marine tinting installation was performed on the Floridian, a 55′ beauty docked in Palmetto, a boating town 20 minutes north of Sarasota. It’s no surprise that the Floridian’s owner spent much of the year in Florida. Open waterways and tropical weather makes Florida a haven for boating enthusiasts. Most boat owners quickly learn that a marine environment introduces many problems that can effect the condition and performance of their yacht… and those who are on board.

  • Heat from sun blasting through glass windows and partitions causes serious discomfort.
  • A/C runs overtime to combat the heat thereby energy consumption is greatly increased.
  • Reflected glare bouncing off the water reduces visibility and distorts views.
  • There’s no escape from UV rays known to increase fading of interiors and cause skin damage.

Our Film Installation is the Best Solution for These Problems and More

Many of our yacht customers have been misled by well known films, such as 3M, only to find that the film separates, fades and peels over extended exposure to the salt water environment. To avoid such dilemmas, we tinted the Floridian with a Nano-Ceramic Coating that is 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and specifically designed to endure a life at sea. With Nano-Ceramic technology making the cabin so much cooler, the Floridian would cruise with less draw on it’s engine’s horsepower, benefit from increased fuel efficiency, enjoy greater visibility during the brightest times of the day and find night time visibility actually improved! As for damaging Ultraviolet rays streaming through the glass, once our tinting installation was completed, 99.9% of these harmful rays would be blocked.

Watch how we got the Floridian ready for cooler, safer and more energy-efficient voyages! 

The glass treatment that you watched in the video is an additional step we take in preserving your boat’s windows from hard water and calcium stains. It also prevents windows from getting scratched and keeps them clean for optimal clarity. The treatment is an amazing 24/7 glass maintenance program that every boat and it’s occupants benefit from.

Floridian with no film

Our marine window tinting applications enable everyone on board to enjoy boating to it’s fullest….and adds priceless additional protection to your investment. Your home on the water deserves the solutions we offer that are based on real, actual results as opposed to marketing hype. For additional information and a complimentary demonstration on just how superb our films will perform on your boat, call us today and speak to one of our marine tinting specialists!               

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