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Your Home Needs Safety & Security Window Film Now

Recently in Tampa, 22 homes were broken into by the same team of burglars.

All executed the say way.

By breaking through glass.

glass with no security film being broken into by burglar

Basic facts about home burglaries:

  • Most occur on the ground floor
  • Burglars typically spend less than one minute to gain entry and less than five minutes inside.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day when residents are not at home.
  • Glass doors and windows are preferred access points.
  • By the time police arrive, the perpetrators are gone making safety alarms alone ineffective.

Windows are your home’s weakest point of entry. Burglars know it …. and now you know it.

So, how do you minimize the odds of your home being the next target?

We are the experts window tinting Tampa with security glazing window film.  All our films start at an 8mil thickness and come in  tinted or clear coatings. They are designed to help hold glass fragments together, slowing down the ability for intruders to enter though your glass. Rather than continuing to make noise and chance getting caught while trying to break though, criminals are more likely to  flee and look for an easier target.

After the glass is prepped, we apply the film to the interior side of the glass. Here we are applying 8 mil film to add protection in a classroom……



As illustrated here, no safety & security film installation would be complete without having us attach the film, glass and frames into a “system” using Dow Corning Silicone #995.

This additional application helps to further maintain the integrity of your glass and prevent breakage. Occupants are more protected from the incidence of break-ins and physical harm caused by flying shards of glass.


We use the same coatings and attachment systems that are utilized on USA Government  buildings and military bases world wide. The need for protection against brute force intruding  through glass is not isolated.

Don’t become a target for the unexpected. Call for a free demonstration and learn how you can take measures to protect what is most valuable to you!

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