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Reduce Smash and Grab Access With Safety Film

Unusually high heat is not the only record that Florida is breaking. Smash and grab occurrences are up as  well.

At one time burglars targeted gun shops, jewelry stores, and retailers with high-dollar tech devices. 

Now a days, anything is fair game for burglars.

Smash and grab is nothing new. But like most traumatic events in life, we humans tend to think “oh, that will never happen to me”!

And then it does.

Rather than rely on false pretense that your store or your home is not vulnerable to break-ins, it would be far wiser (and safer) to have REAL protection.

That’s what we offer you!

Optically clear, colorless and undetectable on glass, our safety film maintains the natural appearance of your windows day and night. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and powerful adhesives provide impact resistant capabilities. Your glass becomes an invisible force of protection against vandalism and eliminates the dangers of flying glass that can cause damage and bodily injury. You know the safety film is there. We know it’s there. Intruders find out that it’s there, only to be frustrated with their failed attempts to break through your filmed glass.

Attachment Systems
Installing an attachment system with our safety film increases performance big time. Basically, the attachment system fixes or bonds the filmed glass to the window frame. The intent here is to prevent the entire window unit from becoming dislodged in the event of severe blunt force. The success of the safety film and attachment system is highly dependent on the installer’s technique and skill.

At High Impact Glass Solutions, our team is trained to be specialized in the art of installing attachment systems. As such we are often called by other window film companies to train their installers or very often, they hire us to do the project.  Over the past 13 years, our expertise has earned trust and appreciation from customers and peers in the industry.

Smash and grabbers? They hate us.


The human tendency to procrastinate is real. But danger to our investments is also real. 

Call for a complimentary evaluation and learn how we can help protect what’s most important to you.

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Wet Glazing Specialists Reduce Risk of Window Breakage

The best solution for improving the envelope of a large commercial building depends on many factors.  But experience and skill carry the most weight for advantageous results.

Though window film in itself can be effective in keeping glass fragments together, under certain extreme conditions, a more intensive step is taken to prevent glass from being separated from its frame. 

This highly effective step or additional process is called “wet glazing“.

We we are wet glazing specialists.

We ensure that the film is vigorously attached to the window frame offering the highest degree of protection against fragmentation of glass from entering a building. Traditionally we use a powerful industrial sealant, such as Dow Corning #995. This adhesive is specifically formulated to exhibit excellent adhesion for silicone structural glazing purposes.

In order for wet glazing to perform at its highest potential, the installation must be done one way.

The right way!


A wet glaze system is often referred to as an “attachment system”. Makes perfect sense  since the bond of strength is attained from attaching the film, window, and frame contiguously. In larger buildings where there are walls of glass, this bond is essential for optimal security and glass safety.

Wet glazing is much like an art and we didn’t perfect  it overnight. But as a painter knows each stroke of his brush, experience has acquainted us with the architectural differences in every window.  With outstanding results, our Wet glazing projects bring us a rewarding sense of pride… along with new challenges. 

Devised a technique for wet glazing perfectly at night! 

And we love both!

Wet glazing on a swing stage!

In every profession there are people who simply show up robotically for work, do what’s expected, and then call it a day. In that same profession, there’ll be one or perhaps a few that arrive bubbling with enthusiasm because their desire is to always learn more, get better at their job, and never accept mediocrity. 

This is how we go about window tinting Tampa and why we morphed into wet glaze attachment system specialists. We love what we do….  and so do our customers!

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Smash-n-Grab Prevention With Safety & Security Film Tampa Retailers

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is quickly approaching. 


Shoppers will be seeing more holiday store displays as retailers prepare for a season in which forecasters predict consumer spending could rise a healthy 4 percent.

Its also the season for smash and grab vandals who wait all year for such a time as this!

commercialsafety   download

Once hit, repercussions can be devastating for retailers. Stolen inventory, a store covered with broken glass, filling out police reports, dealing with insurance companies, and worst of all….disruption to business during the height of shopping season. 


We have been window tinting Tampa retail establishments since 2003, providing solutions to prevent costly and destructive vandalism. 


Protection must start first with PREVENTION.

Our Safety and Security films  PREVENT  forced entry altogether!

Performing as invisible shields of protection, a burglars’ plans to break through your glass are simply foiled.

Our films are a “bummer” to smash and grab thieves but they are valuable gifts for store owners:

  • Safety and Security window films can help the performance of ordinary glass by holding glass together under extreme stress.
  • Safety and Security window films offer a variety of shades, from clear to darker tints.
  • Besides providing powerful protection, Safety and Security window film is extremely energy efficient offering heat, glare, and UV rejection.
  • There are various thicknesses to choose from, typically 4 mil and 8 mil is used for our residential and commercial applications.

The performance of Safety and Security window film can be increased by forming a bond between the film, the glass, and the window frame. This extra strength is accomplished  with our wet glaze attachment system installed with Dow Corning #995 structural adhesive silicon. It is essential that qualified professionals with the proper skill set install a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions has attained recognition as attachment system specialists from film manufacturers, business peers in the industry, and from those who count the most – our customers!

Call for our complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration on your store’s windows.

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Residential Comfort and Protection With Safety & Security Window Film

We gave this uniquely built home lifetime solutions for its many sun-related problems.

High Impact Glass Solutions install 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residence with guest house

Built with a contrasting angular design for an ultra customized look, the home and its guest house were extremely impressive. The varying angles with windows facing every direction throughout both residences eliminated escape routes from the sun’s heat and glare. Towering over the pool area and adjacent canal, this gem of a residence was inundated with sun-related problems, rising energy costs, and safety concerns for occupants.

  10405550_957124354298635_3064520505416469059_n 1922439_957124320965305_349134787182004803_n




We evaluated every angle of glass, literally.  An installation with 8 mil  safety & security film with high solar performance was about to bring about HUGE changes. For maxing out the safety factor, we followed up with a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs 8 mil window film and wet glaze attachment system on residential windows

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Offers Exceptional Solar Control and  Much More:

  • Total Solar Energy rejection of 57% balanced indoor temperatures for a much cooler environment.
  • Cooler interiors reduced load on a/c systems, lowering monthly energy bills.
  • Eye-strain was minimized with a 50% reduction of glare.
  • 99% of UV ray blockage reduced risks for skin cancer and substantially reduce fading to their wood floors and furniture.
  • Ineffective shades and blinds were removed allowing natural light in… and beautiful views out

8 mil Safety and Security Window Film Keeps People and Premises More Secure

  • Holds glass in place should windows be shattered
  • Film transforms glass windows and glass doors into shields of protection
  • Reduces damage or injury from lethal shards of flying glass
  • Solid and proven deterrent against thieves who rely on quick access by breaking into homes through windows

We are Attachment System Specialists!
When combined with safety and security window film, a Wet Glaze Attachment System, sometimes referred to as an anchoring system, gives filmed windows the highest level of strength. Traditionally, Dow Corning #995 Adhesive Structural Sealant is applied to connect the glass and the film to the window frame. The Wet Glaze Attachment System is what gives safety and security film a rock-solid peak performance.

Make no mistake….because we sure don’t!

An attachment system’s performance is only as good as the contractor who is installing it. Our recognition as “attachment system specialists” was built on years of  honing our skills while window tinting Tampa homes and commercial buildings. Our highly acclaimed reputation has prompted window film companies from all parts of the United States…  as well as overseas, to rely on us to perform attachment systems for their customers.

Our window film installation and Wet Glaze Attachment System brought comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to this family. That’s what we’re all about!

Call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our films will perform on your windows!

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Tampa-Sarasota-Orlando Clearly Safer With Safety & Security Film

Supported by scientific proof, it is an indisputable fact.
Windows are vulnerable to breaking.  Just ask anyone living on a golf course!

Whether glass is broken in a freak accident or during an attempted break-in, your family is at risk of being severely injured by dangerous shards of glass. Our safety and security films help to deter and even deny entry of would-be thugs by withstanding their attempts to break through your glass.

A Piece of Broken Safety Glass
Without film, broken glass can be deadly.

With film, glass is held together and your valuables and family are better protected.

Besides holding shattered glass in place, our safety and security films block 99% of UV rays known to fade valuable artwork, carpets, wood flooring and furnishing.


UV rays cause  irreversible damage….



Further more, our safety and security films help to prevent your loved ones’ skin from another UV ray danger….skin cancer! Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as effective UV protection, putting our film on your windows is a kin to putting sunglasses on your home.

Window tinting Tampa and surrounding areas, our films have added strong arms of protection to thousands of homes without impeding nature light from entering through windows.


Deter and even deny home invasions, protect your most valuable assets…. your family, prolong the life and beauty of your furnishings, lower your electric bills, and cool down your home without compromising views through your windows.

Call for a complimentary demonstration and we will gladly illustrate exactly how and why these films will perform all these benefits on your windows!

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