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Window Tinting Tampa Solution UV Ray Fading ~ Skin Harm

As time passes, so does the color of your paintings, floors, and furniture. 

Faded floors may not be noticed until area carpets are moved. With nothing hiding the damage, fading on wall to wall carpeting can be detected sooner. Either way, it’s not a pleasant discovery!

How does this damage occur?

Clear glass windows and sliders allow unmerciful sunlight, heat, and ultraviolet rays to enter your home. UV rays are proven culprits that  fade interior furnishings and are a major factor in causing skin conditions including cancer. The National Cancer Foundation reports that more than 90% of of visible changes commonly associated with aging skin are caused by the the sun.  Not a good diagnosis for your homes interior….or the welfare of your loved ones.

So what’s the remedy?

Our sun-protection film installed on your home’s windows and glass sliders! 

Both “before and after” pictures illustrate how sun-protection film applied on glass acts as an effective barrier to dramatically reduce the contributing factors that cause irreparable damage to your home and occupants. 

  • 99.9% of harmful UV reduction
  • eliminates the need for curtains, blinds, awnings, etc.
  • creates light-filled rooms that are safe and comfortably cool

We offer a variety of shades with different levels of reflectivity to suit each person’s taste. There’s also non-reflective IR heat-blocking films along with reflective and dual-reflective choices to accommodate privacy concerns and HOA deed restrictions when indicated. 

Fitting your home for “sunglasses” that you will love, is not a one minute process. We prefer doing a thorough evaluation and have one of our specialists visit you in your home to also demonstrate how these different films will perform and look on your glass. 

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Window Film Benefits Outweigh Window Replacement

With summer quickly approaching, residential owners are looking at alternatives that will battle discomforting heat in their rooms and rising numbers in their electric bills. 

Many consumers are not aware of the benefits of solar window film.

This lack of knowledge typically results in folks spending a huge amount of money for total window replacement. Fortunately, our customers make the smarter choice. They choose to keep their current windows and add a solar film installation to reap the best solution with less expense. 

Filmed glass vs. clear glass! Film combats glare and heat!

Designed for hot tropical summers, our solar films are delighting our customers with spectacular results:

  • Exceptional solar rejection performance resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Views are maintained with reduced glare that would otherwise stream through clear glass.
  • Increased privacy by day with minimal reflectivity at night.
  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejection  providing greater
    temperature stability for eliminating hot spots.
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and less risk of skin damage with 99% ultraviolet ray protection.

Generally, the cost of window film is about 1/10th the cost of replacing windows. You trade off spending  less money for solar films that are NFRC rated equal to new replacement windows.  AND our films come with a life-time warranty. 

Convinced yet?

Call for a  complimentary visit from one of our specialists and see how our solar film will keep your home cool and energy-efficient this summer!

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Solar Film Window Tinting Solutions

Can you relate to any of these situations?

Hammered by heat coming through windows. Egads, keep that air conditioner going!

Oh no!! I’m still not cool and the energy bill keeps going up!


We moved some furniture around and THIS is what we noticed!

Our expensive wood plank floors have faded.  And how upsetting….our beloved sofa and chairs are loosing their luster as well.

All that talk about fading from UV rays sure looks to be true.


Shut the door, honey. Just way too much glare in the bedroom. You’ll need sunglasses to stay in there!

Experience ANY…. or ALL of these problems?

There is a solution!

Panorama’s Solar Gard’s elite solar film on your windows will have you taking pictures with a smiley-face instead of a sweaty face. Live with less glare, lower electric bills, fading problems greatly reduced, and without window coverings blocking your beautiful exterior views.


Window tinting Tampa Bay homes and condos in coastal areas, we have filmed hundreds of residences where the sun’s heat and glare are especially disruptive and views are particularly appreciated.  Our solar film installation on this water-front home made a world of difference for people living inside…. and eyes looking to the outside.

Unbearable heat entered through untreated glass and too much glare spoiled the ability to enjoy their gorgeous views!
What an amazing difference with filmed windows. Total comfort inside and fantastic unhampered views to the outside!

Our Panorama solar film series is constructed with ceramic based technology. Applied on your windows, the film’s solar heat rejection increases your interior comfort along with up to 30% reductions in cooling costs. Free of dye or metal, these films provide a neutral view while keeping out the sun’s heat and blocks 99% of damaging UV light. And for that annoying glare? Welcome to built-in glare control improving visual  comfort for screens and monitors, and making rooms wonderfully livable even during sunlight hours.

Say “bye-bye” to heat discomfort and so many sun-related problems. Call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our solar films will make an extraordinary difference with Panorama performance on your glass. 

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Yacht Neighbors Choose Panorama Ceramic Marine Tinting

With the opportunity to install marine window tinting on two gorgeous yachts docked side-by-side, we wanted to make a HUGE splash with double customer satisfaction! 

First up…… My Gal!

Her neighbor was getting jealous that My Gal was going to be more comfortable and have spiffier windows so we naturally said that we would tint both:)

Living up to our reputation as marine window tinting experts AND making sure that these neighbors would be equally satisfied, we recommended Solar Gard Panorama CX 35.

CX 35 makes windows look outrageous inside and out!

Our marine installations window tinting Tampa boats as well as Naples and Fort Lauderdale yachts all have the same result: a superlative performance for ultimate boating pleasure and safety.



Solar Gard Panorama CX window films are constructed with ceramic based technology that eliminates interruption with navigational systems. Free of dye or metal, these marine window films are corrosion-resistant, providing neutral, non-reflective crystal clear views with optimal glare control while keeping out heat and harmful UV rays. 

Both My Gal and her neighbor will soon have a greater degree of comfort and safety. As for looks? 


Call us for a free on-board evaluation and demonstration of how our marine window films can make your next voyage the best ever!

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Another McDonalds’ Windows Tinted “Just Lovin it”!

Looks like we’ve given another McDonalds’ restaurant something to smile about! 

It’s owner, employees and customers are all  “just lovin it”!

As the world’s #1 restaurant serving fast food, the owner wished to upgrade the outside of his
 establishment and the inside environment to first class as well.

Being the #1 company window tinting Tampa and the surrounding cities, we knew we could deliver.

Solar Gard Image from Jeremy without trees High Impact Glass Solutions instaling Panarama window tinting on Tampa commerical building

McDonalds’ is about to become more appetizing with high performance solar control window film.

High Impact Glass Solutions installing ceramic film for energy efficiency in McDonalds restaurant
Sun, heat, and distracting glare poured in prior to the film installation.

Panorama 30 is not a selection on the McDonald’s menu. However, making substantial improvements, it proved to be the best selection from our menu of window films.

Filmed windows rejected up to 79% of solar energy to regulate interior heat build up. This reduction resulted in a much cooler interior without patrons having to pull down shades or blinds. With this heat rejection performance, air conditioners ran less and cooling costs came down. Decreased glare from the sun and a 99% reduction in UV rays were additional side orders that filmed windows included.  

Panorama Slate 30 gave McDonalds’ exterior a sleek and subtle grey look to its windows and glass entrance. As part of the planet’s greatest fast food chain of restaurants, our ceramic film gave it the ultimate appetizing look it deserved.

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard film installation on McDonalds

When making modifications to any building, Solar Gard window film is the proven choice for a fabulous new look, pampering your budget, and improving the environment.

Call for a complimentary demonstration of our film performance “just lovin it” on your glass!

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