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Commercial Window Tinting Comfort, Energy-efficiency, Protection & Appeal

Solar Control Film: Making An Impact  On The Commercial Sector


Solar Control Film Delivers A Cost-Saving Plan
Filmed windows maintain a consistent balanced interior climate resulting in reduced energy and operating costs. The monthly savings make for a quick return on the initial window tinting investment. 

Solar Control Film Improves Working Environment

Expansive glass architecture allows for natural sunlit environments. Beautiful indeed, but hot spots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperatures can hamper comfort for occupants inside. Our solar control films screen out significant amounts of the heat and glare from entering through the windows, adding comfort to rooms with a soft relaxing hue while maintaining clear, unhampered views looking out.

Keeping employees, guests, and clientele comfortable is essential for any business to thrive.

Solar Control Film Adds Protection
Ultraviolet rays from the sun have damaging and harmful effects on occupants’ skin. UV rays also cause fading on interior contents such as furnishings and equipment. These problems can be avoided with windows filmed with built-in solar protection that rejects up to 99% of UV light.  

Solar Control Film Adds Aesthetic Enhancement
A professional appearance traditionally attracts customers and adds value to the worth of a building. Make the best impression with selecting a film from our extensive selection of solar films offering different tint shades and levels of reflectivity. 

Our window films qualify  as part of a building’s “insulation envelope” and in many cases federal tax credits can be earned.

Call today for a complimentary evaluation and one of our window film specialists will demonstrate how our films will give your windows all of these benefits!

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