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Solar Protection Window Film Aids Skin Cancer Prevention

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. 

3.5 million cases of cancer in over two million people diagnosed annually, skin cancer is found to be the most common form in the United States.

Florida has the second highest rate of melanoma cases in the nation.


Dangerous exposure to ultraviolet rays is preventable!

When you’re at the beach, remember to protect your eyes with sun glasses and your skin with applications of a high SPF sunscreen.

When your at home, protect your interior furnishings and occupants with Solar Gard’s Panorama UV Protection Window Film!

Ultraviolet A rays (UVA) in particular are responsible for causing extensive damage – including initiating skin cancer development and causing fading of furniture and flooring.

Though quite expensive, if necessary floors and furniture can be replaced.

How about your family’s skin?

While ordinary glass offers little to no protection from the sun, our UV blocking window films do, and come in 6 options ranging from clear to dark.

With a 99% reduction in UV rays, our Solar Control Window Film preserves the color of your interior furnishings….and more importantly helps to protect your loved ones from harmful UV radiation.

The sun’s rays are getting stronger and more dangerous as we approach summer in Florida.

Prepare now and call for a free estimate and one of our window film specialists will demonstrate how your home and those inside can be better protected!

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Solar Gard Window Film Makes Your Tampa Bay, Bradenton, Sarasota Home Cool This Summer

Temps are inching into the 90’s and the humidity is starting to creep up as well. Another HOT summer is just ahead.


Nothing really different….same problems as last summer. Windows won’t prevent heat from entering your home and the air conditioner will be driving up your monthly energy bills. And here it comes again, GLARE driving you crazy while watching TV!






This summer enjoy your home and outside views without having to close the blinds to block the sun’s heat. You can also enjoy savings on cooling costs since your a/c will not be running as often.


Solar Gard’s Panorama Slate is one series of our selection of films to choose from that will prepare your home for the onslaught of summertime heat.

The glass wall in this family room with sweeping views of the golf course were a knock-out. But so were the glare and heat that were invading the comfort inside and interrupting the views. With only half the glass panes filmed, the difference was amazing!

Totally filmed ~ Solar Gard’s Panorama window film was the  perfect solution!

  • Slate products are dual reflective – offering increased privacy while low interior reflectance maintained the views to the outside. 
  • Slate maximized heat rejection for excellent energy savings
  • High-heat rejection resulted in a far improved indoor comfort
  • UV blockers provided protection for the occupants and property from damaging UV rays
  • Up to 98% glare reduction restored enjoyable viewing of TV screens and monitors

These home owners chose to prepare their home for the long, HOT months ahead.  

It’s time for you to take action!

Though our crew of installers are mostly focused on window tinting Tampa Bay, we set the standard for window tinting work ethics throughout the United States . We are often called by out of state companies for our expert advise and get requests for one-on-one training. 

We don’t offer just a solution….we offer the best solution!

Our estimates are free and one of our professional window film specialists will help match the perfect film to meet your glass architecture and personal needs.

We’ll help you be prepared!

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Window Film Affordable Summer Heat Solution

Florida homes and business owners face the same challenge every year.

How can we keep cool indoors during the HOT summer season?

Hundreds of customers that we’ve serviced while window tinting Tampa residences, retail stores, and commercial buildings discovered our window films to be the most  affordable and durable solution.

With the ability to stop 70-85% of heat from  entering into your home  or business, think of the ramifications. Family, employees, and customers would all feel so much cooler. No more glare to interrupt watching favorite television shows or cause squinting eyes during computer activity. As for enjoying outside views, they’re no longer hampered by window treatments!

And, as a home or business owner, LOWER ENERGY BILLS!

Today’s technology enables window film to be the most cost-effective improvement as compared to any other energy upgrade. Made to endure the intense heat Floridians face, these affordable coatings are dye-free to promote a lifetime of remarkable performance.  

The IWFA has even designated April 17th 2017 as “National Window Film Day” to furthering public education of the many benefits of professionally installed window film including: energy efficiency, indoor temperature comfort, blocking 99% of the sun’s UVA rays, the reduction of fading of furnishings and possible harmful exposure to skin and eyes.

Our Ceramic films provide the full spectrum of benefits without changing the appearance of the windows and meet HOA deed restrictions.

Our Reflective and Dual-Reflective films offer all the same results with extra daytime privacy as an added feature. 

Call for our complimentary evaluation and one of our window film specialists will demonstrate how the different films will look and perform on your glass!

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Window Film Keeps Florida Homes Cool in Summer

We’ve just entered spring and already afternoon temperatures are clear warnings that summer-time heat is quickly approaching. 

“Honey! Why isn’t the a/c cooling the house down? Ulch, we better come up with a plan before summer arrives”!!

Floridians know all too well that along with summer comes heat, humidity, glare, UV rays, and shocking electric bills!

High Impact Glass Solutions has been busier than ever window tinting Tampa homes with our Panorama solar window films to help prepare homeowners for what’s to come.

With Panorama solar window film on your windows, there is no need for window coverings to block the sun… or window fans to cool rooms down.

For personal aesthetics and if needed to satisfy HOA restrictions, our wide selection of colors allows home owners to choose from darker tint shades to an optical grade film so light, that its hardly visible on the windows. 

This sitting room faced west and was getting pounded with blistering heat and glare from the sun. With Panorama film applied on the right two glass sliders, the reduction of heat and absence of glare made a significant difference.


Besides making homes more comfortable and rejecting glare, the reduction of up to 70% of the solar heat entering through filmed windows lowers those outrageous energy bills. Plus, since Panorama solar films block 99% of the ultraviolet rays, furnishings in the home are protected from fading and more importantly, the chances of UV radiation skin cancer is greatly reduced.

The filmed window is easy to find in this room. Look at the difference!

We can’t change hot summer conditions outside.
But we can improve your home’s conditions inside!

Call for a complimentary evaluation and one of our specialists will also demonstrate how our films will look and perform on your windows. 

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Tampa Sarasota Orlando Condos Love Heat Reducing Non-Reflective Ceramic Window Films

You find the condo of your dreams with sweeping water views.

It’s not even summer yet and already heat, glare and faded furnishings are becoming REAL problems. Who knew?

Friends advise you to have reflective window film installed on your windows but the condo association has imposed restrictions against film with reflectivity.

No worries….there’s an alternative plan.

For window tinting Tampa‘s waterfront residences, we offer a full selection of non-reflective ceramic films that stop the heat, glare, and UV damaging rays. You gain all  that you need to dramatically improve your situation without losing those breathtaking views!

Prior to our ceramic window film installation, the glare and heat in this condo were making living here unbearable. One last glass door not yet filmed illustrates the huge improvement and visual  difference. The ceramic filmed door eliminated the sun’s rays and glare while keeping the water views beautifully clear.

With its technology to block greater amounts of IR heat without changing the appearance of glass, Solar Gard Panorama Ceramic Film restored our customers’ love for their condo. And the condo association gave their stamp of approval as well.

Solar Gard’s Panorama Ceramic Films are dye and metal free. Their advanced technology makes them durable high-performance films with a lifetime warranty not to corrode no matter how close you are to coastal waterways. 

Call for a complimentary estimate and one of our specialists will also demonstrate how our window films will perform and look on YOUR glass.

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