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Heat Reducing Window Tint A Ringer For Tampa Business

High Impact Glass Solutions installs heat reducing window tinting Tampa business

One Touch Direct Direct is an industry leading call center in Tampa. Their building’s appealing architecture included lots of windows. This feature allowed unwanted “one touch direct ” heat from the sun, making rooms hot, attendant’s eye’s squinting from the glare on monitors, and energy bills to escalate.

It didn’t take long to surmise the problem… or the solution.

High Impact Glass Solutions instaling Panarama window tinting on Tampa commerical building


With Panorama solar control window film, they
would enjoy “direct” result driven benefits that would address their concerns.


With its proven heat-rejection properties, Solar Gard’s Panarama series window films can help businesses consume up to 30% less energy for cooling. They also reject up to 79% of solar energy to regulate heat absorption thereby making for a much cooler working environment.

As for glare? Gone!

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard Panarama window film installation on Tampa business
Glare and heat are reduced on left side panels where the glass is filmed!
High Impact Glass Solutions applying Solar Gard Panaram film on Tampa business glass
Panel by panel our film transformed the building’s appearance, greatly improved the working environment, and made One Touch Direct energy efficient!


One Touch Direct is another customer that we’ve been able to help overcome the challenges that many businesses share. We hope to help YOU as we continue window tinting Tampa with our expertise and remarkable performing window films. When it comes to making energy-efficient changes to your building, our selection of heat reduction window films are the proven choice for both your budget and the environment.

Call for your free energy evaluation with a demonstration of how our films will perform on your glass!

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Got Glare? Get Window Tinting!

Wikipedia defines glare as “difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light such as reflected sunlight….”


We can all agree that wearing sunglasses while looking at TVs and monitors will work to some degree, but really? And besides, glare blazing through windows is only one prong of a much larger problem.  The sun’s discomfort can become disabling and crunch your budget for monthly electric bills.

sun causing glare and heat without window film protection sun-glare

Our solar-reducing window film provides efficient heat rejection at your windows. The powerful benefits resolve all prongs of the problem:

  • Less heat intrusion that gives you exceedingly more comfort.
  • Savings on cooling costs can be up to 30%.
  • Blockage of 99% of UV light to help prevent fading of your furnishings.
  • Privacy without having to pull down the shades.
  • Outside views are visible without discomforting heat.
  • And yes! Glare control to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors.


One of the most priceless benefits of  solar window film  is that in addition to these benefits, the 99% UV ray rejection reduces the risk of skin cancer to your loved ones.

I can’t recall window tinting Tampa homes with so many complaints about glare and heat. Every day our film installations are literally changing lives!

You can see the results of window film technology in comparing one window with film and one without film in one of our recent residential projects.
High Impact Glass Solutions solar film application on one window

Just look at the difference in this condo. The owner flipped when she was able to see views without glare and heat!


Unless you enjoy supporting the electric company or you live in Antarctica, window film will help you feel best, save the most on energy costs, and help you see much better no matter what you’re viewing.

Call us for a free sneak preview of how our solar film will add comfort, energy savings, protection, and LESS GLARE in your residence!

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Solar Control Window Tinting Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” business or a mega-million dollar corporation, the mission is the same.

“What can we do to reduce expenses and protect our bottom line”?

Window tinting stop money from going out the window

Put in simpler terms, which area can be improved so that we stop throwing hard earned money  out of the the window?

This is a repetitive question so often heard while window tinting Tampa and much of Florida. The question never changes and the solution remains the same.

Our solar-reducing window film installation!

First off, with it’s ability to dramatically reduce heat from coming through windows, window tinting will provide impressive energy savings. Less heat in your building commands less run time from your cooling system.

But there’s more benefits besides saving money with filmed windows. Oh yes, businesses with our solar-reducing window film undergo additional awesome improvements:

  • Less heat makes for improved comfort that employees will be more productive in and customers will enjoy.
  • Reduced UV rays protects everyone’s skin from sun damage and your furnishings from premature fading.
  • Glare that often interrupts looking at monitors, cash registers, etc. is eliminated.
  • Dusty window shades and blinds that blocked views and the beauty of natural light can be removed.

Window tint installation on health food store windows
Window tinting lowered energy costs for this store……imagine what a game changer it provided for these  large commercial buildings.

tower-3-finished with window tinting

Modest or substantial, small business owners and corporate building engineers alike are adding solar control films to help reduce escalating costs from a/c equipment operating at full throttle.

Our films are designed as Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, Silver, and include a Spectrally Select Series. Call now for a complimentary energy audit and a preview of these films on your glass. Experience which one will offer your building the most energy savings, comfort, safety, and aesthetics for years to come!

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Heat Reducing Window Tint Great Escape For Tampa

Intense heat in TampaTampa is HOT! Outside, you’ll need to have water handy and shade trees wouldn’t hurt.

When you’re inside, there’s plenty of water but shady trees are hard to come by. So what’s the best survival plan to escape sun-filled heated rooms and energy bills that are spiraling out of control?

You don’t need Houdini to come up with a great escape because there’s no magical formula here folks. All it requires is experience, knowledge, and passion….yes, passion.

The great escape from living with discomfort and ridiculously high electric bills is found with….US!

We offer our 13+ years of window tinting Tampa homes and businesses with cool, solid, “you can count on” solutions. The truth is, any window tinting company can slap film on your windows.

Fortunately, you’ll find our approach quite different:

  • Our initial evaluation of your glass types and non-conspicuous areas for potential loss of interior cool air is a factual analysis. It helps us to deliver the best cost-saving strategy conformed to your particular needs. We don’t use the traditional “one size fits all” plan.
  • Instead of “selling” you window film, we educate you about the benefits of different films so that you can make an informed decision based on what’s best for you….not what’s best for us.
  • We take the time to be detailed, rather than pushy, when demonstrating the performance of the films that offer your glass types the best results.
Before and after film 3
You can compare the view…. and see what the films do!

You’ll happily see that we treat your home  differently too:

  • Besides wearing booties and laying down protective tarps, we remove window treatments and mark where  pictures, tables, and every piece of furniture belongs with tape.
  • When the installation is complete, all your furnishings are returned to exactly where they were when we first arrived and  window treatments are put back up with precision.
  • Removable metal bars that certain windows have are individually numbered so that the bars are put back in the same fashion that they were constructed.
  • If during the installation we notice something related to your windows that is improperly working or problematic, we’ll bring this to your attention and if within our scope,  we will offer to replace or make the repair.

Tape assures that furniture is put back exactly where it belongs.

masaui shows tape, booties, tarps, very clean and neat and organized
Booties, tarps  and “drape protection” during installation.

Protecting Window Dressings During Film Installation
We are experts at protecting the most elegant window treatments.

After the installation:
There’s one stipulation that we’re passionate about when your installation is complete….your total satisfaction, so there’s  no need for any more “bullet points”. It is worth mentioning however, our business mantra never changes. It is solely for our window film applications to improve the comfort in your home or business. Our expectation is to give you more than just satisfaction. We want our work and our time together to leave you inspired.

Window film is window film. We have film for every need, for every budget. The film will absolutely cool down your interior and lower energy bills. BUT our process and “the experience” is not typical.

No one, and I mean no one, can match ours.

A call for our complimentary evaluation is the first step in finding your own great escape.

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Belleair Beach Business “Banks” on Window Tinting Makeover!

The Home Banc in Belleair Beach was in dire need of removing very old, failing window film. It looked nasty and the outdated technology of the existing film did little to stop the bank from heating up inside.

This sonario is nothing new to our installation crews who are busily window tinting Tampa businesses in the Bay area and surrounding locations.  We often head out to Tampa’s beautiful beachy areas and its not for getting a sun tan.

One of our recent projects in Belleair Beach was to make the Home Banc look and feel better. And that’s exactly what we did.

11742653_1031853326825737_5137629831207081043_n 11698716_1031853390159064_4154631679906701645_n

The old film was obviously (and painfully) faded and peeling. Instead of looking appealing, it looked appalling!To give the bank an aesthetic make-over with less sun and heat causing discomfort to employees and customers, we installed our dual-reflective solar-reducing film. Notice the window above the ladder? Ahhhhh….

The film’s reflectivity provided high levels of solar heat rejection and stopped the glaring sun from streaming through the windows. In addition to adding comfort and energy-efficiency, beautiful views could be enjoyed without compromise.

Window Tinting Project Belleair Beach Florida

The tellers were happy, the loan officers were thrilled, the HVAC  system was relieved, the utility bills weighed less, and Home Banc looked awesome!

With free energy audits and complimentary film demonstrations on your windows, call us for solutions to your heat-related needs. You can bank on us!

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