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Clearwater Company Chooses Madico Security Film

Aerosonic Corporation is a prominent aircraft supply company in Clearwater. With massive windows, protecting their sophisticated inventory became an eminent concern.

High Impact Glass Solutions applies Madico Security Film in Clearwater, Florida



As an industry leader, Aerosonic’s job is to focus on research and developing the next generation of high technology aircraft products for global markets.

 Our job was to help protect Aerosonic’s high-tech, irreplaceble inventory  and reduce risk of injury to employees in case of glass breakage.


Two very important goals were met with one very remarkable window film: Madico’s Safety & Security Window Film. With their wide range of tints, styles and grades, all designed to meet  Aeronsonic’s needs, we were able to address both objectives and give their building an aesthetic boost as well.



With Madico’s film on the windows, we began to notice  smiles with audible “ooh’s and aah’s”. Truly awesome, the first step towards securing Aeronsonic with their requested protection was successful. Next, we added more safety with a “Wet Glaze Anchoring Application”.  This procedure is one that we’ve specialized  in window tinting Tampa since 2003. The process strengthens the bond between the glass with the frame to prevent sharp fragments from entering rooms in the event of glass breakage. Specialized in the technique and using a very high-performing sealant, our mission was complete. Aerosonic Corporation was fully protected.



Whether your need is to protect inventory, property, or your family, our safety and security film installations along with our specialized anchoring systems are your best defense.

Estimates and window film demonstrations are free. And by strengthening your windows, you have nothing to lose…literally!

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