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Clearwater High Profile Office Building Chooses Us Again For Window Tinting

Our clients’ executive offices were targeted every afternoon with relentless sun, glare and UV rays. With security alert on high, there was also concern about vandals breaking into their 40,000 sq. ft. of glass.

This building we just completed is part of a total sum of 300,000 sq. ft. of glass that we’ve filmed for the same clients…. for the same reasons. As with their other buildings, we were contacted to install  impact safety and security window film to make their offices cooler, glare free, UV free, and safer. 

We train to deliver decisive results to meet the needs of our clients no matter what size or how difficult the project is!


Applying an 8mil layer of protection!

Thicker than solar film,  8 mil safety and security impact film is designed with special adhesives to strengthen its polyester layers, offering exceptional impact resistant capabilities along with solar reduction performance:

  • Deters unwanted intruders
  • Reduces the risk of injury from flying glass
  • Maximizes views to the outside
  • Improves indoor comfort with less heat and glare
  • Adds energy-efficiency to a building’s envelope
  • Protects people and property from damaging UV rays
  • Beautifies glass with a uniform appearance and adds aesthetic appeal

We give your protected windows extra muscle!
Our installers go through specialized training to give our clients  the highest degree of window safety. Following every window tinted, we anchor each glass and film to the window frame thereby maximizing the integrity of the film and its effectiveness. We traditionally use Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive. Often referred to as an “attachment system”, this application must be facilitated with expert precision for it to be successful.

We are “thee” attachment system specialists!

And that’s one of many reasons why our window film installations are trusted and lauded by large institutions comprised with hundreds of thousands of sq. ft. of glass.

Film “impacts” the energy footprint of buildings as well!

With advanced technology, our safety and security window films deliver more than glass safety. Windows also become barriers against solar heat to lower interior temperatures, reduce glare on monitor screens, and filter out nearly 100% of UV light that would otherwise cause fading to furnishings and damage to skin. With these added benefits, employees were able to work in a more comfortable atmosphere and HVAC systems were operating with far less strain.  All while enjoying the natural light and open views that enrich commercial spaces. Results?

Happier more productive employees and an impressive decrease to the bottom line of each building’s energy costs.

Our reputation for exemplary window film installations extends far beyond window tinting Tampa buildings. Nor are we limited to Florida only. Companies throughout the U.S. contact us for training and often to personally take over their high-profile installations.

Call for a free estimate and one of our experts will demonstrate why the benefits of window film are crystal clear.

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Florida Commercial Businesses Safer With Security Window Film

Thieves are breaking into more gun stores and stealing more weapons than at any time since the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began tracking burglaries and robberies five years ago. Jewelry stores, convenience stores, and retail shops are all seeing an alarming rise in vandalism as well. 

If your storefront and glass doors are unprotected, you are at risk!

Glass windows and doors are the weakest point of entry. Many store owners depend on alarm systems and motion lighting as their only two defense systems.  Both important to have but adding additional strength to your windows and doors is crucially important for maximum protection.  

Layered with special adhesives, our Security Window Films are applied to your glassed areas. Though these coatings are much thicker than films used primarily for heat, glare and UV ray reduction, they are undetectable by unwanted visitors. Perpetrators look for a quick “get in – get out” without having to make noise or be noticed. Glass fortified with Security Window Film deters breakage. Without quick entry through your windows, robbers have no choice but to move on and find a different target.

The performance of Security Window Film can be further increased by forming a bond between the film, the glass, and the window frame. This powerful increase is accomplished  with our wet glaze attachment system installed with Dow Corning #995 structural adhesive silicon. It is essential that qualified professionals with the proper skill set install a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions has attained recognition as attachment system specialists from film manufacturers, business peers in the industry, and from those who count the most – our customers!

Our expert installers are protecting  financial institutions, VA hospitals, historic museums and hundreds of retail outlets.  

The turbulent times we live in have heightened national concern to protect property, people, and assets.

Trust the most highly recommended window film company in the country to protect what is dear to you.

Call for a free estimate ~ being prepared is the first step for protection!

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Reduce Smash and Grab Access With Safety Film

Unusually high heat is not the only record that Florida is breaking. Smash and grab occurrences are up as  well.

At one time burglars targeted gun shops, jewelry stores, and retailers with high-dollar tech devices. 

Now a days, anything is fair game for burglars.

Smash and grab is nothing new. But like most traumatic events in life, we humans tend to think “oh, that will never happen to me”!

And then it does.

Rather than rely on false pretense that your store or your home is not vulnerable to break-ins, it would be far wiser (and safer) to have REAL protection.

That’s what we offer you!

Optically clear, colorless and undetectable on glass, our safety film maintains the natural appearance of your windows day and night. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and powerful adhesives provide impact resistant capabilities. Your glass becomes an invisible force of protection against vandalism and eliminates the dangers of flying glass that can cause damage and bodily injury. You know the safety film is there. We know it’s there. Intruders find out that it’s there, only to be frustrated with their failed attempts to break through your filmed glass.

Attachment Systems
Installing an attachment system with our safety film increases performance big time. Basically, the attachment system fixes or bonds the filmed glass to the window frame. The intent here is to prevent the entire window unit from becoming dislodged in the event of severe blunt force. The success of the safety film and attachment system is highly dependent on the installer’s technique and skill.

At High Impact Glass Solutions, our team is trained to be specialized in the art of installing attachment systems. As such we are often called by other window film companies to train their installers or very often, they hire us to do the project.  Over the past 13 years, our expertise has earned trust and appreciation from customers and peers in the industry.

Smash and grabbers? They hate us.


The human tendency to procrastinate is real. But danger to our investments is also real. 

Call for a complimentary evaluation and learn how we can help protect what’s most important to you.

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Safety & Security Window Tinting Home Protection

The dictionary defines the word “protection” as the act of keeping from harm, attack or injury.

Webster must have had our safety and security window film in mind….


What happens when you drop a glass object? More than likely it shatters and often into a zillion pieces.

Caution – danger zone!

On a broader spectrum, broken glass windows and doors can splinter into razor sharp shards of glass capable of causing major damage and life-threatening injuries. Any home or business with ordinary glass is highly vulnerable to theses dangers when brute force is used. Which brings me back to our safety and security window film.

Simple Protection with Powerful Results:
We offer films that give your glassed areas the industry’s toughest and most durable layer of protection. With an increase of home invasions and retail stores being broken into, you can out-wit the vandals with our safety and security film applied on your windows.


Plain glass without film is easily breached. It takes a burglar less than three minutes to gain access into your space. By the time an alarm company alerts the police and they actually arrive, the burglar has successfully executed his plan…. and is long gone.

Filmed glass deters, delays, even denies a burglar’s entry altogether!

Forming a strong but virtually invisible shield that holds broken glass together, you can make your windows the solution instead of the the problem for outwitting vandals! Window tinting Tampa customers have called with amazing testimonies of how their filmed glass diverted catastrophic events. 

Sure glad that I have film on my bedroom window!

As Webster so correctly expressed, act to keep your property and loved ones from harm, attack or injury.
This is the protection that our safety and security films offer!

Call for a complimentary evaluation and a free film demonstration of protection on your glass. 

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Smash-n-Grab Prevention With Safety & Security Film Tampa Retailers

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is quickly approaching. 


Shoppers will be seeing more holiday store displays as retailers prepare for a season in which forecasters predict consumer spending could rise a healthy 4 percent.

Its also the season for smash and grab vandals who wait all year for such a time as this!

commercialsafety   download

Once hit, repercussions can be devastating for retailers. Stolen inventory, a store covered with broken glass, filling out police reports, dealing with insurance companies, and worst of all….disruption to business during the height of shopping season. 


We have been window tinting Tampa retail establishments since 2003, providing solutions to prevent costly and destructive vandalism. 


Protection must start first with PREVENTION.

Our Safety and Security films  PREVENT  forced entry altogether!

Performing as invisible shields of protection, a burglars’ plans to break through your glass are simply foiled.

Our films are a “bummer” to smash and grab thieves but they are valuable gifts for store owners:

  • Safety and Security window films can help the performance of ordinary glass by holding glass together under extreme stress.
  • Safety and Security window films offer a variety of shades, from clear to darker tints.
  • Besides providing powerful protection, Safety and Security window film is extremely energy efficient offering heat, glare, and UV rejection.
  • There are various thicknesses to choose from, typically 4 mil and 8 mil is used for our residential and commercial applications.

The performance of Safety and Security window film can be increased by forming a bond between the film, the glass, and the window frame. This extra strength is accomplished  with our wet glaze attachment system installed with Dow Corning #995 structural adhesive silicon. It is essential that qualified professionals with the proper skill set install a wet glaze attachment system.

High Impact Glass Solutions has attained recognition as attachment system specialists from film manufacturers, business peers in the industry, and from those who count the most – our customers!

Call for our complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration on your store’s windows.

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