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EnerLogic Window Film for Every Season

Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota Know its Time For a Change.

Chilly temps ahead will require turning on the heat. Uh oh! Heat loss through single pane windows will also raise the electric bills. What a perfect time forstyle=”font-size: medium;”>High Impact Glass Solutions to introduce our clients to the remarkable technology of EnerLogic low-e window film.


EnerLogic is about conserving energy-efficiency.

EnerLogic is about upgrade your windows without incurring a huge expense.

EnerLogic is about having single pane windows perform like double pane.



EnerLogic is about appreciating windows that are insulated for an all-season performance.

EnerLogic is about the end of throwing  money out the window.







No other film can match the performance of EnerLogic. Just as our standard window film performs, EnerLogic prevents heat from entering though windows during the hot summer months. But also,  you can depend on EnerLogic to keep heat inside during the winter months!

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Tampa Orlando Choose EnerLogic Window Film

Fall Has arrived With Colder Months Ahead

Tampa Orlando rate Solutia’s insulating film with high marks to “weather-wise” their homes in every season.

With extraordinary annual savings on electric bills and the benefits of enjoying energy efficient homes and businesses in every season, window tinting Tampa is buzzing full blast. 

Though the recent drop in humidity brings welcome relief, non-filmed glass offers little defense against the sun in Florida’s annual tropical climate.


EnerLogic has raised the benchmark for film performance by keeping 76% of the heat out during the summer while insulating the very same windows in colder months to keep the heat in!

There is no other film that redirects radiant energy back to it’s source.

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Heat, Glare, UV Rays Continue to Blast Tampa

Sizzling September Expands Window Tinting Tampa to Sarasota-Orlando

Our skilled installers are bringing solutions to home owners and commercial buildings throughout Florida









Uncomfortable heat lingers, UV rays continue to pose dangers, sun glare distorts high def pictures and computer images, and a/c systems are still running at warp speed. High Impact Glass Solutions  is window tinting Tampa with performance proven window films to resolve these issues:

  • Reduced monthly electric bills
  • 99.9% UV rejection
  • Comfort and safety without compromising views
  • Increased privacy

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Cooler in Tampa with EnerLogic Film

Residents of Tampa have to Sweat Their Way Through a HOT June!

My crews are busier than ever window tinting Tampa  with heat reduction window film protection.




Hot sun and heat though untreated glass caused unbearable living conditions for the owners of this waterfront condo.

After our film application, the comfort level was  remarkably improved. Our clients selected EnerLogic film on all windows facing east, west and south.  Besides the very appreciated relief, their monthly electric bills were lowered substantially.


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Letters to Santa Asking For Window Tinting Tampa

Why is Window Tinting Tampa the #1 Christmas Gift?

Santa wish list
Folks, while you’re out shopping, celebrating with family and friends, or away on a holiday vacation, who’s protecting your house?

No one! All while thieves are scoping out your twinkling Christmas tree surrounded by piles of  “come and get me” presents.

What an enticing sight… makes them salivate.

No wonder Christmas is the busiest time on a burglar’s calendar!

shadow of burglar breaking in

Christmas Tree

burglar breaking in

It takes a thug less than three minutes to break through glass that has not been treated with security window film.

baby wearing Christmas hat
Don’t be left with stolen presents, shattered glass and having to deal with timely insurance claims.

Don’t allow Christmas joy to become Christmas boo-hoo for your tiny loved ones!


What works for window tinting Tampa is simply preventing forced entry altogether! Window tinting Tampa with safety and security films on windows, glass doors, and sliders, delays, deters, and denies anyone…..other than Santa of course, from breaking through glass every day of the year. Not just during holidays.

Your weakest point of entry now provides protection against natural catastrophes, hurricanes, explosions, bomb blasts, vandalism, burglary, glass breakage and turbulent weather. Holidays or not!

All of our safety and security films have passed large missile impact tests and meet GSA and Dade County Blast standards proven to fortify glass against brute force. With our additional process known as the “wet seal anchoring system”, a structural bond attaches the film, the glass, and the frame together. When done properly, this application ensures that your windows and glass areas have achieved the highest degree of prevention from being popped out of their frames.

Jeremy installing attachment system

When the holiday season is approaching, the crews at High Impact Glass Solutions are busy window tinting Tampa with the most effective anti-burglary defense on the planet.

Be smart… be safe. Put window tinting on the top of your “wish list” and call us for a complimentary demonstration of just how merry your Christmas can safely be!

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