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Heat Sun Glare Reducing Window Film Great Gift For Tampa

The Christmas Holidays are Here!

Humbug. Florida’s heat and sun glare are here too.


“If only Santa could keep UV glare away from my crib and nursery.”

With temps running above normal for this time of year, window tinting Tampa homes is experiencing record breaking requests for free energy audits. Residential and business owners pretty much share the same wish list:

  • Lower our energy costs
  • Cut down the sun glare
  • Help us to open our curtains and enjoy the views
  • Preserve our furnishings AND our health
  • Eliminate conspicuous hot and cold spots
  • Give our cooling system a much needed break

“Rudolph, get the phone number for High Impact Glass Solutions. WE NEED  THEM TO FILM THE WINDOWS IN OUR WORKSHOP”!

You don’t need to be Santa Claus to qualify for a free energy evaluation of your home or business. We gladly offer that to everyone with our complimentary demonstration of how our films will be a the best gift on your windows!

High Impact Glass Solutions

Vista Window Film Heat Sun Glare Victory

Our Installations Crews are Busy Window Tinting Tampa

Our above average Fall temps and all year-round Florida sunrays are creating problems.

Folks who purchased mega expensive condos to oooh and aaah enjoying million dollar views are looking at closed curtains and blinds instead and noticing a distinct fading of their floors and furnishings.

Many in waterfront condos are watching their electric bills rise instead of the tide!

I paid all that money to look at POLYESTER?

PROBLEM – Untreated glass allows excessive heat to build-up indoors – sending energy costs soaring. Unfiltered UV rays also damage skin, interiors and create distracting glare.

SOLUTION – Vista Solar reducing window film with crystal clear benefits:

  • clear, distortion-free adhesives bonded to windows strengthens your windows’ integrity
  • lets glare-controlled sunlight pass through windows
  • screens out heat and dangerous UV rays
  • keeps out up to 75% of heat
  • allows you to enjoy the outside view in total comfort
  • reduces energy costs by blocking up to 75% solar heat gain












Window film is essential on expansive windows in Florida! These glass surfaces should NEVER be covered with anything that would block views!

Installing our films to the inside of your windows allows natural sunlight to enter. You’ll enjoy comfort, protection, and yes, the beautiful views that drew you to live in Florida. Film also results in “money savings”.

Approximately 50% and more of a home’s utility bills are wasted  by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated glass windows.

Call us today  for a free consultation and stop throwing your money out the window!

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Colder Weather Calls For EnerLogic Window Film

Tampa feeling a bit nippy?Actually, Tampa feels downright COLD!



 So how does window tinting Tampa survive with spurts of cold fronts? Easy! We now have window film that keeps the heat OUT during summer months and IN during winter months. With Solutia’s announcement of their award winning revolutionary EnerLogic Low-E Insulating film, homes and businesses can lower energy costs during the summer AND in winter.

  • Outsmarts the sun in every season
  • Adds 92% more insulating power to your windows
  • Sunlight stays while excessive glare and UV radiation disappear
  • Compared to the others, EnerLogic is truly THE green window film

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Year Round Energy Savings with EnerLogic Window Film

Living in the Sunshine State has Many Benefits.

       “Do you still miss the blizzard weather up north, honey”?

Yep! Florida truly has something for everyone!

This sure beats digging for nuts in the snow!

But these benefits don’t come without a cost. Our tropical climate keeps a/c units running throughout Spring, Summer, Fall, and much of the Winter. When cold fronts finally do reach the Tampa area, we incur increased utility bills for turning up the heat. It’s not just the holiday shopping that hurts our pocketbooks.

Do not despair!

High Impact Glass Solutions are specialists for window tinting Tampa’s residential and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional film companies, we take whatever steps necessary to make the installation all about YOU! How often we’ve met new customers who were misled into considering a film that would not give them the results they were hoping for…. and in many cases, would break their glass altogether! Only when you are totally convinced that our recommendation will have an outstanding performance on your glass type windows and you are 100% comfortable with hiring us, will we begin the work. Without disruption to your family or staff and with everyone’s question or concerns addressed, our installers will give your windows the best advised window film while your family or employees  enjoy the “white glove” treatment.  

We are in the business of making a positive difference with our recommended window films for homes, businesses, yachts, and automobiles.

A free evaluation and demonstration of our films are the first steps for lowering energy costs and enjoy a more comfortable, safer lifestyle in Florida!

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EnerLogic Window Film For Tampa Energy Efficiency

Solutia Performance Films Announces Impressive News Again!

Their EnerLogic Low-E Films were named winners of three Product Innovation Awards from the coveted Architectural Products Magazine.











High Impact Glass Solutions is not surprised. These remarkable window films provide more benefits for window tinting Tampa than any other film in the industry:

  • Re-direct solar and radiant heat back to their source for year round savings
  • Double the carbon emission savings of darker, more reflective films
  • Single pane windows perform as well as double pane windows

Window film’s solution for saving energy in every season

Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando residential owners and property managers congratulate Solutia for their brilliant technology!

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