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Window Tinting Cool on Hot Tampa Windows

The HEAT Index is Surging into the 90’s. Your a/c system brings you needed RELIEF.

But yikes. Your electric bill brings you nothing but GRIEF!

Golden Retriever puppy








Even with the a/c running, areas of your home never seem to cool down. Furnishings are fading, watching TV with the sun’s glare is annoying, pulled down shades and closed blinds only block views without keeping out the heat, and it’s only MAY!

Time to take action folks!

High Impact Glass Solutions for window tinting Tampa is where you can find action with solutions. We offer the industry’s best performing films that outsmart the sun!

  • Open monthly bills and see them lowered by as much as 30 – 50%
  • Eliminate discomfort from hot spots and  block sun glare by up to 87%
  • Decrease health risks from Skin Cancer Foundation recommended films and protect your family’s skin
  • With 99.9% UV rays blocked, your furnishings will no longer risk fading.
  • Give your windows insulating capabilities for year round energy savings

Best of all-open your blinds, turn off the lights, and enjoy your views!



Best of all, open your blinds, turn off the lights and enjoy the views!


Our lifetime warrantied window films are game changers with visionary solutions.

Call for your complimentary evaluation including a free energy audit!

High Impact Glass Solutions

Heat-UV Glare Reducing Window Tint Tampa

No Need to Go Outside to Feel Hot!

And why not?

Because Tampa homes and businesses are already hot INSIDE!

Window Film application on Fifth Third Bank








Film reduced heat for these CPA’s and their staff







View without glare on beachfront condo
This waterfront condo is no longer dealing with heat and glare

High Impact Glass Solutions is Tampa Bay and the surrounding area’s leading provider for reducing heat, eliminating glare, blocking UV rays, and increasing energy efficiency. Our popularity among homeowners, business owners, and large building facility managers continues to grow.

And why is that?

Because our many years of experience with window tinting Tampa enables us to provide real solutions to real problems:

  • Reduce cooling costs by 25-35%
  • Protect interiors and skin from UV ray damage
  • Provide a cool environment for family and employees
  • Stop the sunlight without stopping the views

Sun glare will also be reduced nearly 80%.

What are the benefits from less glare?

  • Furniture and floors will not fade
  • Eliminate squinting from glare on PC monitors and TV screens
  • Window shades and blinds can be kept open for views to be enjoyed

Residential owners and commercial buildings all share a common concern about rising energy costs. Join our growing list of delighted customers and call High Impact Glass Solutions.







“We made the smart choice.”

High Impact Glass Solutions

Vista Window Tinting Tampa #1 Choice

This Month has been Tampa’s Hottest March on Record

How much worse will it be when summer arrives?









From Tampa to Orlando to West Palm Beach, residential and business owners are anticipating the highest electric bills ever. And they’re looking for a company with the best solutions.

High Impact Glass Solutions is that company!

We install heat rejection solar and solar security window films manufactured by the global leader in the industry.

vista llumar logo


Eastman’s solution to lowering
your energy costs and promote a
cooler, safer environment without
blocking  the views.

   No Film this side……ah, film over here!
  • Eastman’s portfolio of films satisfy most HOA restrictions
  • The quality and aesthetics of their LLumar/Vista window films are world renowned.
  • The competition simply can’t compare to their PERFORMANCE!
  • Unbiased third party ratings must be earned. Eastman’s  done a great job of that!








Beating the heat starts with our free evaluation and demo of remarkable films on your windows.

High Impact Glass Solutions

Tampa-Orlando-Sarasota Energy Buster Window Tinting

We all LOVE the Rays! Well, at least most of us do in the Tampa Bay area.


That’s right, I’m referring to Tampa’s fearless baseball team, NOT the rays that cause electric bills to sky-rocket! With temps above average into the mid to high 80’s, we’re already feeling unbearable heat gain in our homes.

So what’s your plan?

Buying a timeshare in Alaska? Nah, you’re more likely to think about replacing your windows in Florida with insulated dual pane glass. If the latter sounds more realistic, you would be very wise to consider CPFilm’s EnerLogic window film solution.  You’ll save yourself a ton of money and the guess work is eliminated with their NFRC rated film.

This Sarasota waterfront home gained annual energy savings plus added esthetic appeal with a quick return on their investment. Happy family:)








Whether your castle is a beach-front home or a modest condo, EnerLogic adds as much as 92% more insulating power to your window glass. Your single pane glass windows perform as double pane windows as the film redirects solar heat back to its source. Unlike our traditional solar-reducing films that are most effective during hot summer months, EnerLogic saves energy when the temperatures are blistering hot AND when the cooler winter months arrive. Imagine, reducing energy costs all year!

With the introduction of EnerLogic window film, the ideal alternative to buying expensive insulated windows is finally available.

High Impact Glass Solutions
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EnerLogic Window Film Chosen For Tampa Cold Front

Another Blast of Arctic Air Reaches Tampa
Everyone’s trying to get inside









As temperatures went down, many Tampa residents turned up their heat and opened up high electric bills again. An obvious implication that home owners need window film that saves energy during our hot summers AND during blasts of cold air during our winter months. Simply put, Tampa needs Solutia’s EnerLogic unprecedented all season insulating film. It lowers monthly cooling costs by 30% or more and reduces winter heating bills by 10% or more. A low-e film so technically advanced that it adds 92% more insulating power to your windows to lower annual energy costs.













We are window tinting Tampa as Tampa’s #1 authorized EnerLogic window film installer.

Call for a free evaluation. Our elite window film installations come with the manufacture’s lifetime warranty.

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