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Dual-Reflective Solar Film Rejects Heat in St. Pete Distillery


Kozuba & Sons Distillery opened its doors recently to bring distinctive spirits to Midtown St. Pete. Being new to the area and not accustomed to our intense weather, much to their surprise, the sun and heat brought distinctive discomfort to their distillery.

Until they called us!

We are “film specialists” window tinting Tampa and St. Petersburg businesses.  Our company has prospered by helping other businesses prosper. Providing increased energy savings for owners and decreasing heat in their workplaces with our window film applications opens the doors, literally, to positive results.

Sun blasting through the distillery’s unprotected windows had adverse effects. For one, the heat created an undesirable environment for the family while working. The discomfort was also a deterrent for patrons to stop in and enjoy the tastings from their array of whiskey, bourbon and vodka…Mmmm, uniquely and specially made by Mr. Kozuba and his sons, all of which by the way, can be purchased from their attached retail store.

Undoubtedly, the distillery was a great addition to the Ware House Arts District in St. Petersburg.

Undoubtedly, our dual-reflective solar control film was a great addition to the distillery.

13719576_1249620335049034_3555320204016273247_o 13692933_1249620228382378_4619571212087022184_o

As the film installation progressed, the distillery became noticeably cooler and beads of sweat turned into sparkling (pardon the pun) smiles. The film’s  highly reflective outside layer provided high solar heat rejection. With a less reflective color layer on the inside, the windows still allowed natural light to flow through and views were not restricted.

Great craft distillery! Great results with our window film!


The Kazuba & Sons Distillery looks and feels as good as their hand-crafted spirits taste! CHEERS!

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Less Heat More Cool Comfort Commercial Building Clearwater

The Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa was experiencing  “hot spots and glare” issues.


We have over 16 years of window tinting Tampa’s commercial and government building sector. Our initial energy audit is a crucial step in our evaluation to recommend the best film in any given building for comfort, safety, energy savings, tax savings, and insurance incentives.

The management at the Hyatt Regency continues to feel comfortable with our expertise. Likewise, we continue to deliver cost-saving strategies to restrain rising energy costs while keeping their employees and guests safe and comfortable.





This picture of a half tinted window says it all. We applied Panorama Ceramic CX35  film on the left panes. With less heat penetrating through the filmed glass, glare is noticeably reduced, and after windows were totally filmed, comfort was greatly increased.

Thanks to the performance of our ceramic window film,  all  “hot spots” are now located  in the Spa!


Our recommendation to apply Panorama Ceramic CX35  proved to be the ideal film choice.  Since only a partial area of the building’s side was being filmed, our goal was two-fold. One, install film with the ability to reject extreme heat and two, the film needed to be invisible for aesthetic appeal. Panorama Ceramic CX35 met both goals perfectly!

As with all of our window tinting installations, performance never disappoints. With solar heat and rays blocked, the Hyatt continues to see reduced cooling costs by up to 30% and temperature consistency from one area to another securing overall comfort. Additionally, our solar films block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. From this benefit, the Hyatt’s furnishings have a longer lifespan with less risk of fading.

Think about the “fade-resistant” performance for a minute.  Every one of us has some amount of furniture and we all walk on some type of flooring. Can you imagine the multitude of furnishings that goes into this beach resort with 250 guest suites, restaurants, conference rooms, spas, etc.? Prolonging the need to replace the furnishings alone dramatically effects their annual expenses.

Add to the sonario their additional energy savings and it becomes apparent why having the best window film on the Hyatt Regency’s glass is an essential strategy for a top-performing environment.

Increasing heat problems and rising costs to energy budgets are common problems shared throughout the commercial sector. Call for our complimentary evaluation and window film recommendation tailored to fit your building’s needs.

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Less Heat Tampa Chooses Solar Gard Panorama Window Film

When comfort, safety, and saving $$ on electric bills are at stake, Tampa homeowners seek the best solutions.

home V-40 Harmony before and after

High Impact Glass Solutions is Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota’s #1 recommended window film company. Our reputation is built on customer referrals whose expectations are exceeded by our knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail that includes genuine customer care.

If you need anything done for your windows or glass then don’t look anywhere else! These guys are the best of the best! Highest quality products, strong work ethic, attention to detail, on time every time, nothing but the best! Thank you High Impact Glass Solutions for your superior quality work”!!…L. Robbins

Jeremy with High Impact Glass is the top professional glass expert in the industry ! I love using High Impact because I know I am always going to get professional service and top quality products !!! Highly recommend them”!……A. Vigue

Happy Home 123rfWindow tinting Tampa since 2003, we’ve found stunning  performances  with tinting applications  using the Panorama   films in Solar Gard’s premier portfolio.

We treat every job, from a small condo to a multi-million dollar estate with the same energy and attention to detail. Recommending the correct films with the highest quality for stellar performance and results that last is paramount for every customer.

Solar Gard Image from Jeremy without trees

A global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solar and safety window film products, Saint-Gobain is the premier provider of advanced window film brands including Panorama® and Solar Gard. Eighteen distribution centers comprise a network of several thousand professional installers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

panorama-dealer Solar Gard logo

  • Panorama window film rejects high levels of solar and infrared heat, protecting against glare, hot spots and uneven temperature fluctuations
  • Panorama window film improves climate, occupant comfort and energy efficiency
  • Panorama window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Panorama window film protects home furnishings, floor and window coverings from fading and fabric deterioration
  • Panorama window film reduces the potential of personal injury and property damage during glass breakage by holding broken glass in place

With a lifetime warranty and a selection of films to meet every possible need and satisfy every individual taste, Panorama has become a “champion” for window tinting Tampa!

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Home Window Tinting Provides Comfort and Energy Savings

Ashley and Her Family Live in a  Spectacular Home with LOTS of Glass

glass house 3 Sarasota

Oversized windows gave their retreat an abundance of natural light. But the expansive windows also introduced expansive problems. With the rear of the home having a western exposure, direct sunlight and heat was streaming through the windows all afternoon. Though they didn’t want to disrupt the open panoramic views, both heat and monthly energy bills were skyrocketing.

Decisions had to be made.
This has been a common problem that we’ve dealt with while window tinting Tampa and surrounding areas. “The more glass the better” is the way of today’s architecture. But as Ashley found out, this trend comes with a high price to pay. She did her homework to find a solution. After considering blinds or draperies, she learned that she would no longer have the views they loved and after time, the UV rays would cause them to fade. Instead of a solution, this course of action would only make matters worse. After further research, Ashley found that window film would be her best option.

Why Tinting was the Best Solution

  • PROVIDED ENERGY SAVINGS – window tinting stabilized and minimized temperatures through out Ashley’s home by not allowing the sun to penetrate their windows.  The absence of less solar energy allowed their HVAC’s cold air to circulate more efficiently, reducing their a/c bills up to 25%.
  • PRESERVED FURNISHINGS – window tinting helped to preserve Ashley’s pickled oak floors and exquisite décor from fading. By blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays, there was also less concern about skin damage.
  • ASTETHICALLY BENEFICIAL – the ceramic film Ashley chose is optically clear thereby reducing the heat issue without compromising the open view issue. Her home retained it’s beauty, inside and out, and became dramatically more energy-efficient. Every glass area of the home was filmed and nowhere was it any less stunning.
  •  SMART INVESTMENT – with a life-time warranty and the science of film technology today, window tinting will provide Ashley’s home with benefits for years to come and a fast return on her investment. Many of our customers see a full return in three years or less.


before and after film 2

As you can clearly see, filmed glass makes an amazing difference! And the difference can be seen and felt in any size home. You don’t have to live in an “extravagant house of glass” such as Ashley’s. Typically, homeowners of smaller averaged sized homes with untreated glass pay 20% or more unnecessarily in cooling costs. If you’re in the path of the sun’s rays, window tinting is highly recommended.

Call our experienced, professional window tinters for your complimentary window film demonstration. Since every home has it’s own glass distinctions, experiencing the performance and look of the different films on your glass is a smart first step towards cooler comfort and energy savings!

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Window Film Lowers Energy Costs For Commercial Sector-Tampa-Orlando

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recognized Eastman Chemical Company With High Honors in 2014



EnerLogic Low-E Film offers the most advanced and exciting breakthrough technology for superior energy management


       Revolutionary EnerLogic Window Film Benefits:

  • Keeps solar heat gain out during summer and radiant heat inside through colder months resulting in year round energy savings
  • Gives the insulating performance of dual-pane glass to single-pane glass…and triple-pane insulating performance to dual-pane glass
  • Utility bills and HVAC  run times are reduced throughout the entire year to bring about an energy cost savings of up to 15% annually
  • Allows more natural light transmission with minimal UV radiation, glare and solar heat gain
  • Outside views are no longer covered up with closed shades or blinds
  • Increased comfort for occupants results in higher productivity
  • A fraction of the cost compared to window replacement
  • A full return on investment may be expected in three years or less

Vista’s EnerLogic low-e glass insulation film is the #1 window film for facilities seeking the utmost energy conservation that also provides an improved building appearance.

Armoryglass building 1windows 2        sealSolid
glass building 1glass building 1business people

With EnerLogic film installations, our customers feel the extraordinary difference in the work place, appreciate the beauty of EnerLogic on their building’s exterior, and reap from the impact of Vista’s EnerLogic Film to their bottom line.

We also conduct free energy audits and complimentary demonstrations of how this dynamic window film will perform on your windows and achieve results you never thought possible!

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