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Energy Saving Window Tinting Tampa

Searching for a Solution to Save Energy?Look No Further than Your Windows!


Our energy saving window films transform your
windows from being heat producers to heat reducers!

    * decrease heat streaming through glass
    * lower cooling costs
    * protect furnishings from UV fade
    * shield skin from the sun’s harmful rays
    * enjoy a cooler environment
    * keep views unblocked and crystal clear

Folks who live in deed restricted communities are no longer excluded from energy saving film applications. As the most recommended Huper Optik dealer in the Tampa Bay Area, we offer the only 100% optically clear film that is free of dyes and metals, engineered with advanced multi-layered ceramic coatings with no reflectivity or demetalization.

Awesome news for window tinting Tampa!

This majestic water-front home was a target for the sun. Installing Huper Optik  film gave it state-of-the-art  crystal clear solar protection!

We specialize in catering to residential owners who want more than just saving energy dollars. Our films set their homes apart from the community with added elegance and an extra touch of distinction.

Why not make YOUR home one of them!

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Huper Optik Excellent Choice For Tampa Homes

Spring has sprung!Temperatures in Tampa will soon be rising.

man sweating at desk free

Phone calls are already pouring in from concerned homeowners. It’s that time of year again when we help folks to outsmart the sun!

We recently installed window film on an magnificent home located in a prestigous gated community. At one time, window film would not been permitted because of restrictions prohibiting the reflectivity from window films. That was then….

                                                  But This is Now!

As we do with all of our window tinting Tampa homes, we took into account the high expectations of these home owners, the aesthetic appeal of their exquisite home, and the need to overcome HOA window film restrictions. The choice was crystal clear. Huper Optik non-reflective Select Sech film  dramatically changed the way their house felt without changing how it looked.


Their windows reject more heat than conventional films and allow more natural light to enter

  • They benefited from energy savings, cool comfort, UV ray protection, and durability that only a TRUE ceramic film can deliver
  • Their home achieved ultimate energy-efficiency without compromising their views
  • The performance of their film is guaranteed to last  for years with a life time warranty


Call and schedule your free evaluation – experience the Huper Optik difference that is truly a game-changer!

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Less Heat More Cool With Window Tinting Tampa

Tampa Bay and Orlando Areas Share One Commonality – Sweltering heat!







We find home and business owners running the a/c constantly, driving up energy bills to the max. Loss of a/c through untreated windows puts pressure on energy budget costs.



High Impact Glass Solutions offers the most practical solution. We install high performance solar control film on your windows and stop the heat from entering through the glass in the first place. Think of it as preventative technology that rejects the heat without compromising your view.

Before film                                                                                   After film













Our selection of heat reduction films remove glare, convert your environment from steamy to comfy, and lower your monthly electric bill by 30%- 50%,


In spite of record breaking heat, window tinting Tampa  and Orland homes and businesses can have a cooler environment and save money.


Free consultations with demonstrations of how Vista films will transform your windows.


Heat Relief Tampa-Orlando

Glare And Heat Alert!

According to the phone calls we’re getting, I’d say temps in Tampa are on the rise! Windows facing south, east and west are getting pounded with sweltering heat and glare.

Glare is expected at the beach……BUT TOO EXCESSIVE IN THIS BEDROOM

This common problem plagued one of our beach condominium clients by creating a steamy guest bedroom. After one morning of trying to sleep, her guests camped out in the downstairs bonus room adjacent to the garage!

Expansive windows with stunning views of the bay made her condo a bulls-eye target for glare, heat, and outrageous electric bills. Dark heavy curtains blocked the light….and the views. Not the solution that was effective . Closed blinds and shades were just as ineffective. And NOTHING (other than cement block?!?) reduced the relentless heat. The gorgeous Brazilian hardwood floors were showing areas of fade.  Another negative situation.







Fortunately our crazed condo owner found much more practical  solutions. As a highly recommended company window tinting Tampa for 16 years,  we responded to her phone call and recommended the incredible Vista Mirage window film. New her condo is cooler, glare and UV free, and her guest bedroom is no longer a sauna. 

Perplexed with summer heat problems? Ready to pull your hair out too?

Get the right perspective. Get Vista Window Film


We have several thousand satisfied customers throughout Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Orlando, as well as West Palm Beach County and Fort Lauderdale south to Miami. We’d love to add you to the list.

Call for a complimentary evaluation and demonstration of just how Vista Film can make an incredible difference in your home too!

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Tampa-St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando Beat Summer Heat With Vista Window Tinting

Drowning in High Electric Bills?









High Impact Glass Solutions’ NFRC endorsed Vista window film gets you out of hot water quickly with documented benefits:

  • Cut cooling costs by 30%-50% a month
  • Reduce excessive sun glare up to 87%
  • Protect your furnishings from UV fading 
  • Safeguard your loved ones from dangerous UV ray skin damage
  • Save money by not having to purchase expensive draperies or blinds

Soak up the sunlight at the beach with a quality sun block application. When at home, bask in the sunlight…cool, protected, and worry-free with our Vista window film application.

Window tinting Tampa, surrounding areas and east to Orlando leaves a trail of homes and businesses that are more comfortable, safer, and spending less money on monthly electric bills.









Without film, windows allow heat, glare, and UV rays to stream though.









Applying Vista window film blocks sun-related problems without blocking the view.


So now your home is cooler, safer, glare and UV free, and more energy efficient. You’ve also extended the life of your a/c system since it no longer needs to cycle on as often.

Window film application sure makes a lot of “cents”.


Always complimentary evaluations, always perfect installations, always satisfied customers!

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