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Sensational Tampa Restaurant Orders Sensational Frost for Privacy & Appeal

Ulele is a one-of-a kind restaurant housed in a  renovated historic building at Tampa’s Riverwalk. With a menu replete with culinary selections and an outrageous atmosphere, Ulele was perfect….except for one problem.

The windows and glass doors around the lounge had old, outdated frosted film. With its old technology, over the years the film failed to perform and looked like a disaster.

The glass lacked the luster that is so reticent of the entire Ulele experience. The owners wished to keep the privacy but the appearance was totally unacceptable.

Known for our ability to take on arduous film installations, Ulele contacted us.

We made our assessment and recommended an upgraded frosted film that would be more resilient, provide privacy, and definitely look a lot more attractive! 

Problem solved!

After removing the “failing disaster”, we started to apply the new frost. The picture on the left shows the left panel newly frosted and the right panel with no film. The frost we applied provided a crisp frosty look with the desired privacy.

Here the first of two doors were filmed and already the improvement was apparent!

As we continued to remove and replace, transformation
appeared in the lounge area. Blending perfectly with the awesome appeal at Ulele, the owners and staff 
all fell in love with the remarkable difference that our film application made.


Besides privacy and aesthetic appeal, Ulele also wanted their customers to feel totally comfortable. Different areas of the restaurant were contending with “hot spots”, caused by heat intrusion through glass windows.  Our solar-reducing film installation eliminated the heat problem and the shade of window tint was a perfect match for Ulele’s unique, rustic image.

The owners and clientele were amazed how we were able to add today’s technology on their glass to improve interior comfort without compromising the exterior historic look of the restaurant!

Unlike a traditional company, architectural differences with window tinting Tampa‘s new construction…. or installing film on older buildings, our mantra doesn’t change.

If it’s glass, we can film it!

Call for a complimentary evaluation of your building’s glass. One of our film specialists will demonstrate the performance and look of our films on your windows! 

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