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Less Heat Tampa Chooses Solar Gard Panorama Window Film

When comfort, safety, and saving $$ on electric bills are at stake, Tampa homeowners seek the best solutions.

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High Impact Glass Solutions is Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota’s #1 recommended window film company. Our reputation is built on customer referrals whose expectations are exceeded by our knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail that includes genuine customer care.

If you need anything done for your windows or glass then don’t look anywhere else! These guys are the best of the best! Highest quality products, strong work ethic, attention to detail, on time every time, nothing but the best! Thank you High Impact Glass Solutions for your superior quality work”!!…L. Robbins

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Happy Home 123rfWindow tinting Tampa since 2003, we’ve found stunning  performances  with tinting applications  using the Panorama   films in Solar Gard’s premier portfolio.

We treat every job, from a small condo to a multi-million dollar estate with the same energy and attention to detail. Recommending the correct films with the highest quality for stellar performance and results that last is paramount for every customer.

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A global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solar and safety window film products, Saint-Gobain is the premier provider of advanced window film brands including Panorama® and Solar Gard. Eighteen distribution centers comprise a network of several thousand professional installers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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  • Panorama window film rejects high levels of solar and infrared heat, protecting against glare, hot spots and uneven temperature fluctuations
  • Panorama window film improves climate, occupant comfort and energy efficiency
  • Panorama window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Panorama window film protects home furnishings, floor and window coverings from fading and fabric deterioration
  • Panorama window film reduces the potential of personal injury and property damage during glass breakage by holding broken glass in place

With a lifetime warranty and a selection of films to meet every possible need and satisfy every individual taste, Panorama has become a “champion” for window tinting Tampa!

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Window Tinting Tampa Reduces Glare and Heat Issues

Tampa area homeowners are being pounded by sun and increasing cooling costs. Apparently the intense heat is effecting everyone!

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With a need to find a solution, Tampa depends on our expertise for relief instead of ice packs!

Window tinting Tampa  offers comfort and more!

Our high-performance window film will keep you cool, protected, and lower your electric bills while allowing the flow of natural light to fill your rooms without disruption to the outside views you love!

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With advanced ceramic technology, Panorama is the ideal choice of window film for Tampa’s coastal environment.

  • Your home will be improved with maximum indoor climate control for overall total comfort – yes, even your pets will thank you!
  • With this film’s low visible reflectivity, your views are uncompromised from inside while your home’s exterior will maintain a natural looking appeal.
  • Diminished sun glare will eliminate eye strain while looking at monitors and TV screens.
  • A/C systems have less run time resulting in lower electric bills.
  • UV blockers protect your family and interiors from damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Your mind will be at peace with Panorama’s exceptional durability and lifetime warranty
Ocean view from large windows
Steaming hot outside ~ Comfy cool inside! And what a view!

Typically, homeowners with untreated glass pay 20% or more unnecessarily in cooling costs. If you’re in the path of the sun’s rays, Panorama window tinting is highly recommended.

Call for your complimentary window film demonstration. Since every home has it’s own glass distinctions, comparing the performance and look of our different films on your glass is a smart first step towards cooler comfort and energy savings!

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