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Best Yacht Tinting in Tampa

Frigid Temps Draw Boaters To Tampa Waterways


No wonder window tinting tampa yachts have kept my crews busier than ever!

Less glare as film is installed
As “heat-shrinking film” experts, this windshield will soon be free of heat, glare and UV rays!
Side shot of Westport
Fully tinted, a happy “cooler” captain and his family prepare  for their next voyage!

C’mon down snowbirds and prepare to receive our signature white glove window film treatment! Your yacht will be transformed with our Huper Optik Ceramic Film that will make the trip down worth every mile! To add even more goodies into the mix we’ll apply a Clear Shield Glass Application that will give your windows better visibility and better performance in ANY weather!

As soon as you arrive…..or while on the way, call us for your complimentary film evaluation and Clear Shield demo. We’ll meet you at the dock or wherever your boat is stored.

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Window Tinting Tampa-Naples-Fort Lauderdale Yachts

Another Captain Chooses High Impact Glass Solutions


It’s no surprise that the captain of “I Got This” spends much of his time in Florida. Our waterways and tropical weather offer opportunities to boaters that make Florida the #1 haven for boating enthusiasts.

However, fun in the sun does not come without health risks, interior fading of beautiful furnishings, or constant complaints from excessive heat discomfort. More than 600 people will die from skin cancer in Florida this year. As for discomfort? Dealing with intense heat inside a pilot house is a serious problem for most boat owners.


Our signature film installations bring the best solutions to these problems.

Totally filmed and ready for COOL boating!

Film blocks the sun….not the signals !

All of our installations are performed wherever your boat is docked  and scheduled without disruption to your boating plans. 

“You wouldn’t compromise your health and comfort on land ~ and now you don’t have to on the water!”

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Florida Yachts Chill-Out With Window Tinting

It is COOL to go boating.

But its SENSATIONAL when the boat’s cabin is cool!


Window tinting Tampa
is always exciting but when boaters call, we feel our adrenaline rush! After all, our film installations take the thrill of boating to a whole new level. How cool is that!

No more pounding sun coming through this roof!
Air Blue only half way installed and the difference is already amazing!

Relief from scorching sun in the pilot house and protection from harmful UV rays for all aboard.

Plus no more worries about fading interiors.

LLumar Air Blue film is better than a red sky at night!

So many reasons for boat owners to fall in love with their vessel all over again and celebrate!

The captain of this vessel sure celebrated! Until we installed our film application, his wheel house felt like a steamy sauna.

Now he goes to the gym to work up a good sweat.

Film installations are scheduled wherever your boat is located and done without interruption to your boating plans.

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