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Tampa Bay – St. Pete Cars Fall in Love with LLumar Paint Protection

Over time,  you’ve probably noticed the “aging process” taking a toll on your vehicle.  You know… the paint looks faded and has lost the shiny gloss that wowed you when  you first bought it.  All the time and money spent on car washes, waxing and detailing really haven’t kept the sheen that you hoped for. 

Well, what if there was a way to stop your car from looking aged.

There is …. and it happens right here!

At High Impact Glass Solutions, we retain your car’s luster with a LLumar Paint Protection application.  This durable,  yet invisible film added to your car’s surface eliminates  worrying about dings, dents, scratches, and any other damage caused from road debris.

Designed to be extremely hydrophobic, the film’s surface not only repels dirt and debris, but water as well!

The Results?

Protection for an amazing flawless, lustrous look guaranteed for years to come…. AND to further protect your car, the film’s clear coat finish self-heals when  scratched or marred.  Yes, you read this right.

Just leaving your car in the sun will activate the film to magically make surface damage disappear!

Additional benefits:

  • LLumar PPF offers customized packages to shield some or all of your car.
  • Each piece of film is custom cut to fit your car perfectly.
  • Covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
No matter what you’re driving, the road can challenge your automotive paint. Every time you travel, risk of nicks, scratches, stains, etc, can negatively effect your vehicle’s finish.

Overcome the risk of road damage with LLumar Paint Protection Film and give your car what it deserves – hydrophobic action with self-healing capabilities and a stunning gloss finish guaranteed to last for years. 


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