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Huper Optik Smart Films Tampa-Sarasota-Orlando



Never before has window tinting Tampa, Sarasota and Orland been so exciting! Our installation crews are  honored to apply Huper Optik Smart films. These technically advanced films were named one of the top ten green innovations of 2007 AND recognized by Popular Science’s home product category as being in the top 100 inventions.

Huper Optik’s smart technology is powered by it’s multi-layered ceramics  outweighing the performance of ordinary ceramic coatings that typically have only one layer. The extra layers increase infra-red heat rejection while allowing natural light to pass through the glass.

Our customers are grateful and amazed by Huper’s benefits on their glass:  extraordinary energy savings, “peace of mind” window film protection, cool  energy efficient comfort, lasting durability, and classic aesthetics.  Huper Optik exceeds all their expectations in terms of performance and value.


Heat,  glare and UV rays blast through untreated glass causing discomfort, premature fading to interior furnishings, UV damage to skin and additional strain on HVAC units.

With our Huper Optik film installation, the center and right window panes eliminate all the above sun-related problems. The left pane is untreated and the difference is visibly seen.

Clients living in deed restricted communities face another unique challenge: adding all the benefits of window film to their homes without infringing HOA rules. With the introduction of Huper Optiks’ advanced ceramic materials, their films provide greater amounts of visible light WITHOUT the reflectivity that is inherent with traditional films. The homeowner can have his cake and eat it too! More light, less heat, without harsh reflectivity….or HOA violations!

Busily window tinting Tampa and surrounding counties, we are quickly responding to the growing requests forHuper Optik Smart Films. 

Be smart and make Huper Optik the GREEN solution for YOUR windows!

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Huper Optik Window Film Superior Performance

Superb Clarity for Spectacular Views with Ultimate IR Heat Reduction.

The owner of this magnificent home wanted window film that would deliver nothing less.








High Impact Glass Solutions exceeded his expectations with our Huper Optik installation.

The perfect film for energy efficiency with no disruption to gorgeous views!












Film on left pane allowed far less heat to enter  without compromising the view!

Our Huper Optik window films have a patented nano-ceramic technology that offers outstanding solutions:

  • Reduces Infra-Red heat by up to 96% to lower cooling
  • load of a/c consumption
  • Remarkable solar heat rejection with high clarity of up to 70% Visibility Light Transmission
  • Corrosion resistant even on ocean-front glass surfaces
  • Exceeds 99% UV ray rejection extending the lifespan of interior fixtures and furnishings
  • Safer environment with improved glass shatter-resistant films
  • Increases interior comfort with cooler environment and reduced glare
  • Energy Star approved and NFRC certified

100% dye-free and metal-free, Huper Optik delivers incredible window film performances that never discolors…or distorts views. And for residents living in gated communities or condos with HOA rules, Huper Optik’s non-reflective appearance doesn’t violate deed restrictions.

For your complimentary presentation of Huper Optik technology simply give us a call!

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