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Tampa and Orlando Gain Edge Over Heat And Glare

Tampa and Orlando’s Commercial Sector Become Greener And Save Money

According to the US Department of Energy 75% of all existing glass is inefficient. The DOE estimates that the amount of energy lost annually through windows is a whopping $35 billion! The average household spends $1500 – $2500 every year on energy bills and claims that 45 percent of this amount is for heating and cooling. Then how much more would commercial buildings be effected by energy loss through their immense tapestry of glass!

 Commercial building 3

With the insurgence of this energy drain on commercial buildings,  it has been incumbent upon us to provide window tinting that improves their window insulating properties .

Many of our customers have improved their overall energy savings and achieved their corporate green energy efficiency goals with Huper Optik’s solar control performance.

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Until Huper Optik low-e window film revolutionized the industry, commercial buildings used reflective films to reduce solar heat gain through windows. With less natural or visible light entering the buildings there was a need for more artificial lighting inside. Turning on switches to lighten large buildings was hardly the answer to lowering electric costs. Huper Optik’s advanced technology resolves this problem by preserving the connection between the work space inside and nature flowing from outside with its superb window film:

  • Significant Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) lowers a/c consumption
  • Huge reduction in solar gain through glass
  • High Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99% offers fade protection for fixtures and furnishings
  • Protects occupants from the sun’s harmful Infra-Red radiation
  • Up to 96% Infra-Red heat reduction enhances interior comfort with less glare

High Impact Glass Solutions has been window tinting Tampa and the Orlando area for over a decade. We’ve found that Huper Optik does it all: reduces consumption, saves money, enhances aesthetics, and improves the overall environment for occupants. Processed without dyes and metal, there is never discoloration or demetallisation…and comes with a 10/15 year product warranty.

Call for our free in-depth evaluation of your building’s window systems and experience the Huper Optik difference!

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Orlando Commercial Business Slashes Heat and Energy Costs With Window Film

 Old Inferior Film Just Wasn’t Cutting It!








Tubelight in Orlando needed us to remove old failing window tint and were counting on us to know exactly which film would reduce the intense heat causing extreme discomfort for their occupants. The project commenced with film removal followed by a Huper Optik Silver 18 installation.

The results exceeded what Tubelite hoped for and lived up to exactly what we expected – amazing!


It was easily visible to see the streaking old film on the far left glass panels. Notice the drastically improved appearance with the Huper Optic ceramic film applied on the adjacent windows to the right.

Besides a MUCH improved aesthetic appearance, Huper Optik Ceramic Silver 18 effectively rejected the stifling heat and more:

  • The exterior reflectivity stopped the sun’s glare from entering the through the windows.
  • The heat factor was drastically reduced by 80% which Tubelite thought was definitely “cool”!
  • Monthly utility bills were no longer opened with gasps of “I can’t believe how much this is”!
  • The mirrored exterior offered much appreciated privacy.

With the old film gone and the install under way, Tubelite transformed from a sauna to a stunning, comfortable, energy-efficiently run business.


After years of window tinting Tampa and it’s neighboring counties, as well as Orlando and Sarasota, our crews have delighted business owners with the most affordable, effective solutions to heat, glare, and high electric bills.

S0… why sweat it?

Give us a call to schedule your complimentary energy-audit and we’ll come up with the solution suitable for your business!

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Tampa Bay Films Boats with Ceramic Marine Tinting

We are Tampa Bay’s #1 Recommended Yacht Tinters

 photo Greatshot.jpg

Blue Moon Starboard

Unlike glass areas in a stationary building, boats introduce architectural challenges. There’s window tinting…and then there’s “yacht” window tinting. It takes the strategy and skill of true craftsmen to  execute precise window film installations on marine vessels.

Much like specialists who strive to be the exception in any professional field, our vast experience and training prepares us to be exactly that – specialists for yacht owners who won’t settle for anything less than excellence!

High Impact Glass Solutions performs an analytic evaluation of your boat’s glass. The formula for success must start with a strategy based on what your particular boat needs for optimal results. We then demonstrate the performance of the recommended films on your glass.

Two of three windows filmed

You can only imagine how delighted this captain was as he noticed the visible difference the film made on the left and right panes of glass. When the installation was complete, he could instantly FEEL the difference as well!

Boaters no longer have to compromise their boating pleasure with discomforting heat, views obscured by glare, the sun’s damaging rays on skin, UV rays fading luxurious interiors or interference with navigational systems. Our selection of films are comprised of the industry’s most elite, non-metallic ceramic window films specifically designed for harsh marine environments and come with manufacturer warranties.

  • High Infra Red heat rejection of up to 96%
  • Significant heat reduction lowers cooling load of air-conditioning and fuel consumption
  • Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99%
  • Nano-ceramic films do not interfere with navigational and communication systems
  • Unlike mirror-like films, our marine films offer clearer navigation views out, both day and night
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free, our true nano-ceramic films do not succumb to discoloration, fading or demetallisation

We believe that every yacht owner deserves to enjoy their boating experiences with ultimate pleasure and safety.

Before you cast off, chart your course with a phone call to our marine film specialists.

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Tampa Prepares For Summer Heat With Window Tinting

The North is Finally Seeing The Last  of Snow….They Hope!

cars leaving florida 2

The caravan headed north is a heat alert to Floridians to prepare for the hot tropical weather that will soon be coming our way!

There is no respite from soaring heat when we have to run our cooling systems constantly. No doubt, sun blasting through windows can have undesirable results: an uncomfortably warm to hot environment, outrageous utility bills, and fading interior furnishings and skin cancer exposure due to UV rays.

What is the best solution?

Our Energy Saving Solar Window Films!

Look at the window panes we applied film on and compare them to the ones that have not been filmed yet.. Glaring difference!

Before 2 After film

High Impact Glass Solutions proudly represents the most reputable and advanced films in the industry:

  • Huper Optik USA offers high heat rejection with an incomparable clarity without a reflective look. If your home is required to meet HOA restrictions, Huper Optik’s non-reflective appearance make it your ideal film of choice
  • EnerLogic Low-e patent-pending technology is recommended for homeowners that want to add insulating power to their windows for energy savings all year round. EnerLogic is the perfect combination of German technology and performance resulting in the most energy efficient window film on the market.
  • Vista Window Films are a home run for energy savings, ranging in exuberant tints to subdued aesthetic appeal and provide an affordable option to window replacement.


Huper House 1


Confused with which film is right for your  home?


High Impact Glass Solutions knows that every house is unique and that our customers’ needs and budgets vary. Keeping this in mind, we eliminate any confusion with a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration with the film samples on your windows. Our trained, highly experienced staff  have “come to the rescue” window tinting Tampa since 2003.

Summer is on it’s way…..your coolest decision  is just a call away!

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Tampa Energy Saving Ceramic Window Tinting

Floridian Home and Business Owners Share Common Questions

businesswoman holding question mark sign in head

How do I conserve energy, reduce heat and  see a reduction on my monthly electric bills?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely! High Impact Glass Solutions are the experts for installing window film applications that increase the efficiency of your windows and decreases the numbers on your energy bills!

Huper image with glass panes

 Hüper Optik’s Nano-Ceramic Smart Films offer unprecedented solutions with residential lifetime warranties and 15 year commercial warranties.

  • Conserve energy, and reduce Infra-Red heat gain up to 96%
  • Protect valuable interior furnishings and prevent UV damage to skin
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free; no discoloration and demetallisation found in traditional films
  • patented nano-ceramic film with German technology
  • non-reflective feature makes Huper Optik ideal for deed restricted communities
  • Add comfort and enhance the aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Superb Total Solar Energy Rejection is a “green” light for the commercial sector

Huper Optik Banner coutesty of

Window tinting tampa with Huper Optik’s outstanding films has given my company and installers great opportunities. It literally opens the window for us to bring the most advanced film solutions to homes, businesses and commercial buildings in the Tampa Bay area. High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to be a Huper Optik Certified dealer and look forward to illustrating the many advantages of Huper Optik Film applied to your windows.

Call for your complimentary evaluation and demonstration!

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