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Solar Window Film Best Answer For Residential Sun Problems

The owners of this rustic, beautifully designed home were overwhelmed with interior heat,  sun glare, energy costs creeping up, and wood floors that were starting to fade.

High Impact Glass Solutions restores comfort and safety to home with window tinting installation g


We addressed each problem so they fully understood why and how our window film would make a huge difference.

Problem #1 – Reduce Heat!
Though they loved natural sunlight filling their home, untreated windows were also allowing heat to enter. Shutters covering the most problematic windows were only blocking their views, not the heat. For this reason, they felt discomforting hot spots and uneven temperatures throughout the residence.
Problem #2 –  Glare Go Away!
Transmitted through untreated glass, glare from sun is problematic all year round. The visibility in this home was adversely effected, making it hard for the family to watch TV and look at computer screens. Here again, using closed shutters was an inferior solution as they blocked views and natural light. With film applied, the shutters could be left open while glare would be reduced by 95%.
Problem #3 – Lower Energy Costs!
According to the EPA’s calculations, up to half of a home’s utility bills can be wasted by heat gain through untreated windows. By simply having us install our solar-reduction film, the amount of heat streaming through their untreated glass would be greatly reduced. This would give the a/c systems an appreciated rest and thereby reduce their cooling bills.
Problem #4 – Stop Further Fading!
Much of their interior floors were showing common results from sun exposure. Simply by allowing daylight to pass through untreated windows, the suns’ rays were damaging their gorgeous wood plank floors. Blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, our window film would help protect their beautiful furnishings from further damage.


High Impact Glass Solutions installs solar window film for cooler and safer residence.

Film was applied on the window to the right of the fireplace. When all windows were filmed, our customers were finally able to keep the shutters open and enjoy natural sunlight to fill the room without any problems….or worries!

Whether you have 4 problems or 14 problems, we provide guaranteed results you can depend on for a lifetime. 

We are the #1 problem solver for window tinting Tampa homes and businesses.

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McDonalds Adds Window Tinting as New Feature


We were called by a McDonalds located in Pinellas Park that wanted to add another feature to please their customers and also a special perk for the owner.

No, not a foot high “Bigger Mac” and no, not Filet Mignon McNuggets. In fact, you won’t find it on the menu. But if you happen to patronize this McDonald’s you’ll surely notice the addition.

The owner wanted to give his patrons a more comfortable dining experience, a fresh attractive look to the building, and for him? Less hypertension when opening his monthly electric bills!

McDonalds is the #1 fast food restaurant in the world… and High Impact Glass Solutions is #1 for window tinting Tampa.

It was a perfect match!

And so was Panorama Slate 30, one of Solar Gard’s remarkable films in their wide range of solar protection solutions.

High Impact Glass Solutions instaling Panarama window tinting on Tampa commerical building

  • Panorama rejects high levels of solar and infrared heat, protecting against glare and potential hot spots.
  • Panorama also improves  occupant comfort and increases energy efficiency.

 McDonalds got exactly what the chef ordered!

High Impact Glass Solutions installing Solar Gard Panorama window film on McDonalds

High Impact Glass Solutions installing Solar Gard Panarama window film on McDonalds

By the time we were done installing Panorama Slate 30 on the glass, the only things cooking were the burgers. Inside McDonalds it felt much cooler without any annoying glare from the sun and without the air conditioners running as much, electric bills and blood pressure were sure to come down.

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard Panorama window film installation on McDonalds

Panorama Slate 30 provided McDonalds with extraordinary solar control inside and an awesome subtle grey finish on the exterior. A first class performance with a first class look for the most popular fast food restaurant on the planet.

If you’re considering a first class environment for your business, call us for our free “specials of the day”! A complimentary energy audit and demonstration of our films on your windows.

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Making Tails Wag With Solar Protection Window Film At Tampa Animal Hospital

We enjoy helping our clients cool off and work in a more comfortable environment – especially when they dedicate their lives to the care of our beloved pets!


Harbourside Animal Hospital in Tampa was busily attending to their  animals. But the building had many windows allowing heat to blast through and cause everyone to pant! They looked to our window tinting expertise and highly regarded reputation for a solution.

High Impact Glass Solutions cools down Tampa animal hospital with solar window tinting installation
Comparing filmed glass to unfilmed glass in these pictures illustrates how window tinting transforms standard glass into high performance windows.

Though natural light added life to their facility, it also caused unwanted heat and hot spots which adversely effected everyone’s comfort. Installing film on their glass panels provided them with greater temperature stability and comfort.

With our solar film’s ability to block up to 79% of the solar energy streaming through their windows, Harbourside Animal Hospital was cooling off big time!


High Impact Glass Solutions installing solar film Tampa animal hospital windows to reduce heat



Different buildings require certain films and every client has their own personal preference as to how they wish their glass to look. To accommodate these needs, our selection of films range from optically clear and vary in degrees of tint and reflectivity.

Our solar protection films also cut down on cooling costs by up to 30%. Hospitalized pets were not so impressed but lower electric bills were a welcome benefit for the owner!


Making the right decisions about energy-efficiency improvements for your facility is challenging. Understanding  your options is critical, whether you need less heat or you are hoping to lower your energy costs. Or both.

High Impact Glass Solution window film installation at a Tampa Animal Hospital
We love to finish our installations and see our customers with happy smiley faces:-)

We’ve been window tinting Tampa and surrounding area buildings since 2003. Whatever your objective is, we’ll give you the best solution that you can depend on for years to come… and maybe  make some tails wag!

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No Fall in Tampa as Heat Continues

Many parts of the country are experiencing cooler days.


In much of Florida autumn with falling leaves is a memory for some and just a pretty picture for others. Either way, the only thing falling for us is sweat!

But that’s a small price to pay to live in paradise, right? Well, yes ….. and no. Our electric bills can hardly be considered small! Seems like the a/c system never shuts off! 

Explains why our installers are busy as ever window tinting Tampa with our solar control window films.


Look at the difference window tinting makes! Partially filmed glass shows that no matter what the view, it can be fully enjoyed without glare, UV rays, and heat streaming through the windows.  And how awesome not to hear the a/c humming all day.

Look at the difference the window tinting makes!

Windows without solar control film allow unfiltered sunlight in that causes discomforting hot spots, annoying glare on monitors, dangerous UV rays that are known to fade furniture and even worse, damage our skin!

Don’t fall for the sun’s heat and harmful rays where you reside. With our solar control film on your windows, sun-related problems will fall away:

  • Improve comfort and maintain cool temperature consistency from one room to another.
  • Give your HVAC a rest & reduce cooling costs by up to 30%.
  • Reduce glare & improve computer and television viewing.
  • Block up to 99% of UV rays to minimize fading of interior furnishings.
  • Reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging from UV radiation.


Part of the beauty of autumn is the different colors that the leaves will turn. The beauty of our solar reducing films is the performance you can expect…..and by the way, they come in different tint colors to choose from as well.

Guess you can enjoy a bit of fall in Florida after all!

Free demonstrations always – Great results for a lifetime.

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Solar Control Window Tinting Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” business or a mega-million dollar corporation, the mission is the same.

“What can we do to reduce expenses and protect our bottom line”?

Window tinting stop money from going out the window

Put in simpler terms, which area can be improved so that we stop throwing hard earned money  out of the the window?

This is a repetitive question so often heard while window tinting Tampa and much of Florida. The question never changes and the solution remains the same.

Our solar-reducing window film installation!

First off, with it’s ability to dramatically reduce heat from coming through windows, window tinting will provide impressive energy savings. Less heat in your building commands less run time from your cooling system.

But there’s more benefits besides saving money with filmed windows. Oh yes, businesses with our solar-reducing window film undergo additional awesome improvements:

  • Less heat makes for improved comfort that employees will be more productive in and customers will enjoy.
  • Reduced UV rays protects everyone’s skin from sun damage and your furnishings from premature fading.
  • Glare that often interrupts looking at monitors, cash registers, etc. is eliminated.
  • Dusty window shades and blinds that blocked views and the beauty of natural light can be removed.

Window tint installation on health food store windows
Window tinting lowered energy costs for this store……imagine what a game changer it provided for these  large commercial buildings.

tower-3-finished with window tinting

Modest or substantial, small business owners and corporate building engineers alike are adding solar control films to help reduce escalating costs from a/c equipment operating at full throttle.

Our films are designed as Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, Silver, and include a Spectrally Select Series. Call now for a complimentary energy audit and a preview of these films on your glass. Experience which one will offer your building the most energy savings, comfort, safety, and aesthetics for years to come!

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