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Filming Another McDonalds With Solar Gard Window Tint & Just Lovin It!

High Impact Glass Solutions installs energy efficiency film on McDonald's

We recently completed a window tinting project on a third McDonald’s.

We’ve filmed three McDonald’s so far and look forward to tinting the next twenty-seven! 


As with the two prior McDonald’s we filmed, the owner called us for more energy- efficiency inside and a new spiffier look on the outside. We already knew the perfect window tinting to meet his objectives.

LOgo for Solar Gard biggerpanorama-dealer Solar Gard logoSolar Gard Panorama Slate 30 was fast becoming a favorite with McDonald’s. It offers a strong  performance on windows with lasting durability. Interior areas cool down with up to 79% solar energy rejection. With heat being blocked, HVAC systems run  less resulting in a handsome reduction in cooling costs. The absence of heat and glare also enabled patrons to eat without having to pull down shades or blinds. 



You can see how the windows being filmed have become sun blockers….but the views are not at all compromised.

Comfort and a great eating environment for patrons, and big energy savings for the owner were benefits greatly appreciated. But there was more to come!


Panorama Slate 30 gave McDonalds’ exterior a sleek and subtle grey look to it’s windows and glass entrance.  The performance and appearance were spot on.


Any way you look at it, McDonald’s was looking GOOD!


Another happy restaurant owner is what makes window tinting Tampa businesses so fulfilling.  

Not every business can be #1 on the planet but every business can be more comfortable, have lower electric bills, and enjoy a new, pristine look on their glass.

Call for our complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our films will perform for you! 

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Salt Spa Grand Opening needs Window Tinting For Grand Heat Relief

Salt Serenity is excited to share Pinellas County’s first Salt Rooms offering clients an awesome opportunity to experience the many benefits  of breathing in salt air!


And we’re excited to be able to install solar window film on their their store front windows!

The solar film application will assure ultimate comfort in the spa during each of their customer’s therapeutic sessions.


As soon as we got the windows squeaky clean, we started applying our solar reduction films.


Filmed windows provide heat rejection to improve comfort.

Cooling costs are reduced by up to 30%.

With a 99% reduction of UV rays, the Salt Spa’s beautiful displays and furnishings would benefit having fade protection.

Glare control would help create a “soothing” aura for the Spa.

The film installation was completed just in time and the grand opening was “grand”! Felt great and looked great!

High Impact Glass Solutions install window film to reduce heat for Pinellas Park commercial business

As we continue window tinting Tampa‘s surrounding businesses and homes, we find more that there’s a growing urgency for the benefits of having  window film.

Call for a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how how films can make a difference on YOUR windows! 

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Daytona Beach Calls Tampa Window Film Company For Heat Relief

A company’s reputation is by far the most authentic form of marketing. After all, its not paid for…. it must be earned.

With this being said, I am extremely honored to have contractors calling my company for window film installations throughout the United States and overseas.

Our most recent request came from the Daytona Beach area. A building with five thousand sq. ft of windows needed a powerful glass defense system to give privacy and energy efficiency to the building’s interior.

High Impact Glass Solutions installation with solar film in Daytona Beach, FL.
In every direction all we could see was glass…and more glass.
This extreme amount of windows needed high-performing solar film.

If solar heat entered through these windows, the heat build up inside would lead to tremendous hot spots and an increased need for air conditioning. I didn’t take my installation crew across the state to offer anything other than a successful solution.

So…with its exceptional solar rejection and ability to increase privacy and maintain views, we recommended Dual-Reflective Solar Gard Panorama Slate 30. The benefits proved to be impressive economically, aesthetically, and personally:

  • Interior temps were kept comfortably cooler and stable.
  • Air conditioning usage was reduced. 
  • Occupants enjoyed natural light without heat and glare.
  • Interior furnishings were protected from premature fading.
  • Privacy was fostered without sacrificing views out.
  • With consuming up to 30% less energy for cooling, the owners would see a solid return on their investment.



The project was completed on time and the film installation lived up to our reputation. The building’s windows that had caused multiple problems became Panorama Slate 30 solutions. Inside and out!15676285_10212058700128587_4657908777716198021_o

Back on the road again to get ready for window tinting Tampa until the next long distance call.

It’s all good.

No matter where you are, call us for a complimentary glass evaluation and free film demonstration on your windows.

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Heat & UV Ray Reducing Window Film Predicted For Hot Florida Winter

Most folks are being pounded with freezing weather.


Here in Tampa Florida? We’re experiencing record highs.


Superb days at the beach or poolside. Back at the ranch, not so superb!

The extended hot weather is causing homes and businesses to contend with summer-like problems. You know…. heat, glare interruption on televisions and monitors, and UV ray dangers filtrating through untreated glass!

With record heat, our installers are busy window tinting Tampa with solar control window film.  These films make a difference no matter what the season is!


  • Clear, distortion-free adhesives bonded to the inside of glass strengthens your windows.
    • Reduces up to 75% of heat.
  • Screens out glare and dangerous Ultra violet rays.
  • Allows you to enjoy outside views in total comfort.
  • Reduces energy costs with less run time on your air conditioner.
  • Lifetime guarantee for superior performance.

fadingUltra violet rays cause an equally disturbing problem that often goes without notice until the damage is already done. When we move furniture during a film installation it is not uncommon to see fading floors. Had there been solar control film on the windows, this could’ve been avoided.

We sure appreciate our beautiful Florida weather. With a solar control window film installation, you’ll appreciate sunny days even more! No heat building up, glare gone for good, far less risk of UV damage, and a more energy efficient environment.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs solar window film for cooler and safer residence.
Amazing! With solar control filmed windows, we can open the blinds and enjoy the views! 

Many installers have years of experience. But its the quality and skill set of experience that counts, not the length of time. For this reason, we are called to mentor window tinters throughout the United States and travel to foreign countries to perform window tinting installations that require our level of expertise.

A complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration are your first steps to a “record-breaking” window film installation!

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Florida Marine Window Tinting Specialists

The Shadow Fox just got her windows tinted by the #1 yacht tinters in Florida. A fierce challenge indeed but executed perfectly with extraordinary results.

High Impact Glass Solutions marine window film installation

From any angle, Shadow Fox looks exquisite.

High Impact Glass Tinting marine window tint installation

As far as the pilot house….. that’s a story in itself.

14600992_10211944991405940_8567288134669764449_nWe  had to devise a whole new plan of action in order to install the film without the risk of touching her very high-tech expansive navigational system.

Covering the area with tarps and positioning ourselves away from the instruments, we endured to the end with strategies and skills we have adapted while window tinting Tampa boats locally & to Fort Lauderdale. 

We never say “never”!

Specifically designed for harsh marine environments, our specialty marine film is 100% dye-free, eliminates excessive heat, cuts out blinding glare, delivering  a spectacular performance:

  • High Infra Red heat rejection of up to 96%
  • Less run time for air-conditioning / less fuel consumption
  • Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99%
  • No interference with navigational and communication systems
  • Clearer daytime and nighttime views

Filmed with 100% dye-free and metal free technology, the glass windows on the Shadow Fox will never succumb to any discoloration, fading, or demetallisation. And oh, how sweet she looks!

High Impact Glass Solutions yacht window tinting installation

This gem of a yacht commanded the patience and skill set that makes my company the most highly recommended marine window tinting company in Florida. If you want to enjoy boating with ultimate comfort, safety, efficiency, and add a sleek look to your yacht, call us!

We visit boat owners and captains on board of their yachts with complimentary evaluations and free demonstrations of how our marine films perform.

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