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Solar Control Film Adds Energy Efficiency and Exterior Appeal Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Sarasota

One of  our recent window film installations served as a perfect example of what happens to a building with old, outdated window film that lacks luster and performance.

High Impact Glass Solutions removes old film and replaces with solar control film on St. Petersburg building

Besides presenting a horrid impression with such an unsightly appearance, the window film failed to give the interior of the building any heat relief and rather than being energy efficient it became a money pit for insanely high electric bills.

We were contacted to deliver a cost-saving strategy to restrain the high energy costs, create an  improved working environment, and embellish the exterior curb appeal.

We  removed the nasty film and prepped all windows for the application of Solar Gard Architectural Truevue 05. 

High Impact Glass Solutions removal and replacing window film on building

Glass ready for film application that will change how this building looks, how it feels, and how more energy efficient it will be!

In our experience window tinting Tampa buildings with similar needs, we’ve found Solar Gard Truevue 05 window film to be a grand slam for optimal results:

  • Window film provides energy saving by reducing air-conditioner usage.
  • Window film improves interior with year-round comfort.
  • Window film protects against ultraviolet damage and fading.
  • Window film diminishes bothersome glare.
  • Window film adds enhancement to exterior appearance.

Truevue 05 provided everything this building needed!

The untreated glass on the right had immense heat and glare blasting through. Filmed windows on the left stopped the sun and glare without obstructing any views.

Solar Gard window films are made of complex layers of various coated materials that control how the sun’s radiation passes through glass. The films are protected with a scratch-resistant coating, inspected and put through stringent endurance tests to provide the industry with a selection of high quality window films. 

Aging may improve certain wines and various cuts of beef. But as you saw from this project, the aging process can proffer a harsh effect on window film that hinders the sustainability of buildings. 

We can’t turn back the hands of time, but our window film installations can definitely make your building look and feel like it was built yesterday.

No matter what the age, call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our window films will perform on your glass!

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Dual Reflective Window Tinting Amazing on St. Petersburg Business

Yoga is a total mind-body workout with incredible results for improving overall health. The Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Petersburg offers a fantastic mix of programs. However, the building lacked energy efficiency and as you can plainly see, the windows were in desperate need of a “window film workout“!


The outside lacked the inviting appeal that this awesome studio deserved and the owners were bogged down under the “weight” of heavy electric bills. 

15974963_1424861730858226_425963625792697747_o   16107372_1424860904191642_2834306902760815990_o

Hot spots throughout the building caused by unyielding sun and heat penetrating through so many window panes caused immense discomfort and ghastly glare. These problems could easily disrupt business and we were not about to let that happen.


Unlike any structure we’ve been in, the building was totally unique inside with it’s original architecture still in tact. Very impressive….but also VERY challenging. Every one of the 128 panes of glass was at least 30 years old. Back then, when these windows were installed, glaze was applied with a trowel. By now, with age and weathering, the glaze and window edges had become utterly disgusting!

The degree of difficulty to tint these windows rose to the top of the scale. Ahem, actually it tipped the scale. Just look at the condition of the glass butted up to the panes!


Okay, because the project became an unusual window film installation,  we devised a special system. Each individual pane was numbered and would be filmed with Solar Gard’s Architectural TrueVue Window Film. The film for each pane was then plotted back at the shop and THEN applied at the job site. This way time was saved and we were able to give every glass the special attention each one needed.

TrueVue window film proved to be the perfect selection for the needs of Body Electric Yoga Company:

Key Benefits

  • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time
  • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night
  • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays
Once the windows were filmed, we  then re-caulked them, filling in any light gaps and definitely giving them badly needed conformity. The difference was totally AMAZING! 




Truly unlike our every day window film project but both the owners and the staff were astonished with such excellent results. So for us it was worth every glass “pain”!

It took tremendous patience and skill to tint and caulk the old, dinosaur crusty windows with such perfection. But that’s what we do window tinting Tampa. Our installers are trained for “excellence”, no matter how difficult the task.

Call us for a free demo of how to improve your building’s interior energy efficiency and comfort… and you got it, how awesome it can look on the outside!

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Filming Another McDonalds With Solar Gard Window Tint & Just Lovin It!

High Impact Glass Solutions installs energy efficiency film on McDonald's

We recently completed a window tinting project on a third McDonald’s.

We’ve filmed three McDonald’s so far and look forward to tinting the next twenty-seven! 


As with the two prior McDonald’s we filmed, the owner called us for more energy- efficiency inside and a new spiffier look on the outside. We already knew the perfect window tinting to meet his objectives.

LOgo for Solar Gard biggerpanorama-dealer Solar Gard logoSolar Gard Panorama Slate 30 was fast becoming a favorite with McDonald’s. It offers a strong  performance on windows with lasting durability. Interior areas cool down with up to 79% solar energy rejection. With heat being blocked, HVAC systems run  less resulting in a handsome reduction in cooling costs. The absence of heat and glare also enabled patrons to eat without having to pull down shades or blinds. 



You can see how the windows being filmed have become sun blockers….but the views are not at all compromised.

Comfort and a great eating environment for patrons, and big energy savings for the owner were benefits greatly appreciated. But there was more to come!


Panorama Slate 30 gave McDonalds’ exterior a sleek and subtle grey look to it’s windows and glass entrance.  The performance and appearance were spot on.


Any way you look at it, McDonald’s was looking GOOD!


Another happy restaurant owner is what makes window tinting Tampa businesses so fulfilling.  

Not every business can be #1 on the planet but every business can be more comfortable, have lower electric bills, and enjoy a new, pristine look on their glass.

Call for our complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our films will perform for you! 

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Salt Spa Grand Opening needs Window Tinting For Grand Heat Relief

Salt Serenity is excited to share Pinellas County’s first Salt Rooms offering clients an awesome opportunity to experience the many benefits  of breathing in salt air!


And we’re excited to be able to install solar window film on their their store front windows!

The solar film application will assure ultimate comfort in the spa during each of their customer’s therapeutic sessions.


As soon as we got the windows squeaky clean, we started applying our solar reduction films.


Filmed windows provide heat rejection to improve comfort.

Cooling costs are reduced by up to 30%.

With a 99% reduction of UV rays, the Salt Spa’s beautiful displays and furnishings would benefit having fade protection.

Glare control would help create a “soothing” aura for the Spa.

The film installation was completed just in time and the grand opening was “grand”! Felt great and looked great!

High Impact Glass Solutions install window film to reduce heat for Pinellas Park commercial business

As we continue window tinting Tampa‘s surrounding businesses and homes, we find more that there’s a growing urgency for the benefits of having  window film.

Call for a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how how films can make a difference on YOUR windows! 

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Daytona Beach Calls Tampa Window Film Company For Heat Relief

A company’s reputation is by far the most authentic form of marketing. After all, its not paid for…. it must be earned.

With this being said, I am extremely honored to have contractors calling my company for window film installations throughout the United States and overseas.

Our most recent request came from the Daytona Beach area. A building with five thousand sq. ft of windows needed a powerful glass defense system to give privacy and energy efficiency to the building’s interior.

High Impact Glass Solutions installation with solar film in Daytona Beach, FL.
In every direction all we could see was glass…and more glass.
This extreme amount of windows needed high-performing solar film.

If solar heat entered through these windows, the heat build up inside would lead to tremendous hot spots and an increased need for air conditioning. I didn’t take my installation crew across the state to offer anything other than a successful solution.

So…with its exceptional solar rejection and ability to increase privacy and maintain views, we recommended Dual-Reflective Solar Gard Panorama Slate 30. The benefits proved to be impressive economically, aesthetically, and personally:

  • Interior temps were kept comfortably cooler and stable.
  • Air conditioning usage was reduced. 
  • Occupants enjoyed natural light without heat and glare.
  • Interior furnishings were protected from premature fading.
  • Privacy was fostered without sacrificing views out.
  • With consuming up to 30% less energy for cooling, the owners would see a solid return on their investment.



The project was completed on time and the film installation lived up to our reputation. The building’s windows that had caused multiple problems became Panorama Slate 30 solutions. Inside and out!15676285_10212058700128587_4657908777716198021_o

Back on the road again to get ready for window tinting Tampa until the next long distance call.

It’s all good.

No matter where you are, call us for a complimentary glass evaluation and free film demonstration on your windows.

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