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  • Window Tinting Heat Rejection Tampa Commercial Buildings


    Advanced Window Film Technology Targets the Commercial Sector

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    Today’s architecture is designed for natural light and providing views to the outside. Though aesthetically pleasing, unwelcome heat, glare and harmful UV rays enter as well. According to the Us Dept. of Energy, 75% of all existing glass is inefficient, causing an overload on HVAC systems and negatively impacting a building’s energy budget. 


    Serious problems for commercial buildings, no doubt….but not without a solution!


    Huper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic solar control film technology, providing energy savings, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to answer the needs of the commercial sector!

    Huper Optik’s remarkable portfolio of films deliver:

    • Superior increase in the performance of existing glass
    • High light transmission ratios for natural light without the presence of heat
    • Enhances level of interior comfort and reduces sun glare
    • Significant Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) which lowers cooling load of a/c consumption
    • High Ultra-Violet rejection exceeding 99%
    • Protects building occupants from the sun’s harmful Infra-Red radiation
    • Extends lifespan of interior furnishings with fade protection
    • 100% dye and metal free; no discoloration and demetallisation
    • High clarity, low reflectivity
    • 10/15 year product warranty coverage

    Pretty amazing, huh!

    Oh, not yet convinced about Huper Optik’s ability to dramatically improve the solar performance in your building?

    Do your building and your budget a favor and first watch this short video!

    And now do yourself a favor and watch this short but powerful video!


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    Huper Optik is the leader in
    energy & environmental design. It’s performance
    effects your occupants.. and the bottom line of your energy

    People in office building with EnerLogic

    Give your building’s glass the competitive edge over conventional films and experience Huper Optik! In the 12 years that we’ve been window tinting Tampa, never have our commercial clients experienced such positive results!

    Call today and join the growing number of companies that are integrating Huper Optik nano-ceramic window films into their energy reduction package!

    Our evaluations are complimentary and include a free demonstration of how Huper Optik will perform on your windows. Our office stall will also assist you in receiving handsome energy rebates!


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  • Huper Optik Best Window Film Tampa-Sarasota-Orlando



    Why do so many “smart” homeowners choose Huper Optik?




    It’s human nature to want the best!




    Huper Optik’s patented nano-ceramic German technology has ushered in a new era for window film. Hands down Huper Optik offers the best solution for non-reflective maximum heat rejection and meets all HOA rules and deed restrictions. 
    Huper Optik gives the best performance – inside and out.

    This prestigious water-front mansion was built with exquisite customized windows.

    Expectations for the best looking AND best performing film could only have been met with our Huper Optik installation.   


    Yes, these are really windows!     See the Huper difference    Unmatched clarity for views  
     Beauty deserves the best film
       Furnishings are preserved     No reflectivity in main foyer  


    Huper Optik provides far greater amounts of visible light and reduces the reflectivity of glass providing homeowners with the best solution:

    More light with less heat!

    Energy costs drop dramatically while simultaneously allowing more light into your home. Deed Restrictions no longer apply because the window appearance is virtually unaltered. Further, the simple fact that these films have no metals allows for cellular phone reception, satellite transmissions and Fiber Optic high speed Internet and television transmissions.


                                                    WHEN NOTHING BUT THE BEST WILL DO

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