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Glass Block Energy Efficiency Film Solution

What Makes Glass Block Different?
Versatility…that’s what.

Glass block is often chosen to replace traditional windows when an added touch of elegance or a unique design alternative is desired. Glass block also creates open spaces and brings architectural enhancement to glass areas in bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, office reception areas, and  hotel and large commercial lobbies. The versatility of glass block makes it an impressive choice of glass for any home or building’s decor.

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How does our tint make your glass block better? Comfort and energy efficiency is added…that’s how!

Though glass block can provide visionary benefits that  traditional glass doesn’t, the inadequacies of block glass can often outweigh the benefits:

  • solar energy penetration
  • UV ray exposure
  • excessive sun glare

These three factors cause heat discomfort, fading of interior furnishings, and  increased danger of skin cancer from UV ray exposure.  In many instances, the glare streaming through glass block disrupts watching TVs and computer monitors.

Glass Block Tinting resolves these issues with our tint application that blocks up to 83% of the solar heat without hampering any of the natural light to pass through.

Glass block living room

Love, love, love your glass block and enjoy cool comfort, lower  energy costs, and  less ultra violet rays with reduced sun glare.

You live in N.Y. so how can your blocks get tinted? Simple! Order our customized DIY Glass Block Tinting kit.

By ordering a sample kit right from the Glass Block Tinting website, we’ll ship tint samples pre-cut to the exact size of your blocks. Once you determine which tint you like the most, we’ll have you equipped to install the film like a pro!

For those closer to our Florida facility, you can choose to have our technicians perform the installation…..or make it your next DIY project!  Either way, near or distant, your glass block can be transformed to energy-efficiency glass without compromising it’s beauty.

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Glass Block Tinting Solution

Glass Block Adds Unique Distinction…
But Not Without Problems!

Glass block is an architectural glass design solution to create natural light in a space with an added provision for privacy. For these reasons, blocks are often chosen in place of traditional glass. Many offices and commercial buildings have glass block installed for such purposes and also to enhance their curb appeal. In many cases however, heat and UV entering through blocks can cause critical damage.

The remodel on this bathroom had to be halted until we could eliminate the heat and glare streaming through the glass block. The customer also wanted more privacy and our tint provided them that as well. Most glass block customers encounter these same problems.

The kicker is when we see the use of drapes or blinds to cover problematic areas. Some homes actually have blackout panels attached to the glass block as a last ditch effort for finding relief. Such failed attempts are not successful and sadly it’s “bye-bye” to the reasons for having glass block installed in the first place!

High Impact Glass Solutions treats the problem with real lasting solutions that work even during the hot summer months.

  • 83% solar energy rejection
  • lower energy costs
  • reduces UV rays
  • allows transmission of natural light without heat build-up
  • protects interior furnishings
  • unique non-stick coating improves longevity
  • dirt washes away easily with water
  • eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or covers

High Impact Glass Solutions offers glass block tinting installations to local and longer distances within Florida. For do-it-your-selfers…or customers living outside of our service areas, we ship pre-cut DIY tinting kits customized to fit your blocks and needs.

For additional information about ordering our revolutionary DIY kits, visit our glass block tinting website!

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Window Tinting Tampa Has Glass Block Covered

Glass Block Looks Great, But…..

Problems are commonly found with the use of glass block:

  • Along with the transmission of light, glass block allows solar heat to build up and cause unbearable discomfort.
  • Glare often becomes extremely intense.
  • Unfiltered UV rays heighten exposure for skin cancer and fading of interior decor.















What steps have been taken in the past to resolve glass block sun-related issues?

  • Blinds and curtains have been used but they only cover the beauty of the glass and darken rooms. They do NOT eliminate the entry of solar heat.
  • Installed exterior sun screens often conflict with HOA rules abd darken rooms.
  • Avoiding the use of rooms with glass block during peak sun times of the day.

Glass Block Tinting customers are given solutions that work!

This customer chose a dark tint. Halfway filmed and already a difference!

Our specialized exterior films increase the practicality of glass block without compromising its unique character:

  • rejection up to 83% of solar energy, resulting in more comfort and less energy costs
  • block 99.9% of UV rays known to cause skin cancer and fading of furnishings
  • prevent heat from building up in air spaces
  • provide a welcome end to irritating sun glare
  • eliminate the need for “covers” or exterior screens
  • allow natural light to stream through for transparency
  • successfully make rooms cooler without causing them to look dark

We are one of the few window tinting companies that have expertise and equipment required to successfully tint glass block. Our projects range from tinting one small area in a residence to thousands of blocks in a commercial building.  No matter how many blocks you have, our films will make a profound difference!

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Call for our complimentary evaluation and ask about our DIY kits for do-it-your selfers!

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