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High Impact Glass Solutions #1 Referred Window Tinting Company Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Consumers expect peak performance from window film installations. Whether it’s to eliminate heat, glare, UV rays or add safety and security, customers deserve nothing less than optimum results. 

But what about the performance of the company you just hired?

Do they want to just “get the job done” and limit your impression to an acceptable film installation? Or will they go beyond the boundaries of simply tinting your windows?

How about an experience that starts from the time your window tinting contractor meets you and ends with much more than merely a job well done. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect from High Impact Glass Solutions. 

We began window tinting Tampa Bay area homes and businesses over a decade ago. Our growth never relied on marketing ourselves as the best thing since buttered bread but rather how we treat YOU, our customers, your property, and all the many extra considerations we offer. The High Impact Glass Solutions experience is what truly sets us apart and has earned us such an outstanding reputation.  

Whether installing window film in homes, businesses, or yachts, strict guidelines are always followed. I personally train my installers to be the “Navy Seals” of window tinting.

The extra ingredient of pride is in every installation!

  • Energy audits and evaluations are extensive and precise.
  • Film recommendations are made from calculations based on your type of glass and manufacturer data.
  • Window dressings are meticulously protected during the process.
  • Tape marks the location where we’ve moved furniture so that it is replaced exactly to its original spot.
  • Booties are put on every time we enter and taken off every time we leave. New booties will be put on for each and every entrance.
  • Our own specialty designed tools and equipment facilitate how effortlessly we can bring all needed items in one trip.  This alone serves as a huge advantage with less door openings that mitigates loss of interior cool air.

To save time many so called “we are the best” window tinting companies simply cattle-drive through installations. Due to lack of skill they will often choose to skip tedious procedures altogether, leaving customers with sub-par work. Time and time again, we are called to remove film from windows because it was not compatible with the glass… or simply haphazardly applied.

Fact is, we’re perfectionists. Compared to other companies that take the fast food approach, we’re considered fine dining where every detail of both the windows AND our customers is supremely important.

We do share one common aspect with our competition: our evaluations are just as free as theirs. But rest assured, we include much more helpful advise, invest more listening to your objectives,  and we include free demonstrations of how our signature films will look and perform on your glass.  

High Impact Glass Solutions
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Tampa Window Tinting Company Flaunts Expertise

We recently installed window film on a home that needed to be cooler and more energy efficient.  This project was a definite confirmation that windows are not created equal.

Check out the metal strips on practically EVERY pane of glass:

12037993_1067361309941605_3217859196050011890_n    1512833_1067361249941611_4039721496707682783_n

Fact is, we’re perfectionists. Where other companies take the fast food approach, we’re considered fine dining where every detail is important.

So… every strip of metal was removed and numbered to match the numbered tape that we put on the windows. 12027757_1067361206608282_4501839809608401376_n









Either to save time, less concerned with a perfect installation, or because they simply lack the knowledge of devising a tape and number system, most other window tinting companies will choose to skip this tedious procedure altogether.


Yes, this project took a bit longer than others we’ve done for window tinting Tampa. But the extra attention was worth it. Our customer’s were thrilled with beautifully filmed windows that provided a cooler, more energy efficient home and equally impressed with the extra time we took to make their windows look 100% perfect!

The complexity of  glass construction commands the expertise of window film installers that have worked successfully on all types of windows. We are often called to remove film from windows because it was not compatible with the glass or simply haphazardly applied.

If you need a company to evaluate exactly which film will best perform on your glass…. and installers that are specialized and dedicated to take the steps necessary for a perfect installation, call us!

Our evaluations are complimentary and include our signature film demonstrations.

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