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Tampa Window Tinting Company Called to Train Tinters for Edge-Locking Security Film

My attention is naturally focused on the daily management of my  company’s projects.

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However, reputations spread as quickly as grass grows in Florida. I’m actually quite honored that my competence is so well known to my peers in the industry. Its truly fulfilling when the phone rings with requests from other tinting companies wanting their installation crews to  learn my techniques.

I am most often asked to instruct window film installers how to master edge-locking their safety and security films with structural sealant for maximum performance. This application is often referred to as  bonding, edge-locking, or more appropriately,  a  “Wet Glaze Attachment System”.

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Here the film, the glass, and the frame is edge- locked with a structural sealant.


Executed correctly, this integration adds tremendous strength to the entire window system. However, since all windows are not equal, it takes experience and skill to recognize which additional steps are needed to achieve the best results.

When a Wet Glaze Attachment System is used in conjunction with safety and security film, windows become effective barriers to prevent glass-breakage during attempted vandalism and other conditions causing  brute force.  In the event of a glass breach, safety and security film that is edge-locked holds the shards of glass together, eliminating risk for serious and even fatal injuries.

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When you depend on film alone with out the appropriate bonding, beware! Protection will be greatly compromised as film alone doesn’t have the same level of strength and the windows can pop right out of the frame!

While window tinting Tampa and throughout Florida for over 15 years, my installers have become “champion” window film installers and are taught by me personally how to edge-lock any and every type of window system.

Because safety is a paramount objective in the window film industry, I am “all in” and totally committed to helping other companies become champions as well!

Jeremy Shapiro / Owner & Project Manager
High Impact Glass Solutions
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Glass Block Tinting

 Why is Glass Block is So Popular?

It adds beauty to an otherwise plain glass panel while providing privacy.

For aesthetics, the introduction of glass block was an architectural victory. But glass block allows the transmission of light and UV penetration: two factors that cause heat discomfort and fading of interior furnishings.









Our Glass Block Tinting application transforms your blocks into squares that protect you from harmful UV rays with up to 83 percent solar heat rejection. Enhance energy efficiency without compromising the beauty of your glass block with our remarkable exterior films.



For those not living within reasonable travel distance, we offer a DIY kit that can be purchased directly from our website.

Glass Block Tinting 
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