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Window Film Benefits 101

Vista room

You live in Florida. Your residence gets insanely hot. Glare is downright annoying. The air conditioner sounds like the train huffing “I think I can, I think I can”. Electric bills are through the roof. You move your couch and notice the expensive area carpet now has a discolored look. New neighbors from Seattle keep peering in (creepy).

Sound familiar? It sure does to most residents who are not informed about the MANY benefits of window tinting.  And the kicker is that in most cases, the cost of having window film installed pays for itself with reduced energy bills over time. But that’s just for starters.

I like illustrations and track records of proven results to make my point. I’ve posted a few comparison pictures that  show window film acting as a barrier on glass to reduce heat from the sun, cut out glare, and protect interior furnishings and occupants from ultraviolet ray damage.

10690080_858902000787538_6102137058433640713_n   Commercial Before and After Difference

Before Film Application on Left - After Film Application on Right
As clearly seen in these partial installations, filmed windows   dramatically improve a home’s environment. Our ceramic coatings leverage solar absorbing technology to provide high heat rejection without sacrificing your views!

Let’s unpack some window film facts to show you how it works!


Key Benefits of our solar control window films:
*Made with advanced sputter ceramic technology to reduce up to 98% of infrared heat and 58% of total solar energy streaming through untreated glass. Benefits? Your indoor climate is comfortably cool, your a/c stops huffing, and those electric bills start to shrink!

* Same technology reduces glare and eyestrain. Benefits? Less eye fatigue and improved experience watching television and computer screens.

* Made with low visible reflectivity. Benefits? Provides a layer of privacy and uncompromising, crystal clear views to the outside – no matter where you live!

* Made with built-in UV blockers that reduce up to 99% of the sun’s damaging rays. Benefits? Your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays known to cause skin cancer,  reduces interior fading of interior furnishings, and prolongs life to audio equipment and speakers.

* Made to increase safety with exceptional durability. Benefits? Reduces chance of windows from shattering into sharp pieces of glass and with its durability, its optimal for use in demanding coastal environments.

We love window tinting Tampa homes with these benefits!

happy safe family

Protect your investment. Protect your family. Protect your level of comfort. Protect your views. Protect your furnishings. Protect your monthly energy costs.

Consultations are free and we prefer to demonstrate the performance of our films on your windows.  Just one more benefit I thought I’d add!

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Window Tinting Cool News for Hot Views

Coastlines and barrier islands in Florida are replete with condominiums.


For many folks, waterfront living is a lifelong dream. Who wouldn’t enjoy coastal privacy, a beach just steps away,  and the ability to quickly cast off for a day of boating?

But what is the MOST appreciated feature that draws them to waterfront living?

They love the views!


waterview2              beachfront-condo-2

Yet as most waterfront condo owners attest, stunning views also come along with stunning problems:

  • excessive heat
  • distracting glare
  • damaging ultraviolet rays
  • soaring energy costs

In an effort to resolve these problems, many condo owners resort to shades or blinds for cooling rooms down and for protection from ultraviolet ray dangers.  To compensate for this unfavorable decision, lights are turned on to brighten rooms, discomforting heat still radiates through the window covers, and those stunning views? Gone!

We are Tampa Bay’s most trusted window film company  resolving these vexing problems. With the performance of our sun control films and our proficiency with window film installations, we give your condo optimal comfort, safety, AND you’ll have your views back!

Sech before             Sech-left window not done - middle and right finished

Does this glare look familiar?                      Look how our film changes it!

Tainting waterfront condo

Applied to your windows’ interior, our film installations make an amazing difference that can be felt and seen….an absolute “go” for views with “many desirable stops”:

  • STOPS occupants from feeling uncomfortably warm by rejecting up to 78% of Total Solar Energy (with lower TSR, your condo is subjected to far less of the sun’s radiant energy, making  a cooler environment for occupants).
  • STOPS a/c units from running overtime resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • STOPS the sun’s glare to eliminate eye-strain and interference while watching television or working on monitors.
  • STOPS by-passers from peering into ground floor condos.
  • STOPS up to 99% of ultraviolet energy that is harmful to human and animal skin and damaging to fabrics and furnishings.
  • STOPS the need to cover up windows and OPENS up those views that attracted you to the condo in the first place.

Since 2003, we’ve been successfully window tinting Tampa condos to STOP sun-related problems.

We perform free estimates with a display of our sun control films demonstrated on your windows.  We treat this first step as a personalized evaluation based on YOUR CONDO’S GLASS and YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS.

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Solar Window Film Best Answer For Residential Sun Problems

The owners of this rustic, beautifully designed home were overwhelmed with interior heat,  sun glare, energy costs creeping up, and wood floors that were starting to fade.

High Impact Glass Solutions restores comfort and safety to home with window tinting installation g


We addressed each problem so they fully understood why and how our window film would make a huge difference.

Problem #1 – Reduce Heat!
Though they loved natural sunlight filling their home, untreated windows were also allowing heat to enter. Shutters covering the most problematic windows were only blocking their views, not the heat. For this reason, they felt discomforting hot spots and uneven temperatures throughout the residence.
Problem #2 –  Glare Go Away!
Transmitted through untreated glass, glare from sun is problematic all year round. The visibility in this home was adversely effected, making it hard for the family to watch TV and look at computer screens. Here again, using closed shutters was an inferior solution as they blocked views and natural light. With film applied, the shutters could be left open while glare would be reduced by 95%.
Problem #3 – Lower Energy Costs!
According to the EPA’s calculations, up to half of a home’s utility bills can be wasted by heat gain through untreated windows. By simply having us install our solar-reduction film, the amount of heat streaming through their untreated glass would be greatly reduced. This would give the a/c systems an appreciated rest and thereby reduce their cooling bills.
Problem #4 – Stop Further Fading!
Much of their interior floors were showing common results from sun exposure. Simply by allowing daylight to pass through untreated windows, the suns’ rays were damaging their gorgeous wood plank floors. Blocking up to 99.9% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, our window film would help protect their beautiful furnishings from further damage.


High Impact Glass Solutions installs solar window film for cooler and safer residence.

Film was applied on the window to the right of the fireplace. When all windows were filmed, our customers were finally able to keep the shutters open and enjoy natural sunlight to fill the room without any problems….or worries!

Whether you have 4 problems or 14 problems, we provide guaranteed results you can depend on for a lifetime. 

We are the #1 problem solver for window tinting Tampa homes and businesses.

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Got Glare? Get Window Tinting!

Wikipedia defines glare as “difficulty seeing in the presence of bright light such as reflected sunlight….”


We can all agree that wearing sunglasses while looking at TVs and monitors will work to some degree, but really? And besides, glare blazing through windows is only one prong of a much larger problem.  The sun’s discomfort can become disabling and crunch your budget for monthly electric bills.

sun causing glare and heat without window film protection sun-glare

Our solar-reducing window film provides efficient heat rejection at your windows. The powerful benefits resolve all prongs of the problem:

  • Less heat intrusion that gives you exceedingly more comfort.
  • Savings on cooling costs can be up to 30%.
  • Blockage of 99% of UV light to help prevent fading of your furnishings.
  • Privacy without having to pull down the shades.
  • Outside views are visible without discomforting heat.
  • And yes! Glare control to improve visual comfort for screens and monitors.


One of the most priceless benefits of  solar window film  is that in addition to these benefits, the 99% UV ray rejection reduces the risk of skin cancer to your loved ones.

I can’t recall window tinting Tampa homes with so many complaints about glare and heat. Every day our film installations are literally changing lives!

You can see the results of window film technology in comparing one window with film and one without film in one of our recent residential projects.
High Impact Glass Solutions solar film application on one window

Just look at the difference in this condo. The owner flipped when she was able to see views without glare and heat!


Unless you enjoy supporting the electric company or you live in Antarctica, window film will help you feel best, save the most on energy costs, and help you see much better no matter what you’re viewing.

Call us for a free sneak preview of how our solar film will add comfort, energy savings, protection, and LESS GLARE in your residence!

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Less Heat More Cool Comfort Commercial Building Clearwater

The Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa was experiencing  “hot spots and glare” issues.


We have over 16 years of window tinting Tampa’s commercial and government building sector. Our initial energy audit is a crucial step in our evaluation to recommend the best film in any given building for comfort, safety, energy savings, tax savings, and insurance incentives.

The management at the Hyatt Regency continues to feel comfortable with our expertise. Likewise, we continue to deliver cost-saving strategies to restrain rising energy costs while keeping their employees and guests safe and comfortable.





This picture of a half tinted window says it all. We applied Panorama Ceramic CX35  film on the left panes. With less heat penetrating through the filmed glass, glare is noticeably reduced, and after windows were totally filmed, comfort was greatly increased.

Thanks to the performance of our ceramic window film,  all  “hot spots” are now located  in the Spa!


Our recommendation to apply Panorama Ceramic CX35  proved to be the ideal film choice.  Since only a partial area of the building’s side was being filmed, our goal was two-fold. One, install film with the ability to reject extreme heat and two, the film needed to be invisible for aesthetic appeal. Panorama Ceramic CX35 met both goals perfectly!

As with all of our window tinting installations, performance never disappoints. With solar heat and rays blocked, the Hyatt continues to see reduced cooling costs by up to 30% and temperature consistency from one area to another securing overall comfort. Additionally, our solar films block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. From this benefit, the Hyatt’s furnishings have a longer lifespan with less risk of fading.

Think about the “fade-resistant” performance for a minute.  Every one of us has some amount of furniture and we all walk on some type of flooring. Can you imagine the multitude of furnishings that goes into this beach resort with 250 guest suites, restaurants, conference rooms, spas, etc.? Prolonging the need to replace the furnishings alone dramatically effects their annual expenses.

Add to the sonario their additional energy savings and it becomes apparent why having the best window film on the Hyatt Regency’s glass is an essential strategy for a top-performing environment.

Increasing heat problems and rising costs to energy budgets are common problems shared throughout the commercial sector. Call for our complimentary evaluation and window film recommendation tailored to fit your building’s needs.

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