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Tampa Sarasota Orlando Condos Love Heat Reducing Non-Reflective Ceramic Window Films

You find the condo of your dreams with sweeping water views.

It’s not even summer yet and already heat, glare and faded furnishings are becoming REAL problems. Who knew?

Friends advise you to have reflective window film installed on your windows but the condo association has imposed restrictions against film with reflectivity.

No worries….there’s an alternative plan.

For window tinting Tampa‘s waterfront residences, we offer a full selection of non-reflective ceramic films that stop the heat, glare, and UV damaging rays. You gain all  that you need to dramatically improve your situation without losing those breathtaking views!

Prior to our ceramic window film installation, the glare and heat in this condo were making living here unbearable. One last glass door not yet filmed illustrates the huge improvement and visual  difference. The ceramic filmed door eliminated the sun’s rays and glare while keeping the water views beautifully clear.

With its technology to block greater amounts of IR heat without changing the appearance of glass, Solar Gard Panorama Ceramic Film restored our customers’ love for their condo. And the condo association gave their stamp of approval as well.

Solar Gard’s Panorama Ceramic Films are dye and metal free. Their advanced technology makes them durable high-performance films with a lifetime warranty not to corrode no matter how close you are to coastal waterways. 

Call for a complimentary estimate and one of our specialists will also demonstrate how our window films will perform and look on YOUR glass.

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Goodbye Heat/Glare – Hello Cool Ceramic Window Tinting

My team of installers recently headed out to The Villages located in central Florida. Home owners living there were inundated with all the problems that accompany sun streaming through untreated windows. 

Captivating view but lacking protection against the sun’s wrath!

As you can see, their residence and views were indeed gorgeous, but the heat and glare were so strong that this family room became too uncomfortable to enjoy. The Ultra-violet rays were also causing their area carpets and furniture to fade. Neither the wife or the husband wanted to cover up the views. Nor did they appreciate the burden of high electric bills from an overworked air conditioner that was unable to cool the area down.

They were simply overwhelmed.

Solar Gard Panorama Slate 20 window film was chosen to eliminate these problems that we hear on a daily basis window tinting Tampa homes. Our customers would soon be overwhelmed but for entirely different reasons!

The benefits of Panorama Slate 20 would transform their walls of glass into the solution instead of the problem.

* Exceptional solar rejection    performance.
*  Increased energy-                      efficiency.
* Views are crystal clear.
* Up to 79% of solar energy      rejection.
* Heat and glare eliminated.
* Reduced fading inside               and less risk of skin                   damage from UV rays.

Our window film installation with Solar Gard Panorama Slate 20 converted this sun-drenched room into the home’s main attraction offering unhampered views with cool comfort, protection from the UV rays, and added energy efficiency resulting in lower electric bills. 

With only a few panels filmed, the difference was already sensational!

Our customers were ecstatic to have all issues resolved and marveled at how their views never had so much clarity with such a crystal clear look! They were also “blown away” with how our installers took the time and care to put markers where their furniture had to be put back after the installation was completed.  


A long ride but the ability to bring such awesome results and satisfaction to this family made every mile worth it!

Project manager taking picture sweating outside….family so cool and just loving it inside 🙂

Slate Panorama 20 was the ideal window film in The Villages. Call us to see which one of our window films will perform best on YOUR windows.

No matter where we have to travel, our consultations and film demonstrations are conclusive and free!

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Solar Film Window Tinting Solutions

Can you relate to any of these situations?

Hammered by heat coming through windows. Egads, keep that air conditioner going!

Oh no!! I’m still not cool and the energy bill keeps going up!


We moved some furniture around and THIS is what we noticed!

Our expensive wood plank floors have faded.  And how upsetting….our beloved sofa and chairs are loosing their luster as well.

All that talk about fading from UV rays sure looks to be true.


Shut the door, honey. Just way too much glare in the bedroom. You’ll need sunglasses to stay in there!

Experience ANY…. or ALL of these problems?

There is a solution!

Panorama’s Solar Gard’s elite solar film on your windows will have you taking pictures with a smiley-face instead of a sweaty face. Live with less glare, lower electric bills, fading problems greatly reduced, and without window coverings blocking your beautiful exterior views.


Window tinting Tampa Bay homes and condos in coastal areas, we have filmed hundreds of residences where the sun’s heat and glare are especially disruptive and views are particularly appreciated.  Our solar film installation on this water-front home made a world of difference for people living inside…. and eyes looking to the outside.

Unbearable heat entered through untreated glass and too much glare spoiled the ability to enjoy their gorgeous views!
What an amazing difference with filmed windows. Total comfort inside and fantastic unhampered views to the outside!

Our Panorama solar film series is constructed with ceramic based technology. Applied on your windows, the film’s solar heat rejection increases your interior comfort along with up to 30% reductions in cooling costs. Free of dye or metal, these films provide a neutral view while keeping out the sun’s heat and blocks 99% of damaging UV light. And for that annoying glare? Welcome to built-in glare control improving visual  comfort for screens and monitors, and making rooms wonderfully livable even during sunlight hours.

Say “bye-bye” to heat discomfort and so many sun-related problems. Call for your complimentary evaluation and free demonstration of how our solar films will make an extraordinary difference with Panorama performance on your glass. 

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Panorama Window Films Rule Heat and Glare Reduction

Nothing gives your home an open, welcoming flow more than natural light.


Nothing gives your home discomforting heat and sun glare more than natural light.

Prior to window film technology, this dichotomy had no solution other than tolerance and sweat.

Then along came Solar Gard’s Dual-Reflective Panorama Slate Series of window films. Many of our recent projects window tinting Tampa homes and businesses have found spectacular results with the many benefits of Panorama on their glass:

  • Exceptional solar rejection performance with a more neutral finish.
  • Views are maintained with reduced interior and exterior reflectance,
  • Increased privacy by day with minimal reflectivity at night.
  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejection  providing greater
    temperature stability for eliminating hot spots.
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and less risk of skin damage with 99% ultraviolet ray protection.

Look at the beauty and results Slate 20 gave this home!

With the filmed sliders opened a bit the difference the film made was quite obvious. Panorama Slate 20 effectively eliminated the glare and heat while adding a gorgeous hue to the breathtaking view.

The sun hammered the rear of this water front home making their family room uninhabitable. Thanks to the window film installation with Panorama Slate 20, this room is the center attraction in the home and with this view, it should be!

Practically invisible when installed onto glass, you will enjoy your home or office with wide

open blinds, but without any heat and glare!

Sunshine is one of the many reasons we love living in Florida. But too much of a “good thing” is not always best. 

Call us for a complimentary evaluation and demonstration of how our window films can help make your home or office environment comfortable and energy efficient!

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Heat & UV Ray Reducing Window Film Predicted For Hot Florida Winter

Most folks are being pounded with freezing weather.


Here in Tampa Florida? We’re experiencing record highs.


Superb days at the beach or poolside. Back at the ranch, not so superb!

The extended hot weather is causing homes and businesses to contend with summer-like problems. You know…. heat, glare interruption on televisions and monitors, and UV ray dangers filtrating through untreated glass!

With record heat, our installers are busy window tinting Tampa with solar control window film.  These films make a difference no matter what the season is!


  • Clear, distortion-free adhesives bonded to the inside of glass strengthens your windows.
    • Reduces up to 75% of heat.
  • Screens out glare and dangerous Ultra violet rays.
  • Allows you to enjoy outside views in total comfort.
  • Reduces energy costs with less run time on your air conditioner.
  • Lifetime guarantee for superior performance.

fadingUltra violet rays cause an equally disturbing problem that often goes without notice until the damage is already done. When we move furniture during a film installation it is not uncommon to see fading floors. Had there been solar control film on the windows, this could’ve been avoided.

We sure appreciate our beautiful Florida weather. With a solar control window film installation, you’ll appreciate sunny days even more! No heat building up, glare gone for good, far less risk of UV damage, and a more energy efficient environment.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs solar window film for cooler and safer residence.
Amazing! With solar control filmed windows, we can open the blinds and enjoy the views! 

Many installers have years of experience. But its the quality and skill set of experience that counts, not the length of time. For this reason, we are called to mentor window tinters throughout the United States and travel to foreign countries to perform window tinting installations that require our level of expertise.

A complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration are your first steps to a “record-breaking” window film installation!

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