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Vista Window Tinting Tampa #1 Choice

This Month has been Tampa’s Hottest March on Record

How much worse will it be when summer arrives?









From Tampa to Orlando to West Palm Beach, residential and business owners are anticipating the highest electric bills ever. And they’re looking for a company with the best solutions.

High Impact Glass Solutions is that company!

We install heat rejection solar and solar security window films manufactured by the global leader in the industry.

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Eastman’s solution to lowering
your energy costs and promote a
cooler, safer environment without
blocking  the views.

   No Film this side……ah, film over here!
  • Eastman’s portfolio of films satisfy most HOA restrictions
  • The quality and aesthetics of their LLumar/Vista window films are world renowned.
  • The competition simply can’t compare to their PERFORMANCE!
  • Unbiased third party ratings must be earned. Eastman’s  done a great job of that!








Beating the heat starts with our free evaluation and demo of remarkable films on your windows.

High Impact Glass Solutions

Armory Chooses EnerLogic Film


The National Guard is the oldest military branch, with its roots dating back to 1636.  To date, tens of thousands of Guard members are serving in harm’s way, trained and equipped to defend the United States and its interests, all over the globe. Whether on our-home land or overseas, during major emergencies, Guard units assist people endangered by storms, floods, fires and other disasters.

























The Armory in Plant City was in need of solutions for sun glare and early spikes of summer-like heat. When given the ” order” to find the best window film installers, High Impact Glass Solutions was contacted. On our arrival, we found the Armory positioned as a direct target for sun. Besides discomfort, their computers and high-profile equipment were under attack. They needed us to deliver the best strategy so naturally we recommended EnerLogic window film.

Just as no other military branch is quite like the National Guard, no other film can do what EnerLogic does.

Our mission was  accomplished!

I received the following thank you note from SGT Zaccahari Johnson….”Everyone in the armory loves the tint, and your dedication to service and quality is impeccable.”

I say to SGT Johnson and the armory, “working along side such a spectacular group of people, was truly an amazing experience for me personally and professionally.”

Call for our free and best strategic evaluation on how our window films can help you to “beat the heat”.

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