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Marine Window Tinting For Cooler Boating

We have much to boast about. For starters, the Tampa and St. Petersburg area is a true boater’s paradise offering unlimited opportunities for exploring sheltered bay waters or venturing out into the Gulf of Mexico.

However, all is not perfect….even in paradise! Along with boating pleasure, mariners must deal with some rather distressing problems:
extreme heat discomfort, sun glare obscuring views, and the potential of serious skin damage and fading of interior fixtures caused by UV rays.

Acclaimed yacht dealers and boat owners in areas surrounding Tampa/St. Pete, Sarasota, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale, continue to call our team to eliminate these issues. Why us? Because we apply the industry’s most elite marine window film and have the expertise to install it with precision on any boat, any size, anywhere in Florida.

We recently filmed nano ceramic on this spectacular Viking!
Viking for Blog

Yacht tinting 2 Glare and heat before film applied Yacht 5 without glare View and comfort after film applied

Specifically designed for harsh marine environments, our specialty marine film is 100% dye-free, eliminates excessive heat, cuts out blinding glare, delivering  a spectacular performance:

  • High Infra Red heat rejection of up to 96%
  • Less run time for air-conditioning / less fuel consumption
  • Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99%
  • No interference with navigational and communication systems
  • Clearer daytime and nighttime views

With its 100% dye-free and metal free technology,  the Viking’s glass will never succumb to discoloration, fading, or demetallisation.

Speaking of glass, at the end of the film installation, we gave the Viking’s windows our special glass treatment for long lasting protection and beauty. This application, made to withstand a salt-water environment, repels water build-up and preserves the integrity of your vessel’s windows. Definitely something we encourage every boat owner to have.

You can view the difference our glass treatment makes towards the end of this short video:

Call to schedule a complimentary window film demonstration on your boat and discover how you can take your boating pleasure to the next level!

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Tampa Bay Films Boats with Ceramic Marine Tinting

We are Tampa Bay’s #1 Recommended Yacht Tinters

 photo Greatshot.jpg

Blue Moon Starboard

Unlike glass areas in a stationary building, boats introduce architectural challenges. There’s window tinting…and then there’s “yacht” window tinting. It takes the strategy and skill of true craftsmen to  execute precise window film installations on marine vessels.

Much like specialists who strive to be the exception in any professional field, our vast experience and training prepares us to be exactly that – specialists for yacht owners who won’t settle for anything less than excellence!

High Impact Glass Solutions performs an analytic evaluation of your boat’s glass. The formula for success must start with a strategy based on what your particular boat needs for optimal results. We then demonstrate the performance of the recommended films on your glass.

Two of three windows filmed

You can only imagine how delighted this captain was as he noticed the visible difference the film made on the left and right panes of glass. When the installation was complete, he could instantly FEEL the difference as well!

Boaters no longer have to compromise their boating pleasure with discomforting heat, views obscured by glare, the sun’s damaging rays on skin, UV rays fading luxurious interiors or interference with navigational systems. Our selection of films are comprised of the industry’s most elite, non-metallic ceramic window films specifically designed for harsh marine environments and come with manufacturer warranties.

  • High Infra Red heat rejection of up to 96%
  • Significant heat reduction lowers cooling load of air-conditioning and fuel consumption
  • Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99%
  • Nano-ceramic films do not interfere with navigational and communication systems
  • Unlike mirror-like films, our marine films offer clearer navigation views out, both day and night
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free, our true nano-ceramic films do not succumb to discoloration, fading or demetallisation

We believe that every yacht owner deserves to enjoy their boating experiences with ultimate pleasure and safety.

Before you cast off, chart your course with a phone call to our marine film specialists.

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Window Tinting Cool on Hot Tampa Windows

The HEAT Index is Surging into the 90’s. Your a/c system brings you needed RELIEF.

But yikes. Your electric bill brings you nothing but GRIEF!

Golden Retriever puppy








Even with the a/c running, areas of your home never seem to cool down. Furnishings are fading, watching TV with the sun’s glare is annoying, pulled down shades and closed blinds only block views without keeping out the heat, and it’s only MAY!

Time to take action folks!

High Impact Glass Solutions for window tinting Tampa is where you can find action with solutions. We offer the industry’s best performing films that outsmart the sun!

  • Open monthly bills and see them lowered by as much as 30 – 50%
  • Eliminate discomfort from hot spots and  block sun glare by up to 87%
  • Decrease health risks from Skin Cancer Foundation recommended films and protect your family’s skin
  • With 99.9% UV rays blocked, your furnishings will no longer risk fading.
  • Give your windows insulating capabilities for year round energy savings

Best of all-open your blinds, turn off the lights, and enjoy your views!



Best of all, open your blinds, turn off the lights and enjoy the views!


Our lifetime warrantied window films are game changers with visionary solutions.

Call for your complimentary evaluation including a free energy audit!

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Vista Window Tinting Tampa #1 Choice

This Month has been Tampa’s Hottest March on Record

How much worse will it be when summer arrives?









From Tampa to Orlando to West Palm Beach, residential and business owners are anticipating the highest electric bills ever. And they’re looking for a company with the best solutions.

High Impact Glass Solutions is that company!

We install heat rejection solar and solar security window films manufactured by the global leader in the industry.

vista llumar logo


Eastman’s solution to lowering
your energy costs and promote a
cooler, safer environment without
blocking  the views.

   No Film this side……ah, film over here!
  • Eastman’s portfolio of films satisfy most HOA restrictions
  • The quality and aesthetics of their LLumar/Vista window films are world renowned.
  • The competition simply can’t compare to their PERFORMANCE!
  • Unbiased third party ratings must be earned. Eastman’s  done a great job of that!








Beating the heat starts with our free evaluation and demo of remarkable films on your windows.

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Armory Chooses EnerLogic Film


The National Guard is the oldest military branch, with its roots dating back to 1636.  To date, tens of thousands of Guard members are serving in harm’s way, trained and equipped to defend the United States and its interests, all over the globe. Whether on our-home land or overseas, during major emergencies, Guard units assist people endangered by storms, floods, fires and other disasters.

























The Armory in Plant City was in need of solutions for sun glare and early spikes of summer-like heat. When given the ” order” to find the best window film installers, High Impact Glass Solutions was contacted. On our arrival, we found the Armory positioned as a direct target for sun. Besides discomfort, their computers and high-profile equipment were under attack. They needed us to deliver the best strategy so naturally we recommended EnerLogic window film.

Just as no other military branch is quite like the National Guard, no other film can do what EnerLogic does.

Our mission was  accomplished!

I received the following thank you note from SGT Zaccahari Johnson….”Everyone in the armory loves the tint, and your dedication to service and quality is impeccable.”

I say to SGT Johnson and the armory, “working along side such a spectacular group of people, was truly an amazing experience for me personally and professionally.”

Call for our free and best strategic evaluation on how our window films can help you to “beat the heat”.

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