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Heat & UV Ray Reducing Window Film Predicted For Hot Florida Winter

Most folks are being pounded with freezing weather.


Here in Tampa Florida? We’re experiencing record highs.


Superb days at the beach or poolside. Back at the ranch, not so superb!

The extended hot weather is causing homes and businesses to contend with summer-like problems. You know…. heat, glare interruption on televisions and monitors, and UV ray dangers filtrating through untreated glass!

With record heat, our installers are busy window tinting Tampa with solar control window film.  These films make a difference no matter what the season is!


  • Clear, distortion-free adhesives bonded to the inside of glass strengthens your windows.
    • Reduces up to 75% of heat.
  • Screens out glare and dangerous Ultra violet rays.
  • Allows you to enjoy outside views in total comfort.
  • Reduces energy costs with less run time on your air conditioner.
  • Lifetime guarantee for superior performance.

fadingUltra violet rays cause an equally disturbing problem that often goes without notice until the damage is already done. When we move furniture during a film installation it is not uncommon to see fading floors. Had there been solar control film on the windows, this could’ve been avoided.

We sure appreciate our beautiful Florida weather. With a solar control window film installation, you’ll appreciate sunny days even more! No heat building up, glare gone for good, far less risk of UV damage, and a more energy efficient environment.

High Impact Glass Solutions installs solar window film for cooler and safer residence.
Amazing! With solar control filmed windows, we can open the blinds and enjoy the views! 

Many installers have years of experience. But its the quality and skill set of experience that counts, not the length of time. For this reason, we are called to mentor window tinters throughout the United States and travel to foreign countries to perform window tinting installations that require our level of expertise.

A complimentary evaluation and free film demonstration are your first steps to a “record-breaking” window film installation!

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Dual Reflective Window Film For Less Heat and More Views

Enclosed screened porches are often referred to as sun rooms. They serve as casual living areas or they can be used for more formal gatherings.

florida-room-1    florida-room-2

Either way, in Florida we call them Florida rooms.

That makes sense!

Away from pesky bugs and protected from rain, Florida rooms are great areas where families can relax and entertain all year. But because the sun LOVES these rooms, they can also end up being a “nightmarish” addition to homes and condos.

We were called by a gal with an expansive Florida room. Visions of enjoying sunsets while relaxing in the privacy of her Florida room were dashed by glare and overwhelming heat. She tried shades but they only blocked her views and did little to stop the sun’s heat from penetrating through.

After window tinting Tampa homes and commercial buildings for nearly two decades, we’ve mastered filming glass in ANY area. Confident with our ability and pleased with the recommended film, our customer felt very comfortable putting her Florida room into our hands…. literally.


We removed the shades and prepped the glass for our film installation that would deliver a dramatic difference.

We were about to  make her sunset visions become a reality!


Our Dual reflective films provided a high degree of reflectivity on the exterior for blocking the sun’s intense rays and glare, and added privacy. The interior layers of the film which are less reflective gave our customer the best visual clarity when looking out. Her filmed windows were able to reduce up to 79% of the radiant heat, reject 99.9% of damaging UV rays,  and eliminated the glare that interfered with those missed sunset views. 


Finally, this Florida room was ready to be used for the purpose it was initially intended.

Our FREE personalized evaluation and film demonstration effectively define our professional approach and illustrate  how our films transform your glass into the solution instead of the problem.

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Solar Control Window Tinting Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” business or a mega-million dollar corporation, the mission is the same.

“What can we do to reduce expenses and protect our bottom line”?

Window tinting stop money from going out the window

Put in simpler terms, which area can be improved so that we stop throwing hard earned money  out of the the window?

This is a repetitive question so often heard while window tinting Tampa and much of Florida. The question never changes and the solution remains the same.

Our solar-reducing window film installation!

First off, with it’s ability to dramatically reduce heat from coming through windows, window tinting will provide impressive energy savings. Less heat in your building commands less run time from your cooling system.

But there’s more benefits besides saving money with filmed windows. Oh yes, businesses with our solar-reducing window film undergo additional awesome improvements:

  • Less heat makes for improved comfort that employees will be more productive in and customers will enjoy.
  • Reduced UV rays protects everyone’s skin from sun damage and your furnishings from premature fading.
  • Glare that often interrupts looking at monitors, cash registers, etc. is eliminated.
  • Dusty window shades and blinds that blocked views and the beauty of natural light can be removed.

Window tint installation on health food store windows
Window tinting lowered energy costs for this store……imagine what a game changer it provided for these  large commercial buildings.

tower-3-finished with window tinting

Modest or substantial, small business owners and corporate building engineers alike are adding solar control films to help reduce escalating costs from a/c equipment operating at full throttle.

Our films are designed as Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, Silver, and include a Spectrally Select Series. Call now for a complimentary energy audit and a preview of these films on your glass. Experience which one will offer your building the most energy savings, comfort, safety, and aesthetics for years to come!

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Belleair Beach Business “Banks” on Window Tinting Makeover!

The Home Banc in Belleair Beach was in dire need of removing very old, failing window film. It looked nasty and the outdated technology of the existing film did little to stop the bank from heating up inside.

This sonario is nothing new to our installation crews who are busily window tinting Tampa businesses in the Bay area and surrounding locations.  We often head out to Tampa’s beautiful beachy areas and its not for getting a sun tan.

One of our recent projects in Belleair Beach was to make the Home Banc look and feel better. And that’s exactly what we did.

11742653_1031853326825737_5137629831207081043_n 11698716_1031853390159064_4154631679906701645_n

The old film was obviously (and painfully) faded and peeling. Instead of looking appealing, it looked appalling!To give the bank an aesthetic make-over with less sun and heat causing discomfort to employees and customers, we installed our dual-reflective solar-reducing film. Notice the window above the ladder? Ahhhhh….

The film’s reflectivity provided high levels of solar heat rejection and stopped the glaring sun from streaming through the windows. In addition to adding comfort and energy-efficiency, beautiful views could be enjoyed without compromise.

Window Tinting Project Belleair Beach Florida

The tellers were happy, the loan officers were thrilled, the HVAC  system was relieved, the utility bills weighed less, and Home Banc looked awesome!

With free energy audits and complimentary film demonstrations on your windows, call us for solutions to your heat-related needs. You can bank on us!

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