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Seven Solutions Gained From Window Tinting Clear Glass

Architects and builders typically install clear glass windows in homes. With consumer demand for open, spatial sun-lit rooms, glass architecture has responded with an increase in number of windows. Expansive glass has also become more popular. 

Home owners living in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and Orlando traditionally deal with seven major adverse effects that clear glass presents:

  1. Rooms become too hot.  
  2. Cooling systems run non-stop. 
  3. Electric bills are outrageously high.
  4. Glare makes it difficult to watch TV or work on computers.
  5. Ultraviolet rays cause floors and furnishings to fade.
  6. Higher risk for skin cancer and premature aging from unfiltered UV rays . 
  7. Privacy is often non-existent.

Today’s advanced technology window film resolves all seven issues and more.

With our window film added to your home’s existing windows, the degree of solar heat entering through the glass is reduced. Typically, darker films block more heat but with recent advancements in film technology, our newest ceramic coatings are designed with a lighter coating that reduces more total solar energy than standard metalized film. Window film also reduces glare by more than 80% making TV viewing and computer work enjoyable any time of the day.

The filmed left panes enhanced the view while stopping the heat, sun, glare and UV rays.

According to the EPA, approximately half of a home’s utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows. Home window tinting significantly improves energy efficiency and can help save up to 35% or more on cooling costs. With this equation not only will utility bills come down, but over time the film virtually pays for itself.

Less UV means less interior fading and more protection for your family.

Most fabrics, furnishings and artwork can fade simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window. Window film will block up to 99.9% of all UVA and UVB rays, helping to protect your family and preserve the color of your furnishings, carpets and wood floors.

Tinting your home’s windows allows you to enjoy the sunlight inside worry free…. and outside the film adds privacy with an extra touch of elegance!


Our window films have offered solid, life-time warrantied solutions to the sun’s vexing problems for thousands of homeowners throughout Florida. Our diverse selection of films allows our experts to work with you to determine the perfect customized solution for your home. 

Call for a complimentary evaluation and  demonstration of how these remarkable films will look and perform on your windows!

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Window Tinting Tampa Solution UV Ray Fading ~ Skin Harm

As time passes, so does the color of your paintings, floors, and furniture. 

Faded floors may not be noticed until area carpets are moved. With nothing hiding the damage, fading on wall to wall carpeting can be detected sooner. Either way, it’s not a pleasant discovery!

How does this damage occur?

Clear glass windows and sliders allow unmerciful sunlight, heat, and ultraviolet rays to enter your home. UV rays are proven culprits that  fade interior furnishings and are a major factor in causing skin conditions including cancer. The National Cancer Foundation reports that more than 90% of of visible changes commonly associated with aging skin are caused by the the sun.  Not a good diagnosis for your homes interior….or the welfare of your loved ones.

So what’s the remedy?

Our sun-protection film installed on your home’s windows and glass sliders! 

Both “before and after” pictures illustrate how sun-protection film applied on glass acts as an effective barrier to dramatically reduce the contributing factors that cause irreparable damage to your home and occupants. 

  • 99.9% of harmful UV reduction
  • eliminates the need for curtains, blinds, awnings, etc.
  • creates light-filled rooms that are safe and comfortably cool

We offer a variety of shades with different levels of reflectivity to suit each person’s taste. There’s also non-reflective IR heat-blocking films along with reflective and dual-reflective choices to accommodate privacy concerns and HOA deed restrictions when indicated. 

Fitting your home for “sunglasses” that you will love, is not a one minute process. We prefer doing a thorough evaluation and have one of our specialists visit you in your home to also demonstrate how these different films will perform and look on your glass. 

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Window Film Benefits Outweigh Window Replacement

With summer quickly approaching, residential owners are looking at alternatives that will battle discomforting heat in their rooms and rising numbers in their electric bills. 

Many consumers are not aware of the benefits of solar window film.

This lack of knowledge typically results in folks spending a huge amount of money for total window replacement. Fortunately, our customers make the smarter choice. They choose to keep their current windows and add a solar film installation to reap the best solution with less expense. 

Filmed glass vs. clear glass! Film combats glare and heat!

Designed for hot tropical summers, our solar films are delighting our customers with spectacular results:

  • Exceptional solar rejection performance resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Views are maintained with reduced glare that would otherwise stream through clear glass.
  • Increased privacy by day with minimal reflectivity at night.
  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejection  providing greater
    temperature stability for eliminating hot spots.
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and less risk of skin damage with 99% ultraviolet ray protection.

Generally, the cost of window film is about 1/10th the cost of replacing windows. You trade off spending  less money for solar films that are NFRC rated equal to new replacement windows.  AND our films come with a life-time warranty. 

Convinced yet?

Call for a  complimentary visit from one of our specialists and see how our solar film will keep your home cool and energy-efficient this summer!

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Panorama Window Films Rule Heat and Glare Reduction

Nothing gives your home an open, welcoming flow more than natural light.


Nothing gives your home discomforting heat and sun glare more than natural light.

Prior to window film technology, this dichotomy had no solution other than tolerance and sweat.

Then along came Solar Gard’s Dual-Reflective Panorama Slate Series of window films. Many of our recent projects window tinting Tampa homes and businesses have found spectacular results with the many benefits of Panorama on their glass:

  • Exceptional solar rejection performance with a more neutral finish.
  • Views are maintained with reduced interior and exterior reflectance,
  • Increased privacy by day with minimal reflectivity at night.
  • Up to 79% of solar energy rejection  providing greater
    temperature stability for eliminating hot spots.
  • Reduced fading of furnishings and less risk of skin damage with 99% ultraviolet ray protection.

Look at the beauty and results Slate 20 gave this home!

With the filmed sliders opened a bit the difference the film made was quite obvious. Panorama Slate 20 effectively eliminated the glare and heat while adding a gorgeous hue to the breathtaking view.

The sun hammered the rear of this water front home making their family room uninhabitable. Thanks to the window film installation with Panorama Slate 20, this room is the center attraction in the home and with this view, it should be!

Practically invisible when installed onto glass, you will enjoy your home or office with wide

open blinds, but without any heat and glare!

Sunshine is one of the many reasons we love living in Florida. But too much of a “good thing” is not always best. 

Call us for a complimentary evaluation and demonstration of how our window films can help make your home or office environment comfortable and energy efficient!

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Dual Reflective Window Tinting Amazing on St. Petersburg Business

Yoga is a total mind-body workout with incredible results for improving overall health. The Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Petersburg offers a fantastic mix of programs. However, the building lacked energy efficiency and as you can plainly see, the windows were in desperate need of a “window film workout“!


The outside lacked the inviting appeal that this awesome studio deserved and the owners were bogged down under the “weight” of heavy electric bills. 

15974963_1424861730858226_425963625792697747_o   16107372_1424860904191642_2834306902760815990_o

Hot spots throughout the building caused by unyielding sun and heat penetrating through so many window panes caused immense discomfort and ghastly glare. These problems could easily disrupt business and we were not about to let that happen.


Unlike any structure we’ve been in, the building was totally unique inside with it’s original architecture still in tact. Very impressive….but also VERY challenging. Every one of the 128 panes of glass was at least 30 years old. Back then, when these windows were installed, glaze was applied with a trowel. By now, with age and weathering, the glaze and window edges had become utterly disgusting!

The degree of difficulty to tint these windows rose to the top of the scale. Ahem, actually it tipped the scale. Just look at the condition of the glass butted up to the panes!


Okay, because the project became an unusual window film installation,  we devised a special system. Each individual pane was numbered and would be filmed with Solar Gard’s Architectural TrueVue Window Film. The film for each pane was then plotted back at the shop and THEN applied at the job site. This way time was saved and we were able to give every glass the special attention each one needed.

TrueVue window film proved to be the perfect selection for the needs of Body Electric Yoga Company:

Key Benefits

  • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time
  • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night
  • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays
Once the windows were filmed, we  then re-caulked them, filling in any light gaps and definitely giving them badly needed conformity. The difference was totally AMAZING! 




Truly unlike our every day window film project but both the owners and the staff were astonished with such excellent results. So for us it was worth every glass “pain”!

It took tremendous patience and skill to tint and caulk the old, dinosaur crusty windows with such perfection. But that’s what we do window tinting Tampa. Our installers are trained for “excellence”, no matter how difficult the task.

Call us for a free demo of how to improve your building’s interior energy efficiency and comfort… and you got it, how awesome it can look on the outside!

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