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St. Pete Drivers Say No to Paint and Yes to Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Offer Car Owners and Business Owners Big Changes

How about the car you personally drive? Sure, you love it BUT… you’ve been dreaming of a new paint job. That dream could easily turn into a “nightmare”.

  • New paint can’t be changed.
  • Like it or not, live with it.
  • Paint jobs are costly and timely
  • New paint looks nice but adds no layer of protection
  • A less than perfect paint job puts you at risk of depreciating your car’s value

There’s a MUCH better option for making dreams come true!

When changing your vehicle’s appearance, nothing beats a vehicle color change wrap. 

  • Select ANY color imaginable
  • Unlike paint, wraps are not permanent
  • Remove wrap to restore original factory paint
  • Re-wrap when you have another dream
  • Wraps protect your car’s surface
  • Wraps last longer resulting in less $$ spent
  • Wraps add value as opposed to depreciation

Want more than just a color change?
Our graphic wrap designers can get as creative as you want. No look is to subtle or insane for them to achieve.

Wraps add whatever you can conger up. Colors, moods, expressions, graphics. If you can perceive it, get ready to receive it!

But wraps can add even more….

Are you ready for your business to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers? Then vehicle wraps are for you!




Large vinyl decals or graphics are placed directly over the original paint. Besides becoming the most affordable, effective way to attract eye-balls resulting in new business,  wraps add protection to your company vehicles. 

Change of ownership or name change?

No problem! Another benefit for having wraps as opposed to paint jobs is the ability to have wraps removed or switched out for another one without causing any damage to the original paint.

If you’re ready to fall in love with your car all over again….or increase brand awareness and generate new customers through thousands of impressions on the road each day, our designers are ready to knock your socks off!

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High Impact Glass Solutions #1 Referred Window Tinting Company Tampa Bay, Orlando, Sarasota

Consumers expect peak performance from window film installations. Whether it’s to eliminate heat, glare, UV rays or add safety and security, customers deserve nothing less than optimum results. 

But what about the performance of the company you just hired?

Do they want to just “get the job done” and limit your impression to an acceptable film installation? Or will they go beyond the boundaries of simply tinting your windows?

How about an experience that starts from the time your window tinting contractor meets you and ends with much more than merely a job well done. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect from High Impact Glass Solutions. 

We began window tinting Tampa Bay area homes and businesses over a decade ago. Our growth never relied on marketing ourselves as the best thing since buttered bread but rather how we treat YOU, our customers, your property, and all the many extra considerations we offer. The High Impact Glass Solutions experience is what truly sets us apart and has earned us such an outstanding reputation.  

Whether installing window film in homes, businesses, or yachts, strict guidelines are always followed. I personally train my installers to be the “Navy Seals” of window tinting.

The extra ingredient of pride is in every installation!

  • Energy audits and evaluations are extensive and precise.
  • Film recommendations are made from calculations based on your type of glass and manufacturer data.
  • Window dressings are meticulously protected during the process.
  • Tape marks the location where we’ve moved furniture so that it is replaced exactly to its original spot.
  • Booties are put on every time we enter and taken off every time we leave. New booties will be put on for each and every entrance.
  • Our own specialty designed tools and equipment facilitate how effortlessly we can bring all needed items in one trip.  This alone serves as a huge advantage with less door openings that mitigates loss of interior cool air.

To save time many so called “we are the best” window tinting companies simply cattle-drive through installations. Due to lack of skill they will often choose to skip tedious procedures altogether, leaving customers with sub-par work. Time and time again, we are called to remove film from windows because it was not compatible with the glass… or simply haphazardly applied.

Fact is, we’re perfectionists. Compared to other companies that take the fast food approach, we’re considered fine dining where every detail of both the windows AND our customers is supremely important.

We do share one common aspect with our competition: our evaluations are just as free as theirs. But rest assured, we include much more helpful advise, invest more listening to your objectives,  and we include free demonstrations of how our signature films will look and perform on your glass.  

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Pittsburgh Corning Is No Longer Making Glass Blocks?

Pittsburgh Corning has been the leading global glass block manufacturer for the past 79 years.  Unable to recover from the housing market crash in 2008 and feeling pressure from a growing insurgence of foreign imports, Pittsburgh Corning will no longer be making glass blocks.

However, the demand for glass block from consumers and architectures is on the rise!

What attributes to this popular demand?

The WOW factor!

It’s obvious to see that glass block adds beauty and luster that plain, traditional glass can’t. Whether used in a residence or an office building, glass block can change the ordinary to looking quite extraordinary!

Then why do so many home owners, property managers, and business owners call Glass Block Tinting!

Glass block technology allows transmission of sun light to enter rooms but it does so without the ability to decrease the sun’s heat, glare, and ultraviolet penetration.  Areas can become so uncomfortably hot and the glare can become so disruptive that until now,  options for relief were limited and not at all “glass block friendly”!

  • Thermal screens
  • Solar shades
  • Custom window treatments

We’ve even seen “tin foil” taped to blocks!

Except for the tin foil option, the other mentioned alternatives are  quite expensive.  And honestly? Your rooms would be dark and the awesome glass blocks that you love so much would be hidden.

Glass Block Tinting offers the most affordable, most effective solution without minimizing the beauty of your glass blocks!


With this glass block window in multiple areas of their home, the discomfort became intense. They picked out film with the highest degree of heat  and glare resistance.



Same window from an exterior view illustrates how the film compliments the glass blocks. With our specialty tint applied on all of their blocked areas, our customers were  totally overjoyed with  the comfort inside without having to cover up their windows.


The Perfect Solution!

Our exterior window tinting  is customized to fit any size glass blocks, eliminates 99% of UV rays with up to 83% solar heat rejection.  Without hiding your glass block architecture, our tinting application enhances  the glass block allure and adds energy efficiency and UV protection. 

For those not living within reasonable travel distance from our Florida based company, we offer a DIY kit that can be purchased directly from our website.  Our DIY  kits are shipped worldwide as the film is remarkably resilient in any climate.

One of our long distance customers sent us pictures of herself applying tint using our DIY installation kit.


Her completed project! She is now able to fully enjoy the large entry foyer of her beautiful home!

If you have glass block in your home or office, or have plans to include glass block architecture in the future, we encourage you to visit Glass Block Tinting.  

Glass Block Letterhead

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Decorative Window Film Adds More Than Privacy

For homes and businesses needing privacy, dimension, or merely a refreshing look, our selection of decorative window films deliver affordable, stunning results.

In response to window tinting Tampa with specialized customer requests, we combine creativity and expertise to unleash the unlimited possibilities of how our decorative window films can embellish and improve your “space”. 

Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, our films offer many other benefits:

  • Decorative films ensure privacy without causing an area to
    become dark.
  • Decorative films are a smart solution for hiding unattractive areas.
  • Our selection of decorative films offer varying  levels of translucency, allowing the home or business owner to choose how much light is desired.
  • To transform areas to look trendy or traditional, we offer a variety of textures and designs fora fraction of the cost of etched glass.

Hotel doors with no film.

Same doors after film applied. 

Decorative window films create visionary solutions that make a tremendous difference. Privacy, dimension, appearance….whatever you envision we can provide the right  film and perfect installation. 

Often times our customers request something that requires us to custom cut and hand-splice a specific design that they personally have in mind.

No problem!

This office wanted privacy with borders of light around each panel.  When done we helped to create exactly what they asked for.
The offices had the privacy they needed with the design they wanted.

Its really all about great communication and having the products and the skills to deliver exactly what customers need. In many cases our own suggestions will shed light on a course they hadn’t thought of. We love to see their level of expectation soar and at the end of the day, everyone knows they’ve been given more than they thought possible.

There’s no limit to put on decorative films. Whether you want something subtle or sensational, either look can be amazingly functional.

We can customize a corporate logo or signage while bringing color and texture to your glass. We can diffuse, focus,  or block light completely. We can listen to you and add or eliminate whatever you can dream of.

Call for a complimentary evaluation where we will demonstrate the beauty and benefits of these remarkable films on your glass.

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Decorator Film Adds Privacy to Dunedin Offices



Mease Manor is an innovative retirement community offering an active lifestyle along with a skilled medical facility and a myriad of benefits in Dunedin, Florida. It has long been revered for its dedication to retirees with unique needs.

Some office areas within Mease Manor were designed with no privacy whatsoever. Their objective was to add privacy to these offices without creating a closed-in feeling or too much darkness. Actually, it was the traditional “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” question that we hear so often.

Can we make it just right?

We’ve been making it just right for many years window tinting Tampa and surrounding area businesses with this very same problem. We offer a broad selection of frosted films designed with a variety of transparencies and light transmissions providing different degrees of privacy. When and where needed, we also have the expertise to hand cut film to customize any look that is desired.

Once everyone decided on just what they wanted, we began installing one of our most popular frost films.


As we progressed, so did the smiley faces on the office workers and management:-)

High Impact Glass Solutions installing privacy frost window film on offices      14670642_10211373187431198_3108356541152677631_n

So many folks benefit from having this senior living community that offers top notch quality care. Mease Manors’ reputation made their project especially satisfying for me. As an established Tampa based contractor, it was very gratifying to accommodate their need for privacy and add a bit of flare to their various offices.

Possibilities are truly endless when we combine your creativity with our selection of classic, elegant,  or patterned decorative films.

You visualize it and we’ll customize it.

Call for an exciting free preview of how we can transform your work spaces, lobbies, entrances, conference rooms….. virtually any of your building areas into whatever you can imagine!

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