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Heat, Glare, UV Rays Continue to Blast Tampa

Sizzling September Expands Window Tinting Tampa to Sarasota-Orlando

Our skilled installers are bringing solutions to home owners and commercial buildings throughout Florida









Uncomfortable heat lingers, UV rays continue to pose dangers, sun glare distorts high def pictures and computer images, and a/c systems are still running at warp speed. High Impact Glass Solutions  is window tinting Tampa with performance proven window films to resolve these issues:

  • Reduced monthly electric bills
  • 99.9% UV rejection
  • Comfort and safety without compromising views
  • Increased privacy

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Window Tinting Solution For Glass Block

Museum Chooses Window Tinting to Resolve Glass Block Heat Issues

I’m not talking about dinosaur bones or cavemen skulls.







I’m referring to the prestigious Mullin Automotive Museum in Los Angeles California which houses vintage automobiles worth hundreds of millions of dollars.















The Museum was designed with an a/c monitoring system to keep the interior show rooms cool around the clock. To the surprise of the Museum’s curators, the power unleashed by the sun every day was too much for their air conditioning systems to handle.








UV rays and heat build-up were causing colors to fade, irreplaceable wood detailing on many of the cars to crack, and discomforting heat for the thralls of visitors. Constructed with 1,014 blocks of glass around the circumference of the building, there was provision for plenty of privacy. But if left untreated any longer, the UV damage alone would risk the condition of the museum’s irreplaceable inventory.

With no solution in sight, the museum’s concerned staff searched to find a miracle. That’s when they heard about High Impact Glass Solutions and our Glass Block Tinting Division!


Rolls of film and hand tools were shipped to LA. Plane flights were arranged and before we knew it, one by one, we began the task of tinting 1,014 glass blocks.



Noticeable difference as blocks were progressively tinted.





Block by block the museum shaped up beautifully!








With all blocks tinted, cars were no longer in danger, energy efficiency was added to the museum, and comfort for visitors was restored. 

Whether it’s antique collectibles… or your family that needs protection, contact us for a free estimate with samples of our exemplary films on your windows. 

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Armory Chooses EnerLogic Film


The National Guard is the oldest military branch, with its roots dating back to 1636.  To date, tens of thousands of Guard members are serving in harm’s way, trained and equipped to defend the United States and its interests, all over the globe. Whether on our-home land or overseas, during major emergencies, Guard units assist people endangered by storms, floods, fires and other disasters.

























The Armory in Plant City was in need of solutions for sun glare and early spikes of summer-like heat. When given the ” order” to find the best window film installers, High Impact Glass Solutions was contacted. On our arrival, we found the Armory positioned as a direct target for sun. Besides discomfort, their computers and high-profile equipment were under attack. They needed us to deliver the best strategy so naturally we recommended EnerLogic window film.

Just as no other military branch is quite like the National Guard, no other film can do what EnerLogic does.

Our mission was  accomplished!

I received the following thank you note from SGT Zaccahari Johnson….”Everyone in the armory loves the tint, and your dedication to service and quality is impeccable.”

I say to SGT Johnson and the armory, “working along side such a spectacular group of people, was truly an amazing experience for me personally and professionally.”

Call for our free and best strategic evaluation on how our window films can help you to “beat the heat”.

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Heating Bills Shrink With Insulating Window Film


Less need for air conditioning means the thermostat is off, right?


Good bye to scorching summer temps but “hello” to record breaking lows this winter.

Turn up the heat!

The realtor didn’t inform Slinky about the cold fronts we can get….

Don’t look so forlorn Slinky. Weve helped many canine friends and their owners feel much more comfortable while window tinting Tampa.

EnerLogic Film saves you money all year round – no matter what season it is!

This extraordinary film revolutionizing glass technology. Imagine, window film with insulating properties so advanced, it keeps heat out during the summer but keeps heat IN during the winter!

EnerLogic film has more benefits than all traditional films with a payback time that beats ANY film out there.

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West Palm Beach & LLumar High Impact Window Film

Some Projects are More Challenging than Others.

The Palm Beach County Governmental Center was one of them.

For this window film installation to meet our standards of perfection, many windows had to be removed, filmed, and then reinstalled.








While installing the safety and security film, we encountered structural issues which dictated how the installation would be done. The interior walls were designed so that they actually butted up to the midway mark on the windows. With windows partially covered, we were not able to access entire panes.

Given this situation, many companies would cut corners by installing two separate pieces of film, omitting film on the covered glass areas. Such practices cause two unacceptable problems:

  1. the exterior of the building does not look right from an aesthetic perspective
  2. the lack of film continuity diminishes the impact protection considerably

Obstructed windows were removed from their frames, making sure that at all times we followed the manufacturer’s specifications. Once removed, we were able to film the entire panes of glass and then apply our “Dow Corning Wet Glaze Attachment System” to every pane. This resulted in fully filmed glass bonded by an attachment system that gave them extra strength and security.

So what does this say about our company?

Whether window tinting Tampa or conducting film installations throughout the state, we  promise perfection. We are accustomed to challenges and always customize installations to make sure that our promises are delivered!

Call us for your free consultation and complimentary demonstration of how our window tinting will perform on your glass!

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