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Window Film Protection for Your Home

Florida’s coastline harbors some of the most beautiful homes adorned with stunning custom windows. These beautiful windows are designed to allow natural light to enter and fill the massive interior.

But…this sonario also causes these homes to become vulnerable targets for the unfavorable dynamics of extensive sun exposure.  Lack of energy efficiency, too much heat, fading, glare interference, and loss of privacy are commonly expressed concerns. 

Our LLumar solar window films remove the problems… and keep the priceless views!

Untreated Windows  are Prime Targets for the Sun’s Wrath!
Filmed Windows – the “Clear” Solution for the Sun’s Adverse Effects!

High Impact Glass Solutions has a selection of cost-effective films to improve the climate and energy efficiency of your home! 

Home owners can expect long-lasting results with our film installations:

  • Solar-reducing properties lower % of heat coming through glass
  • Heat reduction increases level of comfort
  • Spend less money on cooling costs
  • 99% UV rejection prevents fading of furniture, carpets,  artwork, hardwood and prized possessions
  • Improves TV viewing and working on monitors with 94% less glare

Tinting the windows and glass sliders in your home is a  wise investment. The benefits of filmed glass are  enormous whether you are seeking glass enhancement, home energy savings, adding privacy, reducing UV rays and glare…….or all of the above!

We offer free estimates and complimentary demos of how our films will look and perform on your glass!

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Windows Do NOT Need Dark Tint to Stop Heat, Glare and UV! Surprised?

The storefront glass of The Woodfield Art Gallery faces the sun, making it a direct target for heat, UV rays and eye-squinting glare.

The owner’s objective was to block the sun without impeding outside traffic from clearly seeing his gallery’s impressive exhibits.

The great misconception…

As many of our store front customers are discovering, window film does NOT have to be dark to block the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays! Thanks to today’s ceramic technology, businesses can protect what’s inside while still attracting new customers from outside.

Like the Woodfield Art Gallery, our ceramic film installations window tinting Tampa storefronts bring highly effective solutions. Filmed windows with a light tint can keep out the heat, glare, and damaging UV rays…. but not the customers! 

Call for our free estimate and complimentary window film demonstration. 

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Window Film Keeps Tampa Businesses Cool

Rising temperatures remind Tampa Bay business owners and property managers about blasting heat, high cooling costs, and irritating glare issues invading their businesses.

Efforts to improve these issues include curtains, shades, blinds, shutters, etc. 

Unfortunately, none of these options will stop the persistent heat. They only block views and impede the flow of  natural  light.


How do we help resolve these very typical problems?

Window tinting Tampa businesses with solar blocking window film  on the interior surface of glass windows and doors stops up to 85% of the heat and nearly 100% of the glare and UV rays.

And open views with the translucence of natural light  are not compromised!

Solar blocking film is like putting sun glasses on your windows….only better!

Cell phones and HDTV’s are not the only advancements in technology. Until recently, window film coatings were traditionally dark and reflective with limited choices. Thanks to huge strides in the window film industry, today our customers choose films specific to meet their needs. Graduating from virtually clear to softer or darker hues, all of our solar blocking films  improve interior comfort, block the glare, and increase energy efficiency.

Estimates are free and include complimentary demonstrations of how our window films will look  and perform on your glass!

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Heat-Glare-UV Ray Reduction Commercial Window Film

Commercial store owners and property managers in Florida choose Vista window film for its impressive ROI and many benefits.

  • Balances building temperatures for comfort.
  • Reduces load on a/c systems for lower cooling costs.
  • Controls glare by 95%.
  • UV ray elimination.

A third or so of an average building’s cooling load is caused by solar heat gain through windows. Vista’s Energy Saving window film  reduces this heat from entering through windows and results in significant reductions in heating and cooling costs. Other benefits include:

  • Evens temperature distribution to eliminate hot and cold spots.
  • Cuts sun glare for reduced eye strain.
  • 99.9% UV reduction helps to protect fabrics and flooring from sun damage.
  •  Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation to effectively  block dangerous UVA and UVB ray responsible for causing skin cancer.
  • Performs  as a safety shield to keep broken glass in place and deter break-ins.
  • Allows natural light to enter buildings safely without compromising views.
  • Offers film shades to beautify glass for aesthetic enhancement.

As a part of the SelectPro dealer network, High Impact Glass Solutions delivers an outstanding experience that starts with the moment we meet our customers. Our Vista film is backed by Eastman Chemical Company’s limited warranty and your complete satisfaction for the actual installation is backed by us! 

Call the #1 referred commercial window tinting Tampa company and encounter the Vista difference in your building!

Consultations are free and include complimentary window film demonstrations of how Vista will look and perform on your glass!

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Window Tinting to Ramp Up Security & Knock Out The Sun’s Heat

Folks in the Tampa Bay area deal with difficult issues throughout the year.

Tropical weather heats up homes and buildings causing discomfort and high monthly a/c bills. 

Too much heat and glare Insane $$ to cool off this lounge area

Home invasions and business smash-n-grab occurences are heating up too!

  They enter through your glass

Extreme heat and safety are serious problems.

But they can be resolved!

Our Vista 8mil security & solar films add powerful strength to windows and glass doors to deter, delay and even deny a burglar’s access AND once applied on your windows they eliminate heat, glare, and skyrocketing electric bills.

Our film solutions work because they start with ……..

Window film~ best defense against penetration thru glass!

Our window film installations also offer….

A remarkable difference in how you feel and what you see!

Optimize your safety against predators, add comfort and energy efficiency to lower monthly electric bills, and enjoy the views!

Call for a complimentary estimate and experience the safety and crystal clear benefits of Vista!

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