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Hands-Free Measuring With One-Of-A-Kind Clipboard Holster

As a contractor installing window film for the past 15 years, a clip board is essential for writing diagrams and measurements. By nature, I am always striving to make my tasks less tedious, easier, quicker, and more professional.

A clip board’s been around since the cavemen, so what was so troublesome that I was suddenly driven to improve its functionality?

Problem #1 – Time could be saved if I didn’t have to hold the board with one hand while writing and then set it down somewhere while measuring.

Problem #2 It would be advantageous to have my measuring tape, calculator and markers conveniently within reach without fumbling around. (I can’t be the only one this happens to)?

Problem #3Holding the clipboard with knees might have been fine for cavemen but, c’mon, I’m a professional contractor!

Problems resolved!

Add “measures” of conveniences with our newly designed hands-free, knee-free, fumble-free Quick Draw Clipboard Holster!

  • Clipboard fits perfectly into the pocket so your hands are free to perform other tasks
  • Holster is constructed with 2″ elastic for a universal, comfortable fit for every size waist
  • Pockets hold tape measures, calculators, markers, etc.
  • Helps to make any contractor look more professional

Save time, add efficiency…. and NEVER hold a clipboard with your knees again!

Check out the Clipboard Holster and our product line of one-of-a-kind tools and accessories on our website.