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New Technology Ceramic Film Best Window Tinting Performance

Purple is such a beautiful color….. uh, unless it happens to be your window film!

High Impact Glass Solutions purple film removal

Yes, this actually was the color of film we recently removed from a customer’s home.


Unfortunately, many folks have film on their windows that was made with older technology, containing dyes or metal.  Over time, this outdated film gets bleached by the sun, turns to a nasty purple color and stops blocking the sun’s rays and heat altogether. 

In the tinting world, this is called ” failing film”.

Okay, purple yuk finally gone. To make our customers happy-happy, we began applying our ceramic heat rejection films. Made with the newest technology, these films are free of dyes and metal that would result in discoloration and come with a lifetime warranty. They provide remarkable heat rejection with reductions to  infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, annoying glare AND they look AWESOME! 

High Impact Glass Solutions intalling ceramic film to replace failing purple film

Notice the beautiful clear view on the left filmed glass as compared to the right unfilmed glass with glare, sunlight, and heat entering.

When we’re window tinting Tampa purple doesn’t exist!


Our ceramic window film installation is completed. With beautiful sparkling windows to look through and MUCH cooler inside, our customers feel like they’ve moved into a new home!

Tired of living with ineffective failing film?

Or your windows have no film and you’re simply tired of feeling hot in your home?

Call the #1 recommended window film company in SW Florida for a complimentary window evaluation and free film demonstration on your glass!

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Window Tinting Cuts Down a Yacht of Heat

No one is more subjected to discomfort and dangers from the sun than boat owners.

High Impact Glass Solutions install window film to reduce heat and glare

Intense glare, extreme  interior heat, and the dangers from UV rays  adversely effect fun days on the water.

But we put the “fun” back into boating!

It takes three elements to bring long lasting, successful solutions to eliminate these problems for yacht owners:

  • installation skills gained from years of hands-on experience
  • being a dealer that offers the best performing marine films
  • a personal drive for perfection no matter what it takes to overcome each boat’s challenges.

One of our recent marine projects was for a yacht that first needed film removal.  Having the wrong film installed that can not withstand a harsh water environment over time is a common mistake many boaters make. Such was the case here.

After removing the faded, purplish looking film, we proceeded to apply Solar Gard’s Panorama Ceramic 35.

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard marine film installation

anna-maria-2    anna-maria-4

With failing film removed, the new Panorama Ceramic 35 delighted the owner with results he hoped for and more:

  • greatly improved interior comfort by rejecting up to 58% of total solar energy blasting through untreated glass
  • increased air-conditioning efficiency with less fuel consumption
  • low visible reflectivity provided clear views to the outside and reduction of glare causing eye strain
  • no more interruption with operating navigational systems
  • decreased risk of skin cancer and helped to stop  the fading of beautiful interiors with 99% of the UVA and UVB rays blocked

Exceptional durability makes Panorama Ceramic film the optimal choice for use in coastal environments. Every boater can enjoy cruising the waterways with comfort, safety, protection….and fun!

Before you chart your next voyage, call for a free demonstration of how our ceramic film can take your boating pleasure to the next level!

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Heat and Glare Blocked with Solar Gard Ceramic Window Film

With it’s Mediterranean appeal, this grandiose home was brimming with a very cool look.

HIgh Impact Glass Solutions installs ceramic window tint to stop heat and glare in St. Petersburg home

But with so many oversized windows, the rear of the home was brimming with nothing but HEAT!



It was truly a target for the sun’s damaging rays. The immense build up of heat was sadly turning the entire back of the house into a sauna! And the glare bouncing off TVs and monitors was not helping matters.

To eliminate these problems we recommended installing  Solar Gard’s CX Series window film on all rear glass windows and sliders. Constructed with ceramic based technology, free of dye or metal, these films would provide a neutral, non-reflective view while keeping out the heat and glare that was so uncomfortable and interruptive.

High Impact Glass Solutions installing Solar Gard Panoramic window film on rear of home


Panorama CX 35 proved to be the ideal window film!










Notice less sun infiltration and glare coming through the filmed panel on the left. Living up to its reputation, Solar Gard Panorama CX35 reflected significant solar energy that resulted in considerably less heat and glare transmission. Even during sun peak hours on the hottest days, the family was able to fully enjoy ALL of their home.

If you enjoy the heat in a sauna, make an appointment by calling one!

If your home feels like a sauna, cool off by calling us!

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Heat Reducing Window Tint A Ringer For Tampa Business

High Impact Glass Solutions installs heat reducing window tinting Tampa business

One Touch Direct Direct is an industry leading call center in Tampa. Their building’s appealing architecture included lots of windows. This feature allowed unwanted “one touch direct ” heat from the sun, making rooms hot, attendant’s eye’s squinting from the glare on monitors, and energy bills to escalate.

It didn’t take long to surmise the problem… or the solution.

High Impact Glass Solutions instaling Panarama window tinting on Tampa commerical building


With Panorama solar control window film, they
would enjoy “direct” result driven benefits that would address their concerns.


With its proven heat-rejection properties, Solar Gard’s Panarama series window films can help businesses consume up to 30% less energy for cooling. They also reject up to 79% of solar energy to regulate heat absorption thereby making for a much cooler working environment.

As for glare? Gone!

High Impact Glass Solutions Solar Gard Panarama window film installation on Tampa business
Glare and heat are reduced on left side panels where the glass is filmed!
High Impact Glass Solutions applying Solar Gard Panaram film on Tampa business glass
Panel by panel our film transformed the building’s appearance, greatly improved the working environment, and made One Touch Direct energy efficient!


One Touch Direct is another customer that we’ve been able to help overcome the challenges that many businesses share. We hope to help YOU as we continue window tinting Tampa with our expertise and remarkable performing window films. When it comes to making energy-efficient changes to your building, our selection of heat reduction window films are the proven choice for both your budget and the environment.

Call for your free energy evaluation with a demonstration of how our films will perform on your glass!

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Solar Control Window Tinting Best Option for Commercial Buildings

Whether you’re a “mom and pop” business or a mega-million dollar corporation, the mission is the same.

“What can we do to reduce expenses and protect our bottom line”?

Window tinting stop money from going out the window

Put in simpler terms, which area can be improved so that we stop throwing hard earned money  out of the the window?

This is a repetitive question so often heard while window tinting Tampa and much of Florida. The question never changes and the solution remains the same.

Our solar-reducing window film installation!

First off, with it’s ability to dramatically reduce heat from coming through windows, window tinting will provide impressive energy savings. Less heat in your building commands less run time from your cooling system.

But there’s more benefits besides saving money with filmed windows. Oh yes, businesses with our solar-reducing window film undergo additional awesome improvements:

  • Less heat makes for improved comfort that employees will be more productive in and customers will enjoy.
  • Reduced UV rays protects everyone’s skin from sun damage and your furnishings from premature fading.
  • Glare that often interrupts looking at monitors, cash registers, etc. is eliminated.
  • Dusty window shades and blinds that blocked views and the beauty of natural light can be removed.

Window tint installation on health food store windows
Window tinting lowered energy costs for this store……imagine what a game changer it provided for these  large commercial buildings.

tower-3-finished with window tinting

Modest or substantial, small business owners and corporate building engineers alike are adding solar control films to help reduce escalating costs from a/c equipment operating at full throttle.

Our films are designed as Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, Silver, and include a Spectrally Select Series. Call now for a complimentary energy audit and a preview of these films on your glass. Experience which one will offer your building the most energy savings, comfort, safety, and aesthetics for years to come!

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