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EnerLogic Window Film For Cold Tampa Weather

Winter in Tampa Looks to be Unusually Cold

dog wearing sweater

Schnitzel, yes you feel cold, but I promise that you’re way better off than those four guys below!


Besides, High Impact Glass Solutions is installing EnerLogic window film to keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter!

EnerLogic is different. EnerLogic low-e film actually insulates glass. Once installed, Schnitzel will be using his sweater for tug of war again. 

enerlogic logoSimply said, EnerLogic Film is designed to insulate your windows during colder months thereby eliminating the need to raise your thermostat. In extreme cases when it feels like Ohio instead of Florida, it sure it great to know that EnerLogic is engineered to direct the heat back into your living space.

enerlogic chart

In summer, much liked traditional window film, EnerLogic keeps the heat out.  But in winter, EnerLogic does what reflective film can’t do. It locks the heat inside.

EnerLogic pane window illustration

EnerLogic film insulates single pane windows to perform like double pane windows!

Tall picture of Jermy hanging film
Before Film Application on Left - After Film Application on Right
NUCH less glare with EnerLogic on right glass door!
before and after
EnerLogic is ideal  for  stopping  heat & glare reflection off  water.  Compare  the unfilmed window on the left  to the center and right glass we filmed!

Your home is your castle. Give it the royal treatment with a film that is in a class of it’s own for savings and comfort in every season.

Call today for your free consultation and experience samples of this revolutionary film on your windows!

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Best Marine Tint For Clearwater Yachts

Occasional Florida Winter On The Beach

cold in Florida
White cap waves but no white snow man! Brrrr…

So okay, it’s a bit nippy now. But the Clearwater boating forecast shows a warming trend for window tinting Tampa and the Tampa Bay area!

Our marine tinters are prepared and our shop is stock-piled with Huper Optik nano-ceramic, the #1 choice for mariners that want the finest film with long lasting results:

  • exceptional durability for use in the harshest environments
  • coating that does not succumb to fading or demetallisation
  • superior Infra-Red heat rejection and Ultra Violet properties
  • nano-ceramic films that won’t interfere with navigational systems
  • Unlike traditional mirror-like films for clear  views day or night

Yacht owners’ expectations are always exceeded with the results from Huper Optik Film and appreciative of our white glove glove tint applications. After all, at High Impact Glass Solutions we believe that the best window film must be teamed up with the best installation!

Call now for a free estimate and evaluate the samples from our film portfolio on your yacht’s glass. We are always happy to illustrate just how awesome our films perform BEFORE we install them!

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Best Yacht Tinting in Tampa

Frigid Temps Draw Boaters To Tampa Waterways


No wonder window tinting tampa yachts have kept my crews busier than ever!

Less glare as film is installed
As “heat-shrinking film” experts, this windshield will soon be free of heat, glare and UV rays!
Side shot of Westport
Fully tinted, a happy “cooler” captain and his family prepare  for their next voyage!

C’mon down snowbirds and prepare to receive our signature white glove window film treatment! Your yacht will be transformed with our Huper Optik Ceramic Film that will make the trip down worth every mile! To add even more goodies into the mix we’ll apply a Clear Shield Glass Application that will give your windows better visibility and better performance in ANY weather!

As soon as you arrive…..or while on the way, call us for your complimentary film evaluation and Clear Shield demo. We’ll meet you at the dock or wherever your boat is stored.

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