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Window Film Lowers Energy Costs For Commercial Sector-Tampa-Orlando

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Recognized Eastman Chemical Company With High Honors in 2014



EnerLogic Low-E Film offers the most advanced and exciting breakthrough technology for superior energy management


       Revolutionary EnerLogic Window Film Benefits:

  • Keeps solar heat gain out during summer and radiant heat inside through colder months resulting in year round energy savings
  • Gives the insulating performance of dual-pane glass to single-pane glass…and triple-pane insulating performance to dual-pane glass
  • Utility bills and HVAC  run times are reduced throughout the entire year to bring about an energy cost savings of up to 15% annually
  • Allows more natural light transmission with minimal UV radiation, glare and solar heat gain
  • Outside views are no longer covered up with closed shades or blinds
  • Increased comfort for occupants results in higher productivity
  • A fraction of the cost compared to window replacement
  • A full return on investment may be expected in three years or less

Vista’s EnerLogic low-e glass insulation film is the #1 window film for facilities seeking the utmost energy conservation that also provides an improved building appearance.

Armoryglass building 1windows 2        sealSolid
glass building 1glass building 1business people

With EnerLogic film installations, our customers feel the extraordinary difference in the work place, appreciate the beauty of EnerLogic on their building’s exterior, and reap from the impact of Vista’s EnerLogic Film to their bottom line.

We also conduct free energy audits and complimentary demonstrations of how this dynamic window film will perform on your windows and achieve results you never thought possible!

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Tampa Prepares For Summer Heat With Window Tinting

The North is Finally Seeing The Last  of Snow….They Hope!

cars leaving florida 2

The caravan headed north is a heat alert to Floridians to prepare for the hot tropical weather that will soon be coming our way!

There is no respite from soaring heat when we have to run our cooling systems constantly. No doubt, sun blasting through windows can have undesirable results: an uncomfortably warm to hot environment, outrageous utility bills, and fading interior furnishings and skin cancer exposure due to UV rays.

What is the best solution?

Our Energy Saving Solar Window Films!

Look at the window panes we applied film on and compare them to the ones that have not been filmed yet.. Glaring difference!

Before 2 After film

High Impact Glass Solutions proudly represents the most reputable and advanced films in the industry:

  • Huper Optik USA offers high heat rejection with an incomparable clarity without a reflective look. If your home is required to meet HOA restrictions, Huper Optik’s non-reflective appearance make it your ideal film of choice
  • EnerLogic Low-e patent-pending technology is recommended for homeowners that want to add insulating power to their windows for energy savings all year round. EnerLogic is the perfect combination of German technology and performance resulting in the most energy efficient window film on the market.
  • Vista Window Films are a home run for energy savings, ranging in exuberant tints to subdued aesthetic appeal and provide an affordable option to window replacement.


Huper House 1


Confused with which film is right for your  home?


High Impact Glass Solutions knows that every house is unique and that our customers’ needs and budgets vary. Keeping this in mind, we eliminate any confusion with a complimentary evaluation and free demonstration with the film samples on your windows. Our trained, highly experienced staff  have “come to the rescue” window tinting Tampa since 2003.

Summer is on it’s way…..your coolest decision  is just a call away!

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Tampa Energy Saving Ceramic Window Tinting

Floridian Home and Business Owners Share Common Questions

businesswoman holding question mark sign in head

How do I conserve energy, reduce heat and  see a reduction on my monthly electric bills?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely! High Impact Glass Solutions are the experts for installing window film applications that increase the efficiency of your windows and decreases the numbers on your energy bills!

Huper image with glass panes

 Hüper Optik’s Nano-Ceramic Smart Films offer unprecedented solutions with residential lifetime warranties and 15 year commercial warranties.

  • Conserve energy, and reduce Infra-Red heat gain up to 96%
  • Protect valuable interior furnishings and prevent UV damage to skin
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free; no discoloration and demetallisation found in traditional films
  • patented nano-ceramic film with German technology
  • non-reflective feature makes Huper Optik ideal for deed restricted communities
  • Add comfort and enhance the aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Superb Total Solar Energy Rejection is a “green” light for the commercial sector

Huper Optik Banner coutesty of

Window tinting tampa with Huper Optik’s outstanding films has given my company and installers great opportunities. It literally opens the window for us to bring the most advanced film solutions to homes, businesses and commercial buildings in the Tampa Bay area. High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to be a Huper Optik Certified dealer and look forward to illustrating the many advantages of Huper Optik Film applied to your windows.

Call for your complimentary evaluation and demonstration!

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Time For Window Tinting Tampa Yachts

We Give Your Yacht the White Glove Treatment

Good news sure travels fast! Our reputation window tinting Tampa’s yachts has quickly grown. My marine tinting specialists  are in high demand throughout Florida, setting our company apart from all competition with unmatched installations tailor-fit to the distinction of each yacht and the needs of it’s owner.

Wheel house completely filmed


Two of three windows filmed
Notice less sun glare coming through filmed panes!

Heat shrinking air blue on windshield


Heat-shrinking film for curved windows is an art that we have  perfected! Just one of the many reasons that High Impact Glass Solutions is called by the most acclaimed marine dealers and referred to one boat owner after another. We earn our reputation using skilled installers and the finest marine films in the industry!


For the ultimate boating experience,  Huper Optik USA Marine Window Film  is often the film of choice!

If you are a Florida resident or just visiting to escape winter’s wrath up north, there is no better time than now for a complimentary evaluation. We welcome you aboard to peruse our film portfolio and experience a free demo of how  we can eliminate heat, glare and UV rays from entering through your boat’s glass.

Call before you cast off and ask for the “white glove treatment”!

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Clearwater-St.Petersburg Choose Window Tinting Tampa

* Companies Are Built On Reputations
* Reputations Are Built On Performance * Performance is Built On Solutions

Three strong reasons why we are depended on for window tinting Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petesburg homes and businesses!


Whether we’re tinting  a high-rise commercial building, a retail strip mall, a waterfront home….or a modest condo, all projects are treated the same:

  • We NEVER hire sub-contractors to work in your home or business
  • Our customers do not need to wash the windows as making your glass squeaky clean is part of our preparation
  • We move your furniture and fixtures  and mark their placement so we know exactly where to put them back
  • Booties are worn over shoes while working inside,  removed when we go out, and put back on when we return
  • Our installers are personally trained and monitored by the owner of High Impact Glass Solutions
Prepping window

Notice blue tape aroun top of windowto mark exact positioning of window treatments

Protecting Window Dressings During Film Installation

Yes, we wear booties, lay down tarps to  protect your floors, move furnishings and return everything to its original place! We have the utmost respect for your home and business. Nothing less would be tolerated!

This process that we adhere to eliminates disturbances in your home. Equally important is maintaining minimal disruption for the  employees and staff in businesses where we are working.

Give us a call for a complimentary evaluation where you live or work and experience our professional “white glove treatment”!

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