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Tampa Energy Saving Ceramic Window Tinting

Floridian Home and Business Owners Share Common Questions

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How do I conserve energy, reduce heat and  see a reduction on my monthly electric bills?

Is it even possible?

Absolutely! High Impact Glass Solutions are the experts for installing window film applications that increase the efficiency of your windows and decreases the numbers on your energy bills!

Huper image with glass panes

 Hüper Optik’s Nano-Ceramic Smart Films offer unprecedented solutions with residential lifetime warranties and 15 year commercial warranties.

  • Conserve energy, and reduce Infra-Red heat gain up to 96%
  • Protect valuable interior furnishings and prevent UV damage to skin
  • 100% dye-free and metal-free; no discoloration and demetallisation found in traditional films
  • patented nano-ceramic film with German technology
  • non-reflective feature makes Huper Optik ideal for deed restricted communities
  • Add comfort and enhance the aesthetic appeal to your home
  • Superb Total Solar Energy Rejection is a “green” light for the commercial sector

Huper Optik Banner coutesty of

Window tinting tampa with Huper Optik’s outstanding films has given my company and installers great opportunities. It literally opens the window for us to bring the most advanced film solutions to homes, businesses and commercial buildings in the Tampa Bay area. High Impact Glass Solutions is honored to be a Huper Optik Certified dealer and look forward to illustrating the many advantages of Huper Optik Film applied to your windows.

Call for your complimentary evaluation and demonstration!

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Time For Window Tinting Tampa Yachts

We Give Your Yacht the White Glove Treatment

Good news sure travels fast! Our reputation window tinting Tampa’s yachts has quickly grown. My marine tinting specialists  are in high demand throughout Florida, setting our company apart from all competition with unmatched installations tailor-fit to the distinction of each yacht and the needs of it’s owner.

Wheel house completely filmed


Two of three windows filmed
Notice less sun glare coming through filmed panes!

Heat shrinking air blue on windshield


Heat-shrinking film for curved windows is an art that we have  perfected! Just one of the many reasons that High Impact Glass Solutions is called by the most acclaimed marine dealers and referred to one boat owner after another. We earn our reputation using skilled installers and the finest marine films in the industry!


For the ultimate boating experience,  Huper Optik USA Marine Window Film  is often the film of choice!

If you are a Florida resident or just visiting to escape winter’s wrath up north, there is no better time than now for a complimentary evaluation. We welcome you aboard to peruse our film portfolio and experience a free demo of how  we can eliminate heat, glare and UV rays from entering through your boat’s glass.

Call before you cast off and ask for the “white glove treatment”!

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Clearwater-St.Petersburg Choose Window Tinting Tampa

* Companies Are Built On Reputations
* Reputations Are Built On Performance * Performance is Built On Solutions

Three strong reasons why we are depended on for window tinting Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petesburg homes and businesses!


Whether we’re tinting  a high-rise commercial building, a retail strip mall, a waterfront home….or a modest condo, all projects are treated the same:

  • We NEVER hire sub-contractors to work in your home or business
  • Our customers do not need to wash the windows as making your glass squeaky clean is part of our preparation
  • We move your furniture and fixtures  and mark their placement so we know exactly where to put them back
  • Booties are worn over shoes while working inside,  removed when we go out, and put back on when we return
  • Our installers are personally trained and monitored by the owner of High Impact Glass Solutions
Prepping window

Notice blue tape aroun top of windowto mark exact positioning of window treatments

Protecting Window Dressings During Film Installation

Yes, we wear booties, lay down tarps to  protect your floors, move furnishings and return everything to its original place! We have the utmost respect for your home and business. Nothing less would be tolerated!

This process that we adhere to eliminates disturbances in your home. Equally important is maintaining minimal disruption for the  employees and staff in businesses where we are working.

Give us a call for a complimentary evaluation where you live or work and experience our professional “white glove treatment”!

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Glass Block Energy Efficiency Film Solution

What Makes Glass Block Different?
Versatility…that’s what.

Glass block is often chosen to replace traditional windows when an added touch of elegance or a unique design alternative is desired. Glass block also creates open spaces and brings architectural enhancement to glass areas in bathrooms, kitchens, stairways, office reception areas, and  hotel and large commercial lobbies. The versatility of glass block makes it an impressive choice of glass for any home or building’s decor.

Glass Block image from Hy-Lite

GBT DIY Sandy Gilbo

Why does our tint make your glass block better? Comfort and energy efficiency is added…that’s why!

Though glass block can provide visionary benefits that  traditional glass doesn’t, the inadequacies of block glass can often outweigh the benefits:

  • solar energy penetration
  • UV ray exposure
  • excessive sun glare

These three factors cause heat discomfort, fading of interior furnishings, and  increased danger of skin cancer from UV ray exposure.  In many instances, the glare streaming through glass block disrupts watching TVs and computer monitors.  As we often learn, there’s an unwanted price to pay for beauty.

Glass Block Tinting resolves these issues with our tint application that blocks up to 83% of the solar heat without hampering any of the natural light to pass through.

Glass block living room

Love, love, love your glass block and
enjoy cool comfort, lower  energy costs,
and  less Ultra violet rays with reduced sun glare.

Our tint application makes a compelling difference
that you will see and feel.

You live in N.Y. so how can your blocks get tinted? Simple! Order our customized DIY Glass Block Tinting kit.

By ordering a sample kit right from the Glass Block Tinting website, we’ll ship tint samples pre-cut to the exact size of your blocks. Once you determine which tint you like the most, we’ll have you equipped to install the film like a pro!

For those closer to our Florida facility, you can choose to have our technicians perform the installation…..or make it your next DIY project!  Either way, near or distant, your glass block can be transformed to energy-efficiency glass without compromising it’s beauty.

Contact us through the web or call our toll free number:


Tampa Window Film Energy Savings All Year Round

Tampa Braces For Arctic Blast

boy dressed warm
Cool! Can we go to the beach and make a snow man?

Kids are great. They adapt to pretty much anything.  Grown ups? Different story. Especially when raising the thermostat raises the monthly electric bills.

Sadly for our buddy all bundled up, High Impact Glass Solutions can not produce snow.


For the grown-ups with homes and businesses,  our window tinting Tampa installations are  highly recommended to resolve electric bill dilemmas by cutting energy costs……in any kind of weather!

EnerLogic picture for all seasons

EnerLogic logo and house

Traditional window films help save energy targeting summer-like weather. But due to EnerLogic’s patent-pending coating, it’s film provides energy efficiency in every season. No other film can match its annual dollar savings.

EnerLogic low-e window film adds up to 92% more insulating power to your windows. Traditionally, window glass in Florida is single pane. With an EnerLogic installation single pane windows perform like double pane windows. And double pane windows perform like triple pane.


Front shot of Idearc Media Bldg

We do more than just window tinting Tampa . We dress up homes and businesses with stunning appeal applying  insulating window film applications that also provides comfort in every season to lower the bottom line on energy budgets.

Call now for a free evaluation and sample the beauty and power of  EnerLogic on your windows!

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