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Store Front Window Tinting by High Impact Glass Solutions

Florida Digestive Specialists Located in St. Petersburg Needed Window Tinting Fast!









Their accreditation for being environmentally free of toxicity and meeting the standards of an office with hygiene and safety at the forefront was at risk. Blinds on their windows that were used to keep the waiting room and medical center cool and free of sun glare were a potential disaster for their accreditation. The blinds collected dust no matter how often they were cleaned. In order to keep their accreditation, the blinds were removed. But uncovered windows caused excessive heat to stream into the center making patients and staff uncomfortable.

The removal of the blinds created an even greater problem. Open views into the surgery rooms became a critical situation that could not be tolerated!

We assessed the situation as soon as we were contacted and recommended window tinting that would fit their budget and immediately resolve all their problems:

  • Applied to the windows’ interior, the film kept indoor temperatures comfortably consistent.
  • The operational efficiency of the facility’s HVAC was enhanced with reduced cooling costs.
  • Designed for solar control, the sun’s rays were stopped without impeding natural light.
  • Eye straining on computer screens was eliminated.
  • With 99.9% UV ray-blocking ability, skin damage and fading of the facility’s interior was tremendously reduced.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, our window tinting improved the overall appeal and added a touch of distinction to the facility.

Speaking of view, the filmed windows offered just the right amount of privacy to stop “lookers” from peering into the surgery rooms!

After the first few windows were tinted, the difference was extremely obvious… could see in but  looking out from inside the facility, the view is unobstructed!

The Florida Digestive Specialists Medical Center was in better shape than ever and their accreditation was no longer at risk. So glad that we successfully gave the doctors just what they ordered.

Call us for information on how you don’t have to give up your views to improve the envelope of your home or business!

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Marine Window Tinting Amazes Boat Owners

Superior Marine Window Tinting For Yachts

Floridian 1
Meet the “Floridian”

Heat and glare from the hot sun causes excessive discomfort for boaters when traditionally this problem is more prevalent during summer months. With record high temps, it’s no wonder our phones are ringing off the hook! We’re glad that at least the prices at the pumps are down as our crews are on the move, traveling to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Sarasota, Naples, and over to the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Our most recent marine tinting installation was performed on the Floridian, a 55′ beauty docked in Palmetto, a boating town 20 minutes north of Sarasota. It’s no surprise that the Floridian’s owner spent much of the year in Florida. Open waterways and tropical weather makes Florida a haven for boating enthusiasts. Most boat owners quickly learn that a marine environment introduces many problems that can effect the condition and performance of their yacht… and those who are on board.

  • Heat from sun blasting through glass windows and partitions causes serious discomfort.
  • A/C runs overtime to combat the heat thereby energy consumption is greatly increased.
  • Reflected glare bouncing off the water reduces visibility and distorts views.
  • There’s no escape from UV rays known to increase fading of interiors and cause skin damage.

Our Film Installation is the Best Solution for These Problems and More

Many of our yacht customers have been misled by well known films, such as 3M, only to find that the film separates, fades and peels over extended exposure to the salt water environment. To avoid such dilemmas, we tinted the Floridian with a Nano-Ceramic Coating that is 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and specifically designed to endure a life at sea. With Nano-Ceramic technology making the cabin so much cooler, the Floridian would cruise with less draw on it’s engine’s horsepower, benefit from increased fuel efficiency, enjoy greater visibility during the brightest times of the day and find night time visibility actually improved! As for damaging Ultraviolet rays streaming through the glass, once our tinting installation was completed, 99.9% of these harmful rays would be blocked.

Watch how we got the Floridian ready for cooler, safer and more energy-efficient voyages! 

The glass treatment that you watched in the video is an additional step we take in preserving your boat’s windows from hard water and calcium stains. It also prevents windows from getting scratched and keeps them clean for optimal clarity. The treatment is an amazing 24/7 glass maintenance program that every boat and it’s occupants benefit from.

Floridian with no film

Our marine window tinting applications enable everyone on board to enjoy boating to it’s fullest….and adds priceless additional protection to your investment. Your home on the water deserves the solutions we offer that are based on real, actual results as opposed to marketing hype. For additional information and a complimentary demonstration on just how superb our films will perform on your boat, call us today and speak to one of our marine tinting specialists!               

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Window Tinting-Film-Covering Outdoes 3M

 A Common Question We Often Hear: “Are any window films better than 3M”?








Let’s start with the myth of familiarity.

For instance, who hasn’t heard about IBM, McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, General Motors,  etc. We can all agree that these brands endured through the years to become “house-hold names”. Because they are familiar in our minds, it’s easy to assume that whatever they advertise is credible. But think about this. Is everything they make  the best? Or do some competitors offer services and products that are just as good….or wait a minute, even better?

Of course the answer is YES!

Longevity Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

After a century of innovation placing their label on over 55,000 products, 3M has earned plenty of clout. But let’s clear up some 3M myths. Though they claim to be the inventor of window film, listen up. So many companies claim to have developed film first that the industry now believes it was a joint effort and no single company won that race. And truthfully folks, window film technology has changed so much over the years,  who cares how it first got started. And by the way, speaking about false claims, much of the 3M window film that we so often asked to replace, isn’t even made by 3M!  Of any window film manufacturer in the window tinting industry, 3M is the biggest outsourcer. That’s right. THEY DON’T EVEN MAKE THEIR FILM ANYMORE! Too busy putting their labels on those other 55,000 products!

Man scratching head 2






“Hmmm, what else should I know before I decide which film is going on the windows of my business? After all, we’re not talking about a roll of adhesive tape! I want to be sure to choose window tinting that will make my building more comfortable and energy efficient. I’m looking for performance….not just a label.”

Our Window Films and Solutions are Factually Superior

First and foremost, we offer films that are based on documented NFRC ratings and independent testing. We are not “label pushers”. Our goal is to offer window tinting based on fact and not perception. When we perform a complimentary evaluation ,, we devote time to illustrate the difference between films and the results that you can expect.

Why We Out-Perform 3M

  • Our Huper Optik ceramic films are the only patented film on the market and are triple layered compared to 3M’s pre-boxed single layer of ceramic film.
  • Our EnerLogic or Low E films have twice the insulating value compared to their limited LE films.
  • Our Low E films offer a lifetime warranty compared to 3M’s five year warranty.
  • Our security films have passed the ASTM medium large missile test and small missile test on residential applications.  Their tear resistant films (with the exception of 6 ML clear films) can not pass with the same level of performance.
  • We offer more choices of dual-reflective films with greater light transmission compared to what 3M can provide.

Commercial Photo for Home Page

Our exquisite window film installations above increased comfort and decreased energy consumption. They blocked UV rays and glare without blocking views.

No 3M film on either!

Our crews are in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Brandon and throughout Florida, installing films every day that resolve sun-related problems. It’s become common practice to remove peeling, faded, discolored, failed 3M film off windows and apply new tinting from our selection of films that are highly recommended based on factual results, not hype!

For more helpful information or to have us do a complimentary glass evaluation for a more energy efficient and comfortable environment, give us a call!

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Protecting Fine Art in St. Petersburg, FL.

St. Petersburg Welcomes the Woodfield Fine Art Gallery!

 Woodfield Fine Art Gallery 5

On November 21st, Woodfield Fine Art Gallery held their grand opening celebration in St. Pete’s Grand Central District. Visitors were immediately “wowed” by a distinctive blend of paintings and sculptures representing an impressive depth of talent from local and international artists. The owners shared the vision to make the gallery inviting with natural light but concern about UV Ray exposure couldn’t be dismissed.

Did you know that Ultraviolet Rays cause fading and damage?










Though Ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye, it’s the single largest contributing factor in fading and discoloration of interior furnishings. By blocking more than 99% of UV Rays streaming through the gallery’s windows, our museum quality film offered the protection that the Woodfield Fine Art Gallery needed. Our UV Ray film installation would preserve the vibrant colors in their art work and help to prevent fading of the gallery’s displays and flooring.

Other benefits of our UV Ray film were very “clear”. Being micro-thin and totally transparent, the filmed  windows no longer hindered views. With the ability of strollers to see clearly into the gallery, the film performed as an invitation for potential customers. The transparency also allowed natural light to flow in while reducing heat and UV rays, serving as long-term protection for the gallery’s interior valuables.  Watch the transformation here!

UVA rays streaming through windows are damaging to eyes and skin and may contribute to premature aging and even skin cancer. With one out of five Americans developing skin cancer, why live with this risk? Our UV window film carries The Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation and is recommended by dermatologists as a preventative measure for patients with solar sensitivity, skin related diseases and cancers of the skin.

Whether your investment is a business……or loved ones in your personal home, don’t let UV light damage it!

For more information and your complimentary window film demonstration call today!

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Security Window Film for Schools

The Last Place We Dare to Think of a Shooting is at Our Kid’s School

children in school

Alarming reality check: Schools are being attacked because they’re considered “soft targets”.

The increase of horrendous acts of violence have safety professionals and parents searching for the most cost-effective protective measures to keep children safe at school. Decision makers are finding that security window film for schools is a unique and solid solution.

Powerful Protection

Multi-layered ceramic security window film is a highly effective way to increase the strength of glassed areas in schools. By filming the interior windows, a strong layer of protection is added to the glass that makes it increasingly difficult… if not impossible for perpetrators to break though the glass.

Glass is the weakest point of entry in any building and so often exactly how shooters have gained access into schools. This video illustrates how security film can help prevent future occurrences, if not by stopping entry altogether, by at least giving law enforcement much more time to respond.

To further enhance protective capabilities of safety and security, the filmed glass is bonded to the window and door frames. This additional step referred to as a “wet-glaze attachment system”, transforms glass into barriers of protection against the most brutally forced attempts of break-ins. Damage caused by hurricanes and even bomb blasts is minimized. In all situations, occupants are protected from injuries that would otherwise be caused by broken shards of glass.


man behind shattered glass

Children and  Schools Benefit from Security Film

With the increase in violence, more schools are choosing security window film as the best solution for defending students, teachers, administrators, and maintenance personnel against intruders whose purpose it to threaten the safety of everyone inside. Schools with safety film on their ground level windows benefit from minimizing the chance of intruders breaking multiple windows. Another huge benefit of window film is the time that it slows down potential break-ins, giving security and police enough time to arrive before it’s too late. In these situations, minutes matters!

Call for more information about our security films and how we can help your children’s’ school become safer!

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