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Window Tinting Tampa Reduces Glare and Heat Issues

Tampa area homeowners are being pounded by sun and increasing cooling costs. Apparently the intense heat is effecting everyone!

heat effects dog

With a need to find a solution, Tampa depends on our expertise for relief instead of ice packs!

Window tinting Tampa  offers comfort and more!

Our high-performance window film will keep you cool, protected, and lower your electric bills while allowing the flow of natural light to fill your rooms without disruption to the outside views you love!

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With advanced ceramic technology, Panorama is the ideal choice of window film for Tampa’s coastal environment.

  • Your home will be improved with maximum indoor climate control for overall total comfort – yes, even your pets will thank you!
  • With this film’s low visible reflectivity, your views are uncompromised from inside while your home’s exterior will maintain a natural looking appeal.
  • Diminished sun glare will eliminate eye strain while looking at monitors and TV screens.
  • A/C systems have less run time resulting in lower electric bills.
  • UV blockers protect your family and interiors from damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Your mind will be at peace with Panorama’s exceptional durability and lifetime warranty
Ocean view from large windows
Steaming hot outside ~ Comfy cool inside! And what a view!

Typically, homeowners with untreated glass pay 20% or more unnecessarily in cooling costs. If you’re in the path of the sun’s rays, Panorama window tinting is highly recommended.

Call for your complimentary window film demonstration. Since every home has it’s own glass distinctions, comparing the performance and look of our different films on your glass is a smart first step towards cooler comfort and energy savings!

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Local Tampa Huper Optik Dealer Earns Top Recognition

Since 1998, Huper Optik’s revolutionary patented nanotechnology window film has been installed world-wide with stunning results. Over the years, it’s become a tradition to annually recognize select dealers who exemplify Huper Optik’s standard of integrity and welcome them into their prestigous “Circle of Regional Excellence” (CORE). CORE inductees must show an outstanding ability to represent the “very best” in the window tinting industry.
Jeremy Shapiro earned exceptional recognition for conducting his business with CORE ethics and values while empowering other dealers with his prolific advise, personal training, and exemplary business practices. In response to his many innovative contributions, Jeremy was formally inducted into the Huper Optik Circle of Regional Excellence at the 2016 Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Congratulations to all the dealers who were inducted!



The Huper Optik Dealer Network Alliance will continue to expand their quality and productivity thanks to feedback from their CORE members.

Home Window Tinting Provides Comfort and Energy Savings

Ashley and Her Family Live in a  Spectacular Home with LOTS of Glass

glass house 3 Sarasota

Oversized windows gave their retreat an abundance of natural light. But the expansive windows also introduced expansive problems. With the rear of the home having a western exposure, direct sunlight and heat was streaming through the windows all afternoon. Though they didn’t want to disrupt the open panoramic views, both heat and monthly energy bills were skyrocketing.

Decisions had to be made.
This has been a common problem that we’ve dealt with while window tinting Tampa and surrounding areas. “The more glass the better” is the way of today’s architecture. But as Ashley found out, this trend comes with a high price to pay. She did her homework to find a solution. After considering blinds or draperies, she learned that she would no longer have the views they loved and after time, the UV rays would cause them to fade. Instead of a solution, this course of action would only make matters worse. After further research, Ashley found that window film would be her best option.

Why Tinting was the Best Solution

  • PROVIDED ENERGY SAVINGS – window tinting stabilized and minimized temperatures through out Ashley’s home by not allowing the sun to penetrate their windows.  The absence of less solar energy allowed their HVAC’s cold air to circulate more efficiently, reducing their a/c bills up to 25%.
  • PRESERVED FURNISHINGS – window tinting helped to preserve Ashley’s pickled oak floors and exquisite décor from fading. By blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays, there was also less concern about skin damage.
  • ASTETHICALLY BENEFICIAL – the ceramic film Ashley chose is optically clear thereby reducing the heat issue without compromising the open view issue. Her home retained it’s beauty, inside and out, and became dramatically more energy-efficient. Every glass area of the home was filmed and nowhere was it any less stunning.
  •  SMART INVESTMENT – with a life-time warranty and the science of film technology today, window tinting will provide Ashley’s home with benefits for years to come and a fast return on her investment. Many of our customers see a full return in three years or less.


before and after film 2

As you can clearly see, filmed glass makes an amazing difference! And the difference can be seen and felt in any size home. You don’t have to live in an “extravagant house of glass” such as Ashley’s. Typically, homeowners of smaller averaged sized homes with untreated glass pay 20% or more unnecessarily in cooling costs. If you’re in the path of the sun’s rays, window tinting is highly recommended.

Call our experienced, professional window tinters for your complimentary window film demonstration. Since every home has it’s own glass distinctions, experiencing the performance and look of the different films on your glass is a smart first step towards cooler comfort and energy savings!

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Store Front Window Tinting by High Impact Glass Solutions

Florida Digestive Specialists Located in St. Petersburg Needed Window Tinting Fast!









Their accreditation for being environmentally free of toxicity and meeting the standards of an office with hygiene and safety at the forefront was at risk. Blinds on their windows that were used to keep the waiting room and medical center cool and free of sun glare were a potential disaster for their accreditation. The blinds collected dust no matter how often they were cleaned. In order to keep their accreditation, the blinds were removed. But uncovered windows caused excessive heat to stream into the center making patients and staff uncomfortable.

The removal of the blinds created an even greater problem. Open views into the surgery rooms became a critical situation that could not be tolerated!

We assessed the situation as soon as we were contacted and recommended window tinting that would fit their budget and immediately resolve all their problems:

  • Applied to the windows’ interior, the film kept indoor temperatures comfortably consistent.
  • The operational efficiency of the facility’s HVAC was enhanced with reduced cooling costs.
  • Designed for solar control, the sun’s rays were stopped without impeding natural light.
  • Eye straining on computer screens was eliminated.
  • With 99.9% UV ray-blocking ability, skin damage and fading of the facility’s interior was tremendously reduced.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, our window tinting improved the overall appeal and added a touch of distinction to the facility.

Speaking of view, the filmed windows offered just the right amount of privacy to stop “lookers” from peering into the surgery rooms!

After the first few windows were tinted, the difference was extremely obvious… could see in but  looking out from inside the facility, the view is unobstructed!

The Florida Digestive Specialists Medical Center was in better shape than ever and their accreditation was no longer at risk. So glad that we successfully gave the doctors just what they ordered.

Call us for information on how you don’t have to give up your views to improve the envelope of your home or business!

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Marine Window Tinting Amazes Boat Owners

Superior Marine Window Tinting For Yachts

Floridian 1
Meet the “Floridian”

Heat and glare from the hot sun causes excessive discomfort for boaters when traditionally this problem is more prevalent during summer months. With record high temps, it’s no wonder our phones are ringing off the hook! We’re glad that at least the prices at the pumps are down as our crews are on the move, traveling to Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Sarasota, Naples, and over to the Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale areas.

Our most recent marine tinting installation was performed on the Floridian, a 55′ beauty docked in Palmetto, a boating town 20 minutes north of Sarasota. It’s no surprise that the Floridian’s owner spent much of the year in Florida. Open waterways and tropical weather makes Florida a haven for boating enthusiasts. Most boat owners quickly learn that a marine environment introduces many problems that can effect the condition and performance of their yacht… and those who are on board.

  • Heat from sun blasting through glass windows and partitions causes serious discomfort.
  • A/C runs overtime to combat the heat thereby energy consumption is greatly increased.
  • Reflected glare bouncing off the water reduces visibility and distorts views.
  • There’s no escape from UV rays known to increase fading of interiors and cause skin damage.

Our Film Installation is the Best Solution for These Problems and More

Many of our yacht customers have been misled by well known films, such as 3M, only to find that the film separates, fades and peels over extended exposure to the salt water environment. To avoid such dilemmas, we tinted the Floridian with a Nano-Ceramic Coating that is 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and specifically designed to endure a life at sea. With Nano-Ceramic technology making the cabin so much cooler, the Floridian would cruise with less draw on it’s engine’s horsepower, benefit from increased fuel efficiency, enjoy greater visibility during the brightest times of the day and find night time visibility actually improved! As for damaging Ultraviolet rays streaming through the glass, once our tinting installation was completed, 99.9% of these harmful rays would be blocked.

Watch how we got the Floridian ready for cooler, safer and more energy-efficient voyages! 

The glass treatment that you watched in the video is an additional step we take in preserving your boat’s windows from hard water and calcium stains. It also prevents windows from getting scratched and keeps them clean for optimal clarity. The treatment is an amazing 24/7 glass maintenance program that every boat and it’s occupants benefit from.

Floridian with no film

Our marine window tinting applications enable everyone on board to enjoy boating to it’s fullest….and adds priceless additional protection to your investment. Your home on the water deserves the solutions we offer that are based on real, actual results as opposed to marketing hype. For additional information and a complimentary demonstration on just how superb our films will perform on your boat, call us today and speak to one of our marine tinting specialists!               

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