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Ceramic Coating Vs. Car Wax

Automobile coatings protect a car’s paint from UV fade, harsh acid rain, scratches, rust, dings, dents, and road debris, etc.  At one time, wax detailing was a popular option for protecting a car’s surface.

In today’s advanced automotive industry, consumers are asking if wax is still a good choice for maintaining a car’s appearance.


Protection and shine from  a wax application only lasts about six months… at best.  If YOU choose to redo the process, consider the time and energy that it would take. If you schedule follow-up wax coatings to be applied by a  professional detailer, over time this will add up to be quite expensive. And to boot, wax is a substantially inferior product compared to  ceramic coating. 

Stop wasting time, inferior performance, and your money on wax!

See and Feel the Difference with our IGL Ceramic  Coatings!

The internationally acclaimed selection of IGL Coatings makes a HUGE difference….. in time, looks, coverage areas, and offers lasting durability

  • Ceramic car coatings form a strong atomic bond with painted substrates to give your car lasting protection.
  • Once applied, your next coating doesn’t need to be applied for another four years!
  • Its ceramic technology offers the strongest protection to UV light, scratches, dents, dirt, damage from flying road debris and all else that could mar your car’s paint.
  • With Hydrophobic properties, anything that’s landed on your car’s surface is washed away effortlessly with nothing more than a garden hose.
  • IGL Coatings provide a highly intense gloss to give your car a flawless, shiny “new car look” that lasts for years!

Watch IGL Kenzo’s “magic”!

The difference between a traditional wax coating and IGL Ceramic Coating is as clear as IGL will look on your vehicle.  If your goal is to give your car ultimate paint protection while preserving the stunning look of a brand new car that lasts, IGL Ceramic Coating is for you.

Love your car as much as possible for as along as possible. Simply schedule an IGL Coating at our new auto spa facility ~ where magic happens!

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Window Film Protects Tampa Home Owners From Sun Damage. The Fact Is….

Most folks think they’re vulnerable to skin cancer during outdoor activity only.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer pass through ordinary glass, reaching you right inside your home.

Another fact is that window film with sun-shield technology helps prevent 99.9% of UV rays from entering through your glass.

IN FACT…. the National Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film as an effective sunscreen to  help prevent harmful UVA rays from damaging both your skin and your indoor furnishings.

Unlike summertime heat, UVA rays threaten health and home interiors ALL YEAR ROUND. Without preventive window film, your windows do virtually nothing to stop wood floors, furniture, and paintings to get lighter as the colors become washed out and faded.

This is great news for flooring and furniture businesses who LOVE to replace what’s damaged in your home.


Our window tinting Tampa team of installers have brought thousands of Floridians the perfect remedy to prevent this sonario.


Sun’s heat, glare, & UV with no film  –  Protection with film  installed

Benefit from our window film’s 99.9% UV ray-blocking power to help preserve what’s inside your home…..including your family!

Call for a free in-home estimate and demonstration of how our window films will look and perform on your 

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Tampa Bay Home Owners Win Heat Battle with Vista Window Film

Tampa Bay homeowners LOVE their glass. 

Tampa  Bay homeowners HATE the intense heat, glare, and UV rays entering through their glass. 

The “LOVE-HATE” battle can be won!

Our elite team of installers at High Impact Glass Solutions outsmart the sun and its related problems with Vista Window Film applications.

  • Up to 35% of  residential utility bills are wasted by heat gain though untreated glass.
  • Glare is  the most common form of eyestrain while watching TV or working on the computer.
  • Fabrics, furnishings, and skin can be damaged by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays passing through untreated glass.

With Vista’s protection to defeat these dilemmas you will love your windows more than ever!

Call for a free demonstration of how Vista Window Film will look and perform on your glass.

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Stop Jumping in the Water to Cool Off While Boating!

The Floridian was getting ready for another season of voyages. Mechanically sound and looking spiffy, the Floridian was nearly ready to cast off.

Except for one major problem: The owners already felt intense heat coming through the windows. 

Floridian 1
The Floridian needed a solution to combat the heat during cruises!


The Floridian family had a vision of boating this season with more comfort and protection from damaging UV raysExperienced with window tinting Tampa, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale yachts, we knew their vision was attainable.

Designed to endure life at sea, we tinted the Floridian with a Nano-Ceramic Coating free of any metal or dye. Cabin temps dropped immensely with less draw on engine horsepower resulting in greater fuel efficiency. UV rays and glare were eliminated by 99% and all aboard enjoyed daytime and nighttime views with increased visibility. And with a much cooler interior, the kids no longer needed to jump into the water just to cool off!

See the Floridian get filmed with an extra touch added to her windows afterwards!

Call for a free on-board evaluation and demonstration of how our marine window films can make your voyages this season the best ever!

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Windows Do NOT Need Dark Tint to Stop Heat, Glare and UV! Surprised?

The storefront glass of The Woodfield Art Gallery faces the sun, making it a direct target for heat, UV rays and eye-squinting glare.

The owner’s objective was to block the sun without impeding outside traffic from clearly seeing his gallery’s impressive exhibits.

The great misconception…

As many of our store front customers are discovering, window film does NOT have to be dark to block the sun’s heat, glare, and UV rays! Thanks to today’s ceramic technology, businesses can protect what’s inside while still attracting new customers from outside.

Like the Woodfield Art Gallery, our ceramic film installations window tinting Tampa storefronts bring highly effective solutions. Filmed windows with a light tint can keep out the heat, glare, and damaging UV rays…. but not the customers! 

Call for our free estimate and complimentary window film demonstration. 

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