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Increase Energy Efficiency and Restore Your Buildings Envelope With Caulking

Home sweet home….well, not always.

Many home owners are unaware that there residence is “under attack”. No, not by aliens! By structural cracks and gaps around windows responsible for a multitude of problems:

  • energy loss from inside
  • air and water intrusion
  • bug infestation….yes, BUGS!
  • increased humidity, dust and pollen
  • mold build-up effecting health of occupants
  • structural damage that devalues the worth of your home 

As in this customer’s  home, often times water intrusion is not discovered until furniture is moved.

And to think that this damage started with a hair-line crack…..

Once detected, even small cracks as found above, need proper caulking to stop the the growth of mold. As shown below, if this essential action is not taken, the results can be devastating.

Hair line cracks have been repaired and the integrity of the structure has been restored.

Besides eliminating air leaks that keep cold air in and hot air out, professional caulking and weatherization eliminates BUG infestation, and stops the degradation of your home’s structural envelope. Further more, caulking prevents mold growth which is a major hazard to the well-being of your family. 


After scraping away and cleaning the affected areas, we apply Dow Corning Silicone Structural Sealant and install new gaskets where needed. We remove what could potentially become a homeowner’s nightmare. 

Windows often need more than film to attain the best outside appeal with the most energy efficient environment inside. We are more than window tinting experts….our training and skills include top-notch professional caulking and weatherization. 

Our evaluations are thorough and always free!

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Florida Home & Business Protective Safety & Security Window Film

The weakest points of entry into a home or business are it’s windows and glass doors.

These areas are where burglars will usually enter. 


By the time your alarm system kicks in and the police arrive, the intruders will be long gone with YOUR valuables!

Defend your property and have peace of mind by preventing the entry altogether!

This smart business owner is one of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area with High Impact Glass Solutions’ protective safety and security window film. These films are made much thicker than standard solar films to keep glassed areas intact when there are attempts of forced entry.

We give your windows extra muscle!
Our installers go through specialized training to give our clients the highest degree of window safety. Following every installation, we anchor each filmed glass to the window frame thereby maximizing the integrity of the film and its effectiveness. We traditionally use Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Adhesive. Often referred to as an “attachment system”, this application must be facilitated with expert precision for it to be successful.

We are “thee” attachment system specialists!

These preventive steps ensure the strength of your filmed windows to delay, deter, and deny intruders from breaking in through your glass. With crimes escalating in today’s environment, window tinting Tampa buildings with anti-theft protection has never been more needed. 

Call for a free estimate and complimentary demonstration of how our films will look and perform on your glass!

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Safer and Cooler Homes with High Impact Glass Solutions Window Film

Irma is gone but many homeowners in Florida are still feeling her wrath.

Power has not yet been restored, making many residences unbearably hot and unsafe. Without electricity, their security systems are useless.

Fortunately the owners of this home contacted us to install impact film on their windows before hurricane season started. Like all homes without power, a/c and lights are off… but filmed windows have given them a layer of protection from the heat as well as impact safety to their glass. 

Our solar films don’t “run on electricity” 🙂 Once applied on your windows, they reduce up to 85% of the heat and 99% of the sun’s glare all day, every day. Thicker versions of these films also provide security and impact resistance.

In any type of weather, even if your alarm systems are down, our films give your home 24/7 protection against intrusion and impact by strengthening your glass.

Irma was a “wake-up” call for Floridians!

Being more comfortable while protecting our family and property has taken on a new perspective:


Keeping cooler when the a/c is off…..


and avoiding glass breakage from brute force that could cause bodily harm to loved ones.



Considering that these are just two of the many advantages window film offers, it is no wonder that we are busier than ever keeping up with the demand for solar/security window film installations.

Call for a complimentary estimate and free demonstration of how our remarkable films will perform on your windows! 

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Glass Block Tinting Outperforms Shades or Screens

Phoenix Arizona is known as the “hottest big city in the U.S.” . It consistently ranks number one for the most days a year when temperatures rise above 89 °F or 99 °F.


The sizzling heat in Phoenix halted planes from taking off. Business owners and scores of homes with glass block construction were also adversely effected.

The higher the heat is outside, the hotter it becomes inside as glass block offers little defense against the sun’s heat, glare, UV rays…. and zilch for energy efficiency,

Classy looking? Yes. 

Energy efficient? Not at all.

At one time, there were two options for glass block owners.

First option ~ Replace the glass blocks with traditional single pane or double pane glass and have solar film installed. However, ripping out blocks and window replacement is an insanely expensive option and you’d lose the beauty and ambiance that the glass blocks provided.

Second option ~ Custom order drapes, shades, screens, or suction-held solar shade panels.  Any one of these alternative choices are high-dollar items that do little for adding energy-efficiency, while doing a lot to cover up your beautiful glass blocks! 

We offer the best option!

A difference you can see and feel with filmed blocks!

An exterior application of highly resistant solar film custom cut to fit any size block adds amazing anti-heat, UV ray rejection, and “get rid of the glare” performance. You can keep your glass blocks after all and enjoy them wherever you live or work… in Arizona’s intense heat or during harsh cold winters in Maine.  

Our Glass Block Tinting DIY kit is better than a solution. It’s a miracle!

  • 83% solar energy rejection
  • lowers energy costs
  • reduces UV rays
  • allows transmission of natural light without heat build-up
  • protects interior furnishings
  • dirt is washed away easily with water
  • eliminates need for blinds, shades, curtains, or covers

Our DIY glass block tinting kits are ideal for improving the level of comfort inside commercial buildings with glass block areas .

Our DIY kits delight homeowners world-wide by allowing them to enjoy the beauty of their glass blocks WITHOUT discomfort from heat, glare and dangerous UV rays. 

Your customized DIY kit can be ordered directly from our Glass Block Tinting website where instructional videos can be viewed. 

For those living closer to our Florida facility, you can choose to have our specialists perform the installation or if preferred, make it your next DIY project! 

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Window Film Cools Down Tampa Homes During Summer Heat

Rooms become hot and energy bills skyrocket when Florida’s hot sun causes temperatures to go up.


We offer solutions to window tinting Tampa homes and condos that transform inefficient windows into heat and sun filtering barriers at a fraction of the cost for window replacement. 

With solar window film applied on the interior side of your windows and sliders, you can maintain a comfortable, safer environment while lowering your monthly cooling costs:

  • Filter out heat by up to nearly 80%
  • Lower annoying glare by 90%
  • Eliminate 99% of UV rays that account for fade to interior furnishings and are documented to cause skin cancer
  • Reduce electric bills up to 35%
  • Enjoy clear open views unhindered by shades or curtains

You can select tint shades that range from dark light transmissions to clear IR heat blocking films.

No matter what shade you select, all of our solar window films are durable and lifetime warrantied against bubbling, peeling, or fading.

Ready to cool down?

Spend days soaking up the heat at the beach during the long, hot summer months ahead and spend your days at home in total comfort with safety and energy efficiency!

Call for a free estimate and one of our specialists will demonstrate how the films will look and perform on your glass!

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